Tuesday: The Doldrums of the Off-Season

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

There's not a whole lot of news here in the doldrums of the Hockey off-season...

But we do have something!!!

The Nashville Predators announced that during their Open House on August 6th, they will also be unveiling their road jerseys! My prediction is that the jersey will look similar to the new Adidas home jersey, but have yellow as the sleeve caps, mimicking their 2016-17 road jersey socks...

Also congratulations to Jake on winning the Open! Now we'll focus our attention on the regular COTW voting, and the Hockey Card competition! That one should be very exciting!!!

COTW July 21-27 vote
Hockey Card Comp (due Aug 11)

Also today, we only have four concepts... So don't forget to send in your concepts!
On to the Concepts!


Anthony C.- Ottawa Senators (NHL)
Anthony starts us off today with his Ottawa Senators concept!

  • Adding gold to the striping pattern is fantastic! 
  • I like red as the base of the jersey
  • The laurel pattern looks good
  • I like the font choice!
  • The collar also looks good!
  • The laurel pattern should be on the socks too... 
  • The logo should be the new sideways logo. It would match better with the "O" shoulder logo
  • The pants pattern doesn't match the rest of the jersey.
My rating: A good design overall, but a few design choices are holding this back... 8/10

Brooks F.- Boston Bruins (NHL)

Next up is Brooks Boston Bruins concept!
  • I really like the striping pattern! The seemingly colored arms work very nicely! 
  • I also like the TV numbers on the arms!
  • I like the number pattern with the double outline!
  • These remind me of some of the older Bruins designs
  • This might be my computer, but I can't quite tell if you used brown at all. If you didn't, you're shades of black don't quite match, and if you did, this is why you shouldn't use black and brown. It creates a weird illusion...
My rating: While everything else looks good, the brown-black conundrum really throws this off... 7/10

Justin B.- Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)

Our third concept of the day is from Justin!

  • I like the shoulder numbers! 
  • I also like the tomahawk patch in the striping!
  • The striping pattern is traditional enough, that it fits the Hawks really nicely.
  • Good logo choice, and nice job knowing which tomahawk goes on which jersey!
  • While I like the tie downs, the black around the tie-down, (similar to the Calgary Flames)
My rating: A great design that keeps the traditional look of the Blackhawks, but changes it up a little! 9/10
Lucas D.- Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)

Lucas will finish off the day with his Penguins concept!

  • I really like the return of the double blue color scheme! 
  • I also really like the triangle on the shoulder (which represents the "Golden Triangle"???)
  • The Penguin outside the triangle looks good here, and fits nicely with the jersey!
  • Simple striping pattern looks good!
  • This might be a template issue, but I don't like how the shoulder triangle is straightened out in the back...
My rating: A fantastic jersey for a Stadium Series or Winter Classic game, or even just as an Alt. for the Pens! 9.5/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: The Doldrums of the Off-Season Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on August 01, 2017 Rating: 5


Matt G said...

I'm glad you brought this up today Chase because I was just thinking about it. I can't remember ever seeing an intricate pattern on NHL socks so while Anthony's ottawa concept might look cool with laurel socks, it's more realistic the way he has them. Just a thought I had because I'm working on some coyotes stuff and am leaning towards not using their signature pattern on the socks.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Lucas D for COTW

Anonymous said...

Senators/Sénateurs concept: you should use a bilingual logo or a logo with no writting on it.

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