Wednesday: Cinco de Julio

It's the day after Independence Day here in the States, and I am all fireworked out. 4 straight fireworks shows at my job on top of fireworks afterwards yesterday. Though to be fair, I'm not done with pyrotechnics, as I'm sure I'll be near flares and smoke bombs when I march into the next home soccer match with the supporters. No pyro, no party.

Anyways, no news on the jersey front just yet, but....

NEWS: Officially speaking, the rights to the Alaska Aces franchise have been purchased by Comcast Spectacor, who operate the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, ME. As such, the team will be operated by current Flyers president Mike Holmgren, with former Flyer Danny Briere serving as general manager. This opens up a couple of questions. 1) Will this team from a design aspect have its own identity or just copy the Flyers? 2) Could we see a rebirth of the Maine Mariners branding? 3) What happens next for the Reading Royals, the team currently affiliated with the Flyers? 4) Will this new Portland team even affiliate themselves with the Flyers (Answer: Most likely)

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Anthony C: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

Here We have a concept that's a little reminiscent of the Flyers Winter Classic look. Only better. Orange is dominant, as it should, with black secondary, creating a fiercer look than their current set. The only concern I have is that the nameplate is a little short in height, and as such the numbers are too high up. I'd love to see socks and helmet logos too. Pant striping should be separated to continue the theme of the set. The cuffs add some balance to the whole set.

Rating: 87%

Anthony C: Vegas Golden Knights Concept

There's a slight issue with this concept. While it's a great idea, the black numbers do not stand out well against the grey base of the jersey, even with the double outline. This is where white trim or numbers would come in handy. Name on the back doesn't look good in white or with the single outline on either jersey. Helmet logos and socks.

Rating: 75%

Burkus Circus: Atlanta Thrashers Concept

Execution and design choices ruin probably the best concept I've seen from you. Firstly, execution: The number/nameplate are not centered properly and are a bit pixelated. My suggestion for that would be to go to this link, and use the jersey fonts provided by Ryan here for cleaner lettering and numbering. As for the design elements, the "Thrashers" wordmark needs to go. It's extremely unnecessary and would look better gone. But if you insist on keeping it, which I wouldn't do, I'd at least make the letters and numbers yellow with navy trim instead of white.

Rating: 72%

Jets96: Syracuse Crunch Concept

Firstly, the silver gets lost in this concept because of how minimal it is as trim against the white. Kind of why many say the Sabres need to lose their silver trim. Also the inverted logo doesn't look great. Otherwise a average solid concept.

Rating: 75%

Jordan R: Pyongyang Capitals (Fictional) Concept

After doing some research on a forum that shall remain nameless, Jordan's travels to North Korea have led him to create a 14-team league based in North Korea. Political opinions about North Korea aside, as well as North Korean jokes, this seems to be a good idea. A modern idea for the Washington Capitals with North Korean symbols to create a somewhat distinct identity for a team based in the North Korean capital.

Rating: 85%

Jordan R: Pyongyang Generals (fictional) Concept

On the other side of town, Jordan creates the Generals. And to be completely honest, if you were to take this concept and replace the words in the logo with "North Bay Battalion", it would be a massive improvement to the OHL side. That's how good this concept is. It nails the military theme without going camo. The thematic use of 5 stars is also a great touch, as a 5-star general is the highest rank under commander-in-chief. Notable names have held that rank, also known as General of the Army, Fleet Admiral or General of the Air Force, such as Dwight Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Ulysses S Grant, John Pershing, Douglas MacArthur and Henry Howard, and most recently, though posthumously, George Washington (he was given the rank higher than that as General of the Armies on March 15, 1978, a rank also achieved by Pershing). So as you can see, a 5-star general is kind of a big deal, so Jordan incorporated that here. The stencil numbering works. I'm just not entirely sure about the name inside the yoke.

Rating: 97%

Ryan C: Edmonton Oilers Concept

One tough thing about the Oilers wearing orange full time is a situation that is similar to Philadelphia. How do you balance two strong colors, in this case, orange and navy? The way to do it is NOT what we see here with this white jersey, as the orange yoke sticks out sorely with the primarily navy striping pattern. I don't know about the orange helmet idea here. It could work, but navy would probably be better. The pant design is cool but seems a little too far ahead of the jersey in terms of traditionalism.

Rating: 78%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Yet another Wednesday post goes by here at HJC. But today I'll leave you with a bit of a tease. Something big might be coming to HJC. Something unlike anything you've seen before. Stay tuned.
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Unknown said...

I'm loving this KHL series. I'll second Jordans Generals concept for COTW

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