Sunday: The (not so) Big 3

Afternoon All. Welcome back. I'm just going to dive right in but you guys know what you need to do as HJC citizens!

COTW Voting Due Friday @ Noon

FC Macbeth- Montreal Canadiens
Positives: This positives about this in it's entirety is that you have a cohesive set. Otherwise things just go down hill.
Negatives: The name and numbers are too spaced out, the striping on the arm is so thick that it's just too much with the yoke itself. Also, you could have toned down the striping a bit.
Positives: 4/10

Jets96- Dallas Stars 
Positives: For a second I thought this was another re-do concept (kidding) but I really like the two green striping on the arms and hems with the black jersey. It gives it a really early 90's feel to it with the vintage stars logo.
Negatives: The gold numbering is killing me with the thin lettering. It's just so overpowering on the back. Also, the phantom yoke could be tossed.
Overall: 7.75/10

Zack R- Grand Rapids Griffins
Positives: The striping design on the arms does give off a 80's vibe to it and the numbering and logo give me a race theme on the jersey. Overall good looking jersey.
Negatives: Nothing on the jersey is really a negative I just think that you could have made your presentation a little cleaner.
Overall: 8/10

I don't feel like giving a COTW today so I'll let you guys decide and see you next week!
Sunday: The (not so) Big 3 Reviewed by Steve Marc on August 20, 2017 Rating: 5

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