Thursday: Darker Oil

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Not much jersey news to talk about, but there was a very minor, and expected, reveal the other day of an Adidas road jersey.

As expected, the Oilers' road jersey is pretty much exactly the same as last year's, except with navy blue. In my opinion, the navy blue works a lot better when orange is the most dominant color, but when the blue is more dominant the navy blue just makes the jersey look more drab compared to royal blue. Overall though, it's not a huge difference, and still a solid look.


This week in voting all we have is the COTW vote and the HJC Open vote. Speaking of the HJC Open, I'm in there, so if you give me a vote maybe I can sauce a COTW nomination your way ;).

I'm just kidding. It doesn't work like that. Go vote for the concept you like best, whether it's me or not. Even if you vote for me, you aren't getting a free COTW nomination for it, so there's no reason to vote for me unless you like my concept better.

HJC Quarter Semi-Finals vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW June 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Anthony C. - Minnesota Wild
-Not the most creative design for the Wild, but this looks like an Adidas fix type of concept, so I won't deduct for that.
+Now, for a fix of their new design, I think this nails it pretty well.
-There's an argument to be made that the home jersey's striping pattern should be the same as it is on the new design (with the red inner stripe). Personally, I'm not sure which I would like better, but the red does clash with the green a bit when they're touching.
-I also think I prefer wheat numbers on the home jersey, and maybe even on the road. The red might pop out a bit more than it currently does if you only leave it on one stripe and the logo.
-I would still prefer to have the chest stripe wrap around to the back.
Overall: 8/10

Anthony C. - Team North America
+A good mix of classic and modern striping on here.
+I love the amount of color on the dark jersey.
-On that note, I think the road jersey would be improved with more color.
-I think a slightly thinner number font would look better, and with a slightly thicker outline.
-I'm not sure exactly what it is, but this design is giving off a bit of a dated look to me.
-Unless I'm missing something, this design is pretty basic and not very innovative.
Overall: 6.75/10

Christian L. - New Jersey Devils
-Out of all of the teams I would think of a sash design for, the Devils would not be near the top of my list (again, unless I'm missing something).
+Though I have to give you a bit of credit for thinking outside the box.
+I would still say this is an improvement on their new set.
-I'm also not a huge fan of the original unused logo being used here as opposed to the current, but if you were to go with it, I would also switch the red and white. As of now, the white N stands out a bit more, and switching the colors would put the proper emphasis on the J/horns.
+One improvement made here, if you ask me, is the color balance on the road jersey. The Devils previous and current designs both had too much black, but this balances out the red a bit better.
-A red yoke on the white jersey would help the color balance even more if you ask me.
-I'm also not sure why you have mismatching back/TV numbers on the road jersey, I'm not sure it's necessary.
Overall: 7.75/10

Cole - Calgary Flames
-In the same manner as Anthony's concept earlier, this isn't too creative but it just looks to be a fix, so it gets a pass.
+I can completely agree with you that I'm underwhelmed by the new Flames jerseys, and while going back to the originals would have been a much better move, this would have been the second best (save for a new, good looking design and not a rehash of an old look).
-I would have made the stripes a bit thicker, though, and I'm not sure having the angled striping on the sock really works.
-The back name and numbers are too small.
-The pants sriping goes way too high on the pants, it should be like this.
Overall: 7/10

Jordan R. - Sariwon Bats
+Jordan never ceases to amaze and never has a lack of creativity, and that's really showing here.
+As far as logos go this one isn't perfect, but it's still pretty good.
+The colors are balanced well, and that red color is a really nice accent.
-If you ask me, the arm striping on the dark jersey goes up way too high. 
-This is most likely personal preference, but I've never been a fan of socks like on the dark jersey, I think the black should be on top and the tan on the bottom.
-I'm not sure what the shoulder patch is, if it's just the primary logo again I'd remove it. If not, I'd make it a bit smaller than it is now.
Overall: 8.5/10

Jordan R. - Sinuiju Lumberjacks
+The colors on this set are absolutely beautiful, the deep blue and red go together really well.
-Well, when they aren't touching, anyways. When they do, they clash a bit, and don't pop the way they could. It's not awful though.
+The logo looks great, and the shoulder patch is a nice compliment.
+The font chosen fits really well on this design, and I like the choice to keep it one color.
-I would also swap the red and blue on the dark jersey, and maybe that's just because I like blue better than red, but objectively it would balance the colors better between both jerseys.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Ryan C. - San Jose Sharks
+Well, I can't say I've seen something like this often, at least for the Sharks.
+I'm personally not a fan of keeping the orange, but if it were to be used, this is a good way to do it.
+The black jersey is colorful enough for it not to be drab, and I think teal socks might actually work in this case.
-That extra "slice" of teal that comes from the yoke and goes down to the armpit is completely unnecessary, and looks so out of place.
-I'm not a huge fan of the font chosen. I think it gives off a bit of a dated look, vaguely reminding me of the font they had on their jerseys before the Edge switchover.
-I would match the sock stripes to the jersey stripes, no need to add the extra orange stripe on the socks.
Overall: 7.5/10


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
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Unknown said...

Any news on the Mallards comp?

Ryan said...

@Ethan: Nothing yet. I wouldn't expect anything for a while. (ie October)

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