Monday: What To Expect From Adidas

I'm back. I didn't really go anywhere too far. I was camping this past weekend. And thanks to Jets96 for taking over on Saturday. So now here we go, a Saturday on a Monday.

The winner of the COTW-July vote was Ryan H. (that's me)


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This is my 2nd monthly win of the year. I also won back in April. I'm quite surprised to win this one as I thought there was a stronger case for every other concept to win. Thanks to everyone who placed a vote for my concept. This Preds jersey will be back for the 3rd Quarter Vote


The winner of the COTW vote for August 4-10 was Chris W!

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Chris rings up his 3rd COTW win with this brilliantly executed KHL jersey set. This is Chris' first win since early March. Congrats Chris!


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The winner of the Hockey Card Competition was Vaughn R!


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This is Vaughn's first ever competition win, so well done! Vaughn's hockey cards will now move into the COTW vote this week going up against another concept of his and an Oilers concept from Burkus.


The new competition that has begun on HJC is a simple ReDesign competition for the ECHL's Toledo Walleye. Click the banner at the top of the page to check out the rules. You do have an extended deadline for this competition souse the time to make your concepts flawless. Put in that detail that you may not normally have time for. Entries are due on September 1st!


Okay, before I start this rant about what I see Adidas will be giving us jersey nerds this season let me preface this whole piece by letting you know that most of this will be my opinion. I don't have inside information, I'm just looking at pictures and websites that are available to everyone and forming my own conclusions. I will say that Adidas deserves a shot when their jersey products come out. However, I will be giving them only one single tiny shot based on what I have read so far.

Most of you know by now that Adidas won't even be making the replicas. Fanatics will be making the replicas. There will be no Adidas logos on the jersey, despite every NHL player having Adidas logos on their jerseys. Despite this the jerseys are meant to replicate what you see your favourite NHL players wearing on the ice, but if you're a big jersey nerd like me, that will just not be good enough.
Fanatics is advertising the replica jerseys as "The First Official Jersey Made Just For Fans". That sounds like "It looks like what the players wear on the ice, but it's not close so feed the fans some BS line so they feel good about spending lots of money on our product".
Yahoo Sports
Taking a look at the images we've been supplied by Fanatics I see that the jerseys will fit the same way a hoodie does. So now I'm removing all ideas of how a jersey is constructed and replacing that with how a hoodie is constructed. Again taking a look at the pictures I can see that none of the logos (both team & NHL) or numbers are embroidered type patches. They all appear to be flat, plastic, heat pressed logos. They seem exactly the same as what you get with the replica Reebok Edge shoulder patches.
What I expect from Fanatics is a hoodie with heat pressed logos and numbers on it. Now add a price tag of $160 for blank jerseys and $200 for numbered jerseys. That sounds terrible to me. So terrible that I have no interest in even trying one of these jerseys. Moving on!


Authentics! This sounds promising! Well not exactly, you see authentics have never really been exactly the same as the on-ice jerseys either. For that you would actually have to purchase a game-worn, game-issued, or team issued jersey.
The good news first, Adidas authentic jerseys will be made by Adidas and feature Adidas logos. The price of Adidas authentics will also be considerably lower compared to Reebok authentics. They are expected to retail around $200 blank and $250 with a number.

Now here comes the bad news...
Indo-Edge 2.0
That's right! Adidas authentic jerseys will be made overseas. I do not know if it will be in Indonesia, but Adidas is Reebok's parent company so you can try to put the pieces together. When Reebok moved production of their authentic jerseys to Indonesia there was an uproar because the quality deteriorated so drastically that it affected sales. Reebok moved production of the authentics back to Canada quickly.

On-ice Adidas jerseys (Blues & Canadiens)
Take a look at the image below, just inside the collar. In the same location with the on-ice jerseys you can see some words that say "Made In Canada". However from what I can see on the authentic jerseys (below) it does not say "Made In Canada". It may say "Made In Indonesia", but we will have to wait to see.
Adidas is now making the authentics and as far as they may be concerned there is no other authentic NHL Adidas jerseys to compare these new ones to. Why does this matter to a hardcore jersey nerd like myself? The on-ice jerseys are made in Canada.

The final difference that I've seen is the little black circle containing the Adidas logo on the bottom-left hem. Adidas just had to sneak that little bit of branding on there. They could have left that of, as they do with the on-ice jerseys, but nope. Everyone has to see that it's Adidas. It's like Wayne and Garth going backstage at the Alice Cooper concert. The jerseys that you saw at the Expansion & Entry Drafts were on-ice jerseys. The jerseys you purchase in stores will only look like those jerseys...in some ways.


Last week I posted a just for fun poll searching for the BEST Star Wars film. Here are the results...


This ranking shows how many 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place votes each film received. A first place vote is worth three points. A second place vote is worth two points and a third place vote is worth one point. The total points each film got is listed on the right.


How did Revenge of the Sith finish higher than Rogue One? I'm not surprised to see Episode I and II down at the bottom of this list but I am a little surprised to see Ep I finish higher than Ep II. Both a terrible movies, but I found Ep II more tolerable than Ep I. They really could just get rid of Phantom Menace and never talk about it again.

As a die hard Star Wars fan I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I may like Force Awakens better than A New Hope. Either way they are both excellent films! I liked Ep VII so much that I helped my kids name our new dog Captain Phasma. Can someone explain to me how Ep VII makes over two billion dollars worldwide, but to this point no one knows where my dog's name is from?

Got something to say about these results? Let's hear about it in the comments section. Between this poll, the two COTW polls, and the competition poll this one received the most participation!


COTW Aug 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Toledo Walleye entries (due September 1st @ noon ET)

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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

My Team Russia jersey got both nominated and seconded. Why isn't it in the COTW vote?

Ryan said...

@Burkus: Because your Russia concept was posted on August 18. If you take a peek at the COTW poll you will see that it is for August 11 - 17.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Oh, oops. The switch of Monday and Saturday messed me up...

Dave said...

Well, for starters, Fanatics : respect French language. On the collar tag, it should read « Ligue nationale de hockey », not « national ». Very sloppy job. What's next?

Unknown said...

Phantom Menace above Attack of the Clones for one reason: Liam Neeson.

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