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Aside from the Predators' anniversary logo, which Phil covered in his post yesterday, there's really no new news to cover. However, courtesy of social media, we've been able to see a few players take the ice in their new Adidas jerseys.

As I mentioned in the tweet, if that is the Penguins' new helmet, they appear to be changing from a white to a black chinstrap. Personally a minor downgrade, in my opinion, although it also may not be happening. I later noticed that the helmet also does not have any numbers on it, only logos, leading me to think that the helmet may have just been one lying around, which they then slapped Pens' decals on. Here's to hoping.

Along with Crosby, CCM also recruited Nate Mackinnon to record some promotional material.

Especially after ten years of this, how nice does that Avalanche jersey look? What an improvement.

Those collars still look awful, though.


The amount of votes this week simultaneously stays the same and smaller. While we still have three votes: Second Quarter, HJC Open, and COTW, the HJC Open vote is again half the size as last week's. Less work to do, go leave a vote!

HJC Open Semi-Finals vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTY 2nd Quarter vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW July 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Adam G. - Old Navy
+If you were playing off of the name and going for an "Old" look, you sure did a good job with barberpoles.
+Surprisingly, the number and name actually stand out decently well.
-The name could use to be just a tad lower still though, and the number outline could use to be a tad thicker.
+/- I'm not positive on which one this would be without seeing it on a player model, but hopefully this design would translate to the ice like this, not like this.
-I think it would also look better to make the Old Navy logo a little bit larger. Honestly, thickening the chest stripe and using solely the wordmark may be a better look, somewhat akin to one of these.
-While not 100% necessary, pants and/or helmet logos would be nice to see.
Overall: 7/10

Anthony C. - Toronto Maple Leafs
-Not the most innovative design, but I think the jersey history of the Leafs can excuse that here.
+As I referenced, this is a really nice modernization of the Leafs' 1967 jersey set.
+The matching shoulder yoke is a really great touch, instead of just a plain solid yoke.
+The single color name and numbers look great.
-The name looks a tad big and the number a tad small, though. The C patch and TV numbers also look a bit small.
+/- I'm not sure how I feel about the plain leaf on the yoke. It's a nice callback to another era in Leafs' history, but it's a bit repetitive.
Overall: 8.5/10

Dino W. - Netherlands
+I really like the description you put in the top right. While some details (the number) are just a nice touch and don't really affect the concept's design, other details (the collar) may have went over my head if you didn't point it out.
+While I'm on the topic, that collar is a really nice, subtle touch. Probably my favorite feature of this design (though that isn't a bad thing)
+Another great thing about that collar is that it allows them to use their "traditional orange" color as the primary.
+I'm not sure what the significance of the striping pattern is (if there is any), but it works really well with that logo.
-The shield is a bit pixelated.
-The back numbers and name look too small, and I'm not sure that number font is a great fit for hockey.
-If there is a way you can make the chest stripes wrap all the way around, do it.
-Seeing the equipment would help give a better idea of what this will look like in use.
Overall: 8/10

Jets96 - Vancouver Canucks
+For starters, I think this is one of your better redo concepts yet, even though this is the the work of 2011 Sean rather than current Sean, since all you're doing is remaking the exact same design.
+The striping, as I'm interpreting it, is an interesting take on their current striping, while looking completely different. I like it.
+Good color balance and consistency.
+Despite the lack of white elsewhere, I like the use of it for the name and numbers. Yellow would probably be the only other option there.
-I'm not a fan of the Canucks' current font, and that opinion doesn't change here.
Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - Minnesota Wild
-Again, not the most creative or innovative, though it gets a pass since this appears to just look to improve Minnesota's current look.
+As far as that goes, I think this does a pretty good job of taking what they currently wear and fixing it.
+The striping on the home jersey is a definite improvement, and I think a hem stripe works better than a chest stripe.
+The road jersey's striping is almost perfect, but the basis of it is again an improvement.
-The road jersey would look better in my opinion without using both wheat/vintage white at the same time, and just picking one. Personally, I'd go with a full wheat jersey, because while I'm usually not a fan of vintage white, Minnesota is one of the teams that I think could pull it off.
+I don't really have any complaints about the road jersey. A good way for Minnesota to use a look that has a lot of red and green with out looking too Christmas-y.
Overall: 8/10

Matt G. - Vaxjo Lakers
After reading Matt's comments, I'm changing a few things in the review. Any of the original review that I'm retracting is in lighter gray, just to make sure this area doesn't look too cluttered and hard to understand.

+The Lakers, according to my google search, have never had a very professional look. This design gives them one.
+The logo choices, font choices, and color balance are some of the better aspects of this concept.
+The striping works, but..
-I'm not sure why it's so thin. If there's an explanation and I'm missing something, please let me know, but for now, I'd say thicken the stripes. (I still think the stripes should be a little bit thicker) Or even better, go with one of these patterns (but please, for the love of god, no vertical striping).
-The name font could use to be a bit thicker as well.
-I'm not really sure what the barber pole-esque sublimated pattern is about, or the reasoning behind it, but at least on a mockup like this it looks busy and distracting.
+If you read the comments, you'll see that I somehow completely passed over the nautical striping explanation while reading that up there. So after knowing what it is, I like it a lot more.
-I still think, on a mockup like this at least, it does still look a tad busy/distracting. Though I'm sure that effect will be much lesser on an actual jersey.
Overall: 8/10

T.C. Moore - Kootenay Ice
+I like the logo and color choice here.
-Except for the orange, I'm not really sure where that came from. I think this color scheme would work a lot better.
+I both like and dislike the striping pattern: I like how everything is 100% consistent down to the colors...
-but the lack of the top stripe on the hem looks a bit odd, and the thinner black stripe makes the striping look a bit busy.
+I think the number font actually works well here.
-I would make the name black on both jerseys, though you could probably get away with the white name on the blue jersey.
Overall: 7/10


And that's all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!
Thursday: More Adidas Reviewed by Bpoe on July 20, 2017 Rating: 5


TC Moore said...

For the record, the orange came from the tongue of the Yeti logo

Matt G said...

I'm kind of baffled that you wouldn't know why a team called the "Lakers" could have nautical stripes. A simple googling would tell you that sailors used to wear nautical stripes so they could be spotted faster if they went overboard. The thin stripes on the rest of the uniform was to leave the emphasis on the nautical stripes.

I thought the text on my concept made everything pretty obvious. I guess people don't read though? I dunno.

Unknown said...

Lucas's Minnesota for COTW.

Unknown said...

For the record, the significance of the NL striping pattern is that I think it looks nice, and that it corresponds to the number font which I like. I don't know if it would work, but I generally like trying out non-block font designs, and I associate this style with Dutch teams (they used it in football before)

Matt G said...

I'm not trying to pick on you Brendan, because I know this is just for fun and art is subjective, but doesn't suggesting that I use the team's old striping pattern defeat the purpose? I could pump out minor tweaks every other day if I wanted to.

Bpoe said...

Okay, that makes sense. Still not sure if I like the way it works with the light blue, though

Fair enough, the striping does look nice as I mentioned. And I do have to give you credit for trying out new things, that's a good attitude to have. I'm still not sure this style of number font would work well in hockey, but maybe if someone actually used something similar in real life it could change my mind.

Man, I don't know how I missed that explanation...must have accidentally passed over it somehow, because I did read what you had up there. That's my fault, my apologies.
And good point when it comes to just using their old striping. I think I just threw that out there because I thought this pattern made the design look a bit empty, and I seem to be a bit of a stickler when it comes to looking for significance or a historical callback or just some reasoning in every single design choice, which I honestly should try to loosen up on because it doesn't make much sense for concept designs like this.
I updated your review, hopefully that helps fix things.

Matt G said...

I'm a fan of history as well, but I wanted to create an identity for Vaxjo even though in real life it's next to impossible with all of the ads that the SHL allows for. I thought about using the chest stripe, but it clashed with the nautical pattern. I've been trying to be more original the past year or so and it can be tough to convey in one image sometimes. You didn't need to update it, but I appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Vancouver Canucks by Jets 96 for COTW, why because I'm a sucker for
the Nucks "Star Wars" look and the striping is clean and simple. I agree with
the comment about the modern numbers looking out of place.

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