Thursday: Adjusting

Hello all, welcome back!

As I'm sure a good chunk of you know, going to college after high school brings with it an adjustment period. Well, that's exactly what I'm going through now, and for those of you who are planning on going to college and haven't yet, let me just say that it's much more time consuming. Having classes from about 8 or 9am until 3:30 (at least that's my schedule) makes for a long day, along with the work that you have to do outside of class. That being said, I'm loving it, and I'm loving the freedom that comes with it. I'm really going to have to get a grip on time management, though.

There's no new news to report on today Well, that's what I said when I was writing this post last night anyways.
The Dallas Stars have announced that they will be wearing the jerseys below for pre-game warmups on February 3 against the Minnesota Wild. Nothing too major, especially since it's unfortunately only for warm ups, but it's something nonetheless. I'd love to see it come back for an entire game at some point or another. To see the news release from the Stars themselves, click right here.


You can also check out yesterday's post to see the Erie Otters' new home and road jersey or Tuesday's post to see quality of either the authentic retail jerseys or the on ice jerseys (which of the two it was is undetermined), just click on the links!


Voting wise all we have this week is the COTW vote. We also have the Walleyes redesign, though those entries aren't due until next Friday, so no rush.

COTW Aug 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Toledo Walleye entries (due September 1st @ noon ET)

Entries: (as of 12:00am EST)


Nick S.


Chris W. - Rollins College

+Simple and classy design.
+I love the arm stripe that tapers in. Gives it a bit of flair instead of being super simple.
+As tends to be the usual with you, excellent logo and typeface choice.
-I think I personally prefer the anchor logo as the primary, but either one works just fine.
+I like the fauxback alternate, in fact it's my favorite of the three, and this is one of the few places that an arched script works really well.
-I'm usually not a fan of a contrasting nameplate, though, and this is no exception.
-The white and yellow clashing on the blue jersey may not work out well and may look like they blend together.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW Nomination

F.C. Macbeth - Ottawa Senators
+I like the starting point you're at.
+The arm striping with the O patch in it would work really well for the Senators if they weren't going to use that logo full time.
+Good typeface choice.
-The gold on the jerseys looks like it was just randomly thrown on after you finished the rest of the design. It doesn't do anything other than clutter up the look.
-On a similar note, the shoulder stripes do the same thing, and just clutter up the look.
-I suppose this is more personal preference, but I think the modern side facing senator would be a better primary crest.
Overall: 6.5/10

Joe D. - Carolina Hurricanes
+After seeing some more gray concepts recently I'm beginning to realize how good it can actually look as a primary jersey color, so I'm fine with this choice.
+Glad to see the inclusion of the warning flag striping.
-Personally, I think your execution of it is a bit too distracting. Just changing around a few colors would be fine.
-On a similar note, I wouldn't mind seeing more red on the jersey. Switching the red and black could work for that.
+The colors are balanced well, though.
+I like the use of the alternate logo instead of the primary. It works well here.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D. - Florida Panthers

+While I don't mind the direction that the Panthers went by demoting blue, I think it works just fine if the blue is made more prominent.
+A very simple design that fits well with their brand.
+Good color balance.
+I like the idea behind the logo treatment. Very unique.
-It looks a tiny bit awkward, but I'll be honest it's been growing on me the longer I've been looking at it.
+Good choice making the numbers white, they contrast really well.
Overall: 8/10

Sebastian B. - Minnesota Wild/North Stars
-First off, I can't tell if this is supposed to be for the Wild or the North Stars. You have a North Stars logo and colors with a Wild player on the back. Clarification on the concept would be nice.
-On a similar presentation related note, the source for the logos can be simplified to just the site where it came from instead of using the direct URL. If you still want to use the whole URL, at least arrange the text so it doesn't overlap your jerseys.
+Large blocks of color seem to be somewhat of a trend, so it works well on that front.
-Adding the contrasting yoke is just too much; the concept is way too busy and it makes the jersey very top-heavy.
-If this is meant to be a baseball crossover series using the Twins' script makes sense (and if it is some clarification on the concept would be nice), but otherwise the Wild have a perfectly fine script you can use instead.
-The name and number on the white jersey should be green, the white doesn't contrast enough.
Overall: 6.5/10

Steve M. - University of Pittsburgh
+As you may know I love a lot of bold color on a jersey, and this one is very colorful. I love it.
+The script was a nice choice for the logo, much better than the panther logo.
+I like the stitching pattern over the numbers.
+I personally don't know about much about Pitt when it comes to the school, so I'm not sure if the striping has any significance. It does look quite good, though.
-I think the white stripes could benefit to be just a tad thicker.
+Good color balance.
-The hem striping should be curved to match the template.
-I think the shoulder yoke could use a white outline, I think it would pull the whole design together.
Overall: 8.5/10


And that's all for today's post. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all next week!
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I second Chris W.

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