Monday: Double Ducks of Anaheim

Welcome to the Monday post!

Not a lot of jersey news out of the NHL, nor AHL now that the B-Sens have unveiled their new jerseys. However, I've compiled a list of new jerseys that we will see this upcoming seasons o you know what to expect in the coming months. This list obviously isn't exhaustive, as particularly in the CHL, teams will unveil new alternates of a whim.

Toronto Arenas throwback
2018 Winter Classic jerseys and full logo set (New York & Buffalo)
2018 Stadium Series jerseys and full logo set (Toronto & Washington
2018 All Star Game @ Tampa Bay jerseys and full logo set/patches for TB
Centennial Classic jerseys and logo set (Montréal & Ottawa)
Full 2018 NHL Draft logos @ Dallas
Vegas or STL's future AHL affiliate team (when they decide to stop sharing
AHL ASG jerseys and full logo set
AHL Outdoor Classic full logo set and jerseys
Portland ECHL (Pirates, Mariners, MAINEiacs, new name) jerseys and full logo set

When will we see these jerseys and logos? History suggests that the Winter Classic will come before the Stadium Series and All Star game, however the All Star Game logo will come well before the actual jerseys. In fact the ASG logos will be one of the first new things we see this season. Portland's ECHL team may be more than a year away, however the Worcester Railers HC logo was unveiled around this time last year. The Centennial Classic will be a wild cards as we don't now if it will actually be called the CC or something new.

We will all see these things likely within the rest of 2017, somethings sooner than other. What are you looking forward to? These should all inspire concepts as the season comes closer and some teams tease these events or call on the past. Look forward to what you guys come up with.

Voting this week is quite simple, we have the weekly COTW, the July COTY vote, as well as the Hockey Card Competition voting. All 3 votes are found on the side of the blog, and two of them with pictures to help. For the Hockey Card Comp, click the banner above to see the entries.

COTW-July vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
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ALSO have an idea for an upcoming HJC competition? Put it forward in the comments on social media and on the comment section this week, when Ryan will consider the options.

On with today's 5 concepts


Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Matt G.)

+ I've always found the current Anaheim alternate a little underwhelming, and while I'm not a huge fan nor detractor of the gold and orange together since the gear balances it well, this is a lot more interesting while keeping the good
+ Gold numbers look solid on an orange jersey, this would be a keeper 
+ Goes well with the home and road we saw on Sunday 
+ Great execution and template, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series

- I think that switching the gold and black on the hem/arms/socks but NOT the numbers would look a lot better imho
- It's really small, but the collar would look better if it were black

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me! 

Ducks of Anaheim Concept (By: Matt G.)

+ Everyone loves the Mighty Ducks jersey, seeing it back a few times a year like the Coyotes do with the Kachina jerseys
+ Modern numbers and curved striping look solid and are a nice update 
+ Great execution

- Here's the thing, I totally get this works in the series, and I think that Matt is the first person to do this so far, but we now know what the Mighty Ducks jersey looks like on the Adizero template. There really isn't much original about this concept, well executed of course, but this was a similar concept trend we saw with X CCM jersey in edge. 
- It's splitting hairs, but I am on team black pants for the MD, and it would be easier on the equipment manager

Rating: 8/10

CHL Outdoor Classic BB Armada V. Ottawa 67s Concepts (By: Vaughn R.)

+ Solid simple jerseys right here for both jerseys for teams that have very unique and chest stripe driven jerseys 
+ As an outdoor game, these jerseys would clash really nicely 
+ Solid execution 

- There's a couple of things missing out here, shoulder patches, particularly on the BB jerseys, who have an excellent shoulder patch now that would look great on the jersey 
- LMJHQ logo should be black on the jersey 
- Should be some red on the Ottawa gloves

Rating: 8/10 

HJC Concept (By: Christian C.)

+ For those who weren't around in 2011-12, HJC did actually sell jerseys. They weren't really a hit but none the less it's always nice to see that idea bounced around 
+ Ryan is a Leafs fan, that is true 

- These are clearly Anaheim alternates recoloured, which is fine, but the fact that HJC's colour scheme (maroon, beige and black) aren not featured but instead Anaheim's colour, and seafood green and yellow and Leafs blue...it's very jarring and there isn't much to tie everything together
- Logos are all over the place, literally. HJC's logo is stretched, the NHL and Leafs logo, If you want a shoulder patch, put it on the shoulders, but it's VERY rare you see a logo outside the shoulders and front of the jersey 
- NOB and numbers are too far apart, and it doesn't match the font used on the HJC logo
- Reebok hasn't used the Vector logo on the back of a jersey since 2010-11, and it will never been seen again, should be the Reebok script 

Rating: 2.5/10

Hockey Card Competition Entry (By: Burkus Circus)

+ Fun fact, I have a pretty large hockey card collection, particularly OPC from 2005-06 to 2015-16, and this is a pretty solid idea
+ While it might clash for certain teams, the sock stripes on the sides of the concepts look great and is a nice way to show where players come from to where they land
+ Photos are solid choices
+ Good execution

- On a logistical sense, the update sets OPC & Upper Deck issue are meant to do this, and in desirable sets are hard to come by, this would complicate a set that would be ~600 cards +Rookies +Inserts + Jersey Cards +200 Updates, adding another let's say 50 would mean a very large bider for storage.
- Would have liked to see the back of the cards to see if this contains stats or writing about how they got traded/signed 

Rating: 8.5/10
Monday: Double Ducks of Anaheim Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on August 14, 2017 Rating: 5


Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Is it a bad thing if my hockey cards got a higher rating than any of my jerseys so far? (Slight sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

The angle of the hem stripe goes from high right to low left on the front and oblique views but switches to high left to low right on the rear view. Is it supposed to do that?

Matt G said...

Thanks anon, I forgot to flip the hem stripe on the back. I've fixed it on my personal copies, but everyone on the blog is going to have to imagine it going in the correct direction, haha.

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