Tuesday: 2 Fast, 2 Flurry-est

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! I am currently in the middle of moving, and there's a lot to get done, so I'm going to have to dive right into today's post! 

(Also the title is because we have concepts from Colorado, Quebec, and Minnesota. Places that get a lot of snow! [Well Washington is in here too, but I don't think they get as much...])

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On to the concepts! 


Jets96- Colorado Avalanche (NHL)
Jets starts things off with his Avs concept!
  •  I like the mountain hem stripe!
  • I also really like the Third's striping pattern
  • I don't like the color scheme. The navy doesn't work, and really clutters everything up. You should have picked just one blue and stuck with it... 
  • The Avs logo should have an outline for the dark jerseys
    • The logo needs more navy for it to have that much navy on the jerseys. 
My rating: Overall, this concept is very cluttered and has lots going on. Simplify the colors a little and that would bump up this concept... 6.5/10

Blake S.- Minnesota Wild (NHL)
Up next is Blake's Minnesota Wild concept!
  • I like the simple striping pattern, and shoulder yokes! 
  • I also like the collars! 
  • I also like the arena background! It actually looks really nice!
  • The Logo is rotated wrong. The correct way is on the ice of your background
  • This might be because of the Blue Jackets alt Font, but everything reminds me of the Jackets Cannon Alt. 
  • The stripes on the pants are also clunky and clutter everything... 
  • Staying in the Spirit of being realistic, the beige helmet wouldn't look the best on the ice, and the League won't allow dark helmets on the road. 
  • Some of the stripes have loose pixels hanging off of them, and there's something messed up on the green jersey's template
My rating: These are good concepts, but are a little too close to some other NHL sweaters, and a feew execution errors are holding this back. 6/10

Anthony C.- Colorado Eagles (ECHL)
Thirdly we have Anthony's  Colorado Eagles concept!
  • I really like the pattern based on the regular logo! 
  • I also like the collar, and the single layer numbers! 
  • I also like how the hemstripe stops on the sides, matching the logo
  • Bad logo choice. The main logo would have worked better, as you could clearly see the striping inspiration 
  • The NOB also looks a little big
My rating: While everything else about this concept is fantastic, the logo sticks out like a sore thumb, and really brings this down... 7.5/10

Anthony C.- Colorado Avalanche (NHL)
Staying in Colorado, we move up to the professional level, with the Colorado Avalanche!
  • The navy works really well here.
  • The Mountain pattern looks great, even on the socks!
  • Good logo choice here!
  • There's not enough maroon on the road jersey. Maroon numbers or gloves might help balance the colors... 
  • You also should have the NHL crest in the white collar insert area
My rating: A fantastic Avs concept for when they use navy in their color scheme again, but the color balance is off a little... 8/10

Christian L.- Washington Capitals (NHL)
Next up we head to the US capital and see a concept for the Washington Capitals by Christian!
  •  I love the stars on the sleeves! 
  • I really like the squared off number font! 
  • The white shoulder yoke also looks fantastic on the red jersey!
  • The collars look good
  • I also like the cuffs, and small tail stripe!
  • I also like the Adidas dot pattern on the shoulders. Nice job paying attention to the details!
  • The chest stripe doesn't work the best with the weagle. The outline of the weagle is thick, and messes with the stripe. The Weagle by itself would probably look out better...
  • I'd also like to see equipment. I mean, how star crazy will the breezers be?
My rating: I really like most of this design, but the chest stripe feels out of place. 8.5/10

Dino W.- Quebec Nordiques (NHL)
Our second to last concept is for the Quebec Nordiques!
  • The Fleur-De-Lis on the arm is kind of a bold idea for a team as traditional as the Nordiques, but I think it works! 
  • I also like the tail stripe that is based off the original Nords sock pattern.
  • The shoulder yokes also look good! 
  • I also like the red numbers!
  •  I don't like the Quebec providence shade of blue compared to the powder blue.
  • Flag patches never really work...
  • The name and numbers are a little small, as well as the captain's patches...
  • The N&#s along with the fleur-de-lis are very pixelated. 
  • Equipment is an important part of the concept as much as the jerseys...
My rating: This is a decent jersey, but execution errors are holding this back... 7/10

Anthony C.- Minnesota Wild (NHL)
Anthony finishes us off today with a Minnesota Wild concept!
  • I like the chest stripe that matches the arms better!
  • The TV numbers with red outlines looks good!
  • I like the red collar!
  • The stripes on the breezers is nice, but they should be the other way, the red stripe should be on the front of the pants, because when the players take a seat on the bench or in the box, the stripes become parallel. It would look weird as you have it, because it would be upside down. 
  • I also don't like the single shoulder patch. 
  • The Wild logo is rotated incorrectly. The bearhead should have the nose rotated down a little. 
  • The NOB is a little too big
My rating: This a decent update on what the Wild just unveiled, but a few execution errors bring this down... 8.5/10

Well that means's that I don't really have a COTW nominee. No one stands out enough to me. 

But of course, you can comment your pick below!


 Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: 2 Fast, 2 Flurry-est Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on July 11, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Anthony's Avs for COTW

Unknown said...

I'll second that.

JJ Anderes said...

Christian L. for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

Kuddos to you, Chase on catching the rotation of the Wild logo, I know they're your favourite team, but it's always great learning that so it looks proper in the future

I'll 2nd Christian L for COTW

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