Sunday: Back to Their Roots

Good afternoon everyone. Welcome back. It seems that the slump has ended and we're finally getting back to order. Before we get to this, I wanted to bring up the "new" home jersey that was revealed yesterday and it's only traditional that they go back to their roots.

Photo Courtesy of ohiobobcatshockey.com

It's nice to see a team, particularly at Club team at the college level that runs on a varsity level, embrace their heritage. However, the team will still wear the black jerseys that they wore the previous season. The team's home opener is against John Carroll on September 22nd At Bird Arena so if you're in the Athens, Ohio area then go see a game.

Guess what, we have still have time to get your walleye jerseys into the website. Also, don't forget to vote for the COTW because we need you guys to do that.

Walleye Comp Entries

Steve M

Let's do this!

Adam G- Washington Capitals
Positives: This really has a roller hockey jersey look to and I find that really cool looking just because you have  the wings on the arms and the Capital Building dome on the chest with a chest stripe.
Negatives: The jersey is so inundated with designs that it's overwhelming and that's not really a good thing. Also, the logo with the Capital Building dome on alternate and main script is really condensed on the chest and that's a lot going on just on the front of the jersey not including the arms and numbers on the yoke. Maybe do a really light gray Capital Building dome on the back of the jersey behind the numbers?
Overall: 7/10

Cody R
Positives: Wyoming has some pretty generic looking jerseys so these are a improvement on what the Cowboys already use. The dual stripe on the dark jersey and the offset striping on the white jersey look really good with that black hem and the capital "W" on the shoulders. I've always found brown and yellow to be a really good color combo and you did a good job of combining the two together on the jersey.
Negatives: The numbers look really thin. maybe add a slight outline. Also, either get rid of that white yoke on the dark jersey or change it to yellow and make the collar black. The white yoke just doesn't work.
Overall: 8.5/10

FC M- Quebec Nordiques  
Positives: At first I didn't understand why you had this strange color combo for the Nords but then I read the description and it all made sense. That being said, I think you did a pretty good job on the white jersey with the color combo of red as the accent (as a nod to the old Nordiques) and the Fleur De Les on the arms and hem.
Negatives: It's really the dark jersey's color choices that bring this whole thing down. The overuse of yellow is just doesn't work on this. It would have been better to swith the red and yellow. Also, get rid of the Fleur De Lis on the front of the hem. It's just distracting.
Overall: 6.75/10

Matt G- Columbus Blue Jackets
Positives: Automatically better than the current jersey with the removal of the two tone sleeves. As for the design you currently have, The simple use of arm striping on the jersey overall looks really nice as it brings attention to the logo. Also, the numbers look good as well.
Negatives: Besides the fact that Blue Jacket concepts have been beaten into the ground, I think you could have added a simple red stripe ot the bottom of the hem to add some color. Or add shoulder logos.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Matt G- Columbus Blue Jackets 
Positives: All I'm going to say about this is that you did a pretty good job of copying the original jersey that the Blue Jackets used to a modern jersey.
Negatives: It's just a copy of a old jersey.
Overall: 7/10

Noah B- Washington Wizards 
Positives: Surprisingly, the Wizards logo actually works really well on the Capitals jersey and I think you did a pretty good job overall on it. You even improved (slightly) on the use of color on the jersey by adding a contrasting color to the sleeves.
Negatives: It's still, in general, a wizards logo put on a slightly modified capitals jersey. It might look better on the old alt jersey and with different numbers but this really didn't impress me like your other cross-overs.
Overall: 8/10

Ok guys that's all I have. If you haven't see the add on the Twitter or Facebook page, Jets96 described his himself to find a nice American girl so he can end up living in the Southwest with a few little Jets in the next 10-15 years so give him so help. See you guys next week and have a good rest of the week.
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