Wednesday: An Erie New Look

With the Stabley Cap tournament coming up soon, I'm going over to the Islanders Pro Shop at their practice facility in East Meadow soon to get my skates taken care of. While I'm there (probably buying a Jordan Eberle shirsey) I'd be so interested in seeing if they have the new Adidas jerseys on display so I can match up the jersey they have with Chase's descriptions of the new Wild jerseys he talked about yesterday. Maybe they also have the *gulp* Fanatics replicas....

Help me.

NEWS: The Erie Otters (OHL) have promoted their yellow third jersey to full time status, as well as added a white version (article via Erie Otters):

Huge upgrade. While I'm nowhere close to a fan of wordmark logos, it's a major improvement over their Reebok-Edge messes that carried over to CCM.

Rating: 85%

COMPETITIONS: The Latest Competition here is a redesign of the Toledo Walleye. They right now don't have an awful design, but in many cases, there's always room for improvement. So have a go!


FC Macbeth:

Brooks F:

Vaughn R:

VOTES: Only Concept of the Week, as this new comp goes for the next week and a half.


COTW Aug 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Toledo Walleye entries (due September 1st @ noon ET)


FC Macbeth: Calgary Flames Concept

I get the whole idea of Calgary and the mountains, as they had in their previous alternate jersey (not the throwback), but I think this is a tad much, because the color scheme doesn't flow as well as it would with, say, an Avalanche concept. It gives off kind of a Hispanic Heritage vibe, which while awesome in concept, wouldn't work full time for Calgary. More importantly, there's two shades of black on the socks of the home and two shades of red on logo and numbers on the away.

Rating: 62%

FC Macbeth: Vancouver Canucks Concept

The phantom yoke and small logo kill an otherwise great concept here. I love the V patterns all throughout. I also think that blue pants would help with this if you elect to go with blue gloves and a blue helmet. Almost nailed this one. Quick note though, white helmet for the white jersey.

Rating: 70%

Jets96: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

While it's obvious that you mentioned that it's based on the Stadium Series concept, The only changes I see are the Adidas collar, the color of the numbers changing from black to orange and the positioning of the sleeve numbers off the arms. It would make for a quality alternate and is indeed practical for sure, however I don't think it's a concept that wows me enough for this blog. It does look a bit better than the Stadium Series jersey though.

Rating: 75%

Lucas D: Team Canada (IIHF) Concept

Another great use of a favorite design trick. These two sets of stripes are exactly the same though looking completely different. I still hate how black is used in Canada's color scheme, but it works on the red jersey. On the white jersey, however, it creates a bit of color imbalance, with both the red and black fighting for dominance.

Rating: 83%

Lucas D: Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

Lucas brings grey into the Penguins scheme for the first time since the fading chest stripe jersey from the Robo-Pen days. It's similar to the current set, with a slightly different yoke style. LA proved that grey with primarily black accents can look great on a jersey, and Lucas continues to prove that idea here. Socks also actually match the striping pattern, unlike the current set, so there's an added plus.

Rating: 97%

Sebastian B: Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

It's cool to see light blue added back into the Penguins color scheme on occasion. Also while these jerseys are identical in everything except base color, as cool as that is, the way the striping is set up makes the white jersey feel like it's missing a lot, especially with such a dominant color as black. The biggest issue I have with this concept is with how the black, gold and blue are all fighting for attention on the dark jersey. These colors do not work together as is. Couple of execution notes: The blue outline on the lettering and numbering are way too thick, especially in the "holes" the 8 form. With the wordmark logo, as bad as having a wordmark and number set on the front is to begin with, the loops of the S, B and G are missing their inner blue outline. The crediting, while nice, would be better if you listed the source's name and not just copied and pasted the URL, mainly because I guarantee you the source name does not overlap the tail of the white jersey. The Reebok vector logo is no longer in use, so use the wordmark logo.

Rating: 35%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



And that will do it for me this week. Thank you for sending in more concepts this week, but keep it coming! 
Wednesday: An Erie New Look Reviewed by Unknown on August 23, 2017 Rating: 5


JJ Anderes said...

That Penguins jersey is sweet! Lucas D for COTW

Anonymous said...

Something to ponder for the writers, will the fanatics "jersey " even be available in retail outlets?

Unknown said...

Considering that I've never seen authentic jerseys at retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods/Modell's and other big name stores, I can guess with a bit of certainty that you'll see Fanatics jerseys there.

Unknown said...

I third the Pens concept by Lucas D. Clean, simple striping and excellent use of colors....although Kris
Letang's number is 58 and not 59, willing to ignore that.

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