Wednesday: Gold on the Ceiling and the Floor and Everywhere

Welcome to another Wednesday post here at HJC, and let me tell you, of the 5 concepts here today, 4 involve Nashville, and the 5th just uses yellow anyway. Also, yellow is involved in both entries for the Toledo Walleye Competition....

COMPETITION: ....that you can still enter until THIS Friday at noon, so get your entries in now, like these people!


Adam G;

Phil B:

STABLEY CAP: THIS WEEKEND the Stabley Cap, the infamous Facebook comic series is hosting a hockey tournament featuring your favorite parodies of NHL teams as we ourselves parody our hockey abilities. First game begins around 2:30 pm at Floyd Hall Arena in Montclair, New Jersey, with the Pittsberg Fills (my team) taking on the Nu Jerzee Devals. There will be 6 round robin games, 15 minutes each to determine seeding for Sunday's finals, which take place at 5 PM for the Emelia Cup (commonly known as the bronze medal match and/or the Toilet Bowl match), followed by the Stabley Cap Final.

After the Round Robin Stage, we will have the Skillz Competition featuring events such as the Fill Kessal Hamburger Shoot, the Old Taco Bin Relay Race, Pin the Tail on Henrak Londkvest and the Silly Shootout. By clicking here, you can pre-order tickets for $3 ($5 at the door) or get the Henrak family fun pack, 4 tickets for $10. Keep in mind the tickets are for Sunday, as the Saturday event is FREE ADMISSION! Also the event will be livestreamed on the Stabley Cap's Facebook page.

And to keep with the theme of the post, my jersey is gold colored.

VOTES: COTW only again this week. Don't you love us for making you work less?


COTW Aug 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Toledo Walleye entries (due Friday @ noon ET)


Adam G: Norfolk Admirals (ECHL) Concept

The thing that bothers me most about this concept is how brilliant it is. I say that only because execution errors ruin it. The logo is heavily pixelated. If I'm not mistaken, and you are using the paint.net software, grab a clear image file of the logo, remove any background CLEANLY, usually by leaving a white outline around the logo, resizing the logo with the tabs on the top instead of manually with the mouse, then pasting the logo on a new layer over the jersey.

As for the design itself, with the striping patterns identical below the yellow stripe, I love this. The blue yoke on the white jersey helps reassert blue as the dominant color of the Admirals. Logos on the pants and helmet would be nice, along with proper league branding. Last I checked the Norfolk Admirals were not in the NHL. Again, executing these details would bring you to a nomination easily.

Rating: 65%

Jared L: 2019 Stadium Series (Florida vs. Nashville) Concept

Overly-chromed logos? Check. Dopey jersey template? Check. Yup its a 2014 Stadium Series based look! My issue though falls in the idea of PBS. No not Public Broadcasting Service. Paint-bucket Syndrome. The only exception is the awful piping on the front of the jersey (and some decent piping on the arms). Piping the Panthers got rid of after 2011. Also of note, on the 2014 Stadium series template, the numbers were angled to follow template lines, rather than square to the fold of the jersey arms. And while there isn't a minimum file size requirement, with this image I will advocate for one. It's a small file size with tons of wasted space, so it's harder to view. But knowing you Jared, you deserve credit for not making it sloppy.

Rating: 45%

Jordan R: Nashville Predators Concept

A clean look for the Predators, combined with that yellow stripe on the top of the pattern of the white jersey create a sneaky, good-looking matching look for the Predators. Keyboard collars are back, but the key here is Jordan's use of sublimation. Look closely on the sleeves in the large blue area. The three stars of Nashville are sublimated onto the jersey. Also look at the back of the jersey and you'll see the word NASHVILLE sublimated onto the collar instead of standing out obnoxiously. Brilliant. I just wish more yellow could be incorporated into the white jersey.

Rating: 95%

Nolan O: Nashville Predators Concept

A look similar to the 2017 All-Star Game jerseys, but unique in its own right, as the extra long yoke follows the Adidas template lines creating an angled look along with the angled striping and angled yoke ends. Nolan also brings back the triangle behind the logo with the wordmark on the top, however I think it could be a bit larger. I also think that with the blue yoke you should also have a blue helmet.

As for your alternate to that set, you bring back the checkerboard pattern, though more sublimated than outright like the alternate that inspired this, which used navy and black to create the pattern, whereas you use two different shades of navy blue here. Maybe thin out the yoke trim and hem trim to parallel the striping better?

Ratings: Main set 83%, Alternate 81%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



I'll give you guys a Stabley reCap next week, hopefully we also get some news about specialty jersey, or maybe the Leafs will FINALLY unveil their road jerseys. What's taking so long? Write your best excuse for the Leafs delaying their road jersey unveiling in the comments below and I'll see you next week. 
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Unknown said...

I'll second jordan R. I wish those were the jerseys instead of there new set.

Unknown said...

I third Jordan's Smashville concept. This definitely better than what they have.

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