Tuesday: Us Jersey Nerds can't wait!

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! There's not a whole lot of news here in the off-season... We're just waiting for October! And I mean the Preds road jersey... But mostly the Road Jersey, I mean October! I mean I'm a little conflicted... Us jersey nerds are a little bit different than other hockey fans in that way... But that's ok!

Don't forget that we have our regularly scheduled COTW voting, as well as the HJC OPEN VOTING!!!! CHOSE THE CHAMPION!!! So ya know... Don't forget...

HJC Open Final vote
COTW vote (July 14-20)

On to the concepts!


Brooks F.- Kyrgyzstan (IIHF)
Brooks starts us off with a little trip to somewhere in the Far to Middle East... Kyrgyzstan!
  • I LOVE the chest pattern based on the flag! It looks great, and keeps the jersey modern for a non-traditional hockey country!
  • I also like the sleeve ends with the sun logo! 
  • The main logo reminds me a little too much of the Florida Panthers...
  • I also don't like the logo on the sock
  • And I believe that the IIHF outfitter is Nike, and not Adidas... 
  • Overall, the whole set is a little cluttered
My rating: A decent design for a non-traditional market, but it's a little busy... 7.5/10

Brooks F.- Vegas Golden Knights (90's NHL Series)
Our second concept of the day belongs to Brooks, and the Golden Knights!
  • A 90's series worked for all the other teams as they were all close or founded in the 90's, but with a name straight out of the 90's it works for the Golden Knights too! 
  • An Actual golden Knight logo looks good too! 
  • I like the armor-esque shoulder yoke!
  • The rivets in the pattern also looks good!
  • While the number font is supposed to be ridiculous, the 7 is hard to tell apart from the 2 on the shoulders
  • I also don't like the double gold color scheme... The back numbers would be hard to read on the gold jersey...  
My rating: This would fit perfectly in the 90's! But like most 90's jerseys, there's always some problems... 7.5/10

Lucas D.- Edmonton Oilers (NHL)
Next up is Lucas's Oilers Adizero concept!
  • I love the blue sleeve caps!
    • It's basically the old Blue jersey but with an orange body! Clever!
  •  I also like the Adidas collar here, it looks good! 
  • Blue numbers look good too
  • The name should have a thicker outline
  • White numbers would be easier to read for the TV numbers
  • The logo looks a little big on the real jersey mock-up
My rating: A much better update than what the Oilers actually rolled out with Adidas! 8/10

Lucas D.- San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Lucas also gets the next concept, which is another update for the Adizero jerseys, this time for the Sharks!
  •  I love the striping pattern! 
  • The sleeve length yoke on the road jersey is fantastic, and reflects the early 2000's jerseys!
  • Good logo choice! 
  • I also like that the Adi-Pentagon matches the color of the jersey!
  • I also like the elimination of orange in the striping pattern, and the return of silver!
  • Fantastic presentation!
  • The hem of the white jersey should have some teal...
My rating: A fantastic update for the Sharks! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Vaughn R.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
Vaughn has the next concept for the Golden Knights!
  • I like the sleeve length yoke pattern! 
  • I like the secondary logo on the end of the sleeve! 
  • I like the N&# font! 
  • The white jersey needs more grey. You shouldn't have a jersey completely missing a color.
  • The gold names are hard to read on both jerseys...
  • I'm also not sure why Under Armour is the manufacturer, and not Adidas...
My rating: These aren't half-bad, but the color balance isn't good, and these are a little bland... 6/10

Will S.- San Jose Sharks (PCHL What-If)
Will finishes off the day with a What-if concept for the PCHL, and the "Original" San Jose Sharks!
  • This is very realistic and a nice job on the research! 
  • The logo would have fit nicely in the 30's!
  • The teal from the logo doesn't match the teal on the sweater
  • I also don't like the wool stitched texture on the jersey. It darkens everything, and makes it look grey instead of white... 
My rating: While everything is realistic, the presentation isn't the best, and slapping a logo on an identical jersey isn't that much of a concept... 5/10

  Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: Us Jersey Nerds can't wait! Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on July 25, 2017 Rating: 5


TC Moore said...

Is it just me or did Lucas use a different teal for the away than he did on the home set? Could just be the shading, but I don't think that's it.

Caz said...

Somehow, I completely forgot the Predators new road jersey still hasn't been revealed. They'll probably wait until their annual "Skate of the Union" party on Broadway to unveil it.

Caz said...

Oh, and 2nd for COTW for Lucas. Going to need more concepts using that logo.

winnipegjets96 said...

Brooks F for COTW

Lucas D. said...

@TC: Yeah, it's just shading. I made the white jersey with the full length yoke first, then coloured the body the same teal for the home jersey.

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