Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! 

Well as you all know, Nashville unveiled their new Adizero road jersey on Saturday, and a couple of the writers have already talked about it, so I'll keep my opinion short. 

While I like it in a vacuum, and the shoulder yoke keeps it from being too plain, it really doesn't compare too the road jersey they had last year. They should have simply swapped the color of the sleeves to add more yellow... 7/10...

We also had the latest COTW finish up on Saturday, but Ryan was unable to post the results...

So congratulations to Brooks and his Chicago Wolves concept!!!

So don't forget to vote for the next COTW!!! We also have our Hockey Car Comp! We don't have any new ones for today, so get those in by August 11th!

COTW July 28 - Aug 3
Hockey Card Comp entries

On to the concepts!!!!


Justin B.- Winnipeg Jets (NHL)

Justin gets us started with his Winnipeg Jets concept! 
  •  I like the addition of silver and red into the striping pattern! 
  •  The striping pattern is also great! 
  •  The sleeve length yoke like the current set is good too! 
  • I also like the shoulder numbers! 
  •  I don't like the removal of the light blue
  •  The pattern reminds me too much of the Penguins and Senators Edge Sets...
  •  The hem is a little bare
My rating: A very Modern set for the Jets, but a little too Template-y if you get what I'm saying... 7/10

Noah B.- St. Louis Blues/Cardinals Crossover
The second set of the day belongs to Noah and his Cardinals crossover! 
  •  I like the striping based off the Cards socks! 
  •  I like the shoulder yoke! 
  •  The N&#OB look good too! 
  •  The STL logo looks great as a crest!  
  • The Blue and red STL doesn't look as good...
  • The sleeve cuffs on the white jersey should be blue to balance the color out better
  •  The pants are a little bare
My rating:  One of your better crossovers! 8/10

Phil B.- Nickelodeon Guts Concept
Next up is Phil's Nickelodeon concept! I don't know what these are from, or what the guts is, but I'm assuming it's a kinda TV show
  •  These are pretty good copy's from the image you included! 
  •  I like the yellow helmets! It's 90's without overdoing it!
  •  I also like black equipment. Because 90's is pretty much BFBS!
  • These are a little tame for the 90's however 
  •  The hems really need a tail stripe or something else... Like a green slime tail stripe!
My rating: Pretty good translation to a hockey jersey from those jumpsuits, but you really reserved yourself in a concept where you could have been a little more X-Treme, excuse me, extreme. 6/10

Dexter T.- Norfolk Admirals  (ECHL) 
Dexter finishes off the day with a concept for the Norfolk Admirals, with their new logo! I'm also reviewing these together, as nothing but the front logo changed on the Alt.
  •  Good logo choice! 
  • I also like the winged N logo
  • The jerseys striping pattern looks great! 
  • Good presentation! 
  •  I like the gold collars on the home and road! 
  •  I also like the gold jersey! 
  • I don't understand the sock pattern... Where did it come from and why is it different than the arms stripes? 
  •  While I like the alt's logo, it reminds me too much of the Kalamazoo Wings
  •  The jersey is also the exact same as the home jersey otherwise...
My rating: A great set for the Ads, and I would be very happy if they rolled out something like this for next year! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!! 


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on August 08, 2017 Rating: 5


TC Moore said...

Love the Guts concept from Phil, brings back great memories. Must have been before your time, Chase. Still, I gotta give a second to Dexter's Admirals concept.

Unknown said...

Green slime hem was not happening because slime was not used on that show.

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