Sunday: It's Finally Over!

Hi everybody! Steve's back at it after my hiatus from last week. To start, Congrats to Jake M on winning the open. As for everyone else, let's just be glad that it's over and we can get back to other competitions.

ALERT! ALERT! we actually have news of a new logo and uniform reveal! Today the Binghamton Devils (formerly the Albany Devils) unveiled their new set of jerseys and logos Saturday morning and, while copping out and copying their NHL counterparts, the logos are much more different than what they had in Albany.

image from binghamtondevils.com
If you want an explanation of why the team chose this branding they were nice enough to create a graphic with a quote on it for people like us.

In a way, it's nice to see that the Devils actually put some thought of trying to separate the teams identities. After Binghamton losing the senators with the logos that they had, it would be a shame to see "B" logo with the devil horns and tail. the visor issue on the logo does bother me a bit but I can look past that. It's the alternate logo with the pitchfork that I can't get past. And if you guys were curious as to how a Adidas design looks on a CCM style jersey, here you go.

Overall I'd say that the whole thing was a solid 7.5/10. Nothing to special but it was a straight up copy of the Devils logo.

You guys know the deal. Onto the concepts!

COTW July 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hockey Card Comp (entries due August 11th)

Anthony C- Montreal Canadiens
Positives: The squared-off yoke looks nice and the three stripes work well on the jersey.
Negatives: I have a few issues with this. the first is that on the front view of the jersey, it looks like the yoke is squared on on side and rounded on the other. Second, that white collar doesn't blend together with the uniform. It looks like you placed it on top of it instead of it actually being a part of the jersey.
Overall: 6/10

Brooks F- St. Louis Blues
Positives: Let me just put on my nostalgia glasses first. Okay then, This has to be the most out there rendition of a  90's jersey that I've ever seen. to begin, that score of music you put as striping on the jersey really takes me back. Also, I like the two tone numbers on the back, sleeves, and "BLUES" wording.
Negatives: That yellow randomly going up the left side of the jersey is just strange. Also, why a cat? I would align this more with nashville than I would St. Louis with the logo.
Overall: 7/10 

Justin B- St. Louis Blues
Positives: The original colors look great with the yellow stripes and contrast jersey ends. Also, the "B" from the 90's script logo looks really good on the pants.
Negatives: You don't need to have the socks on the dark jersey two different colors like the away jersey. Also, the yellow lines on the pants contrast with the overall design a bit but it's a odds and ends thing. Mostly, swap the coloring on the "B".
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE!

 Lucas D- Vancouver Canucks
Positives: Love the green base with the dark blue  "V" logo. Also, the striping on the chest is nice and not bothersome.
Negatives: The numbers in the stripes are a little too much for my liking and make the center of the collar blue!
Overall: 7.5/10

Steven G- Edmonton Oilers 
Positives: This, I think, Is what everyone really wanted out of the oilers instead of that three stripe thing they wear now. It's simple and gives nod to the Oiler history.
Negatives: I'm sure you already know about how we feel when someone sends in a concept that's a previous jersey slapped on a new template. Yes, it's different colors but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's been done.
Overall: 6.5/10

Zack R- San Jose Sharks
Positives: Moving the alternate logo to the front of the jersey was a good choice on this as well as adding that additional orange stripe on the sleeve was nice.
Negatives: Besides the fact that it's (basically) a logo swap, it's just a very plain uniform overall.
Overall: 6/10
Sunday: It's Finally Over! Reviewed by Steve Marc on July 30, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'd like to second Justin's St. Louis Blues concept. Brooks' Blues cat is from the Blues' "Cool Cat" logo that was to go with their 90's trumpet alternate that Mike Keenan (I think he was the coach) killed off before it saw the light of day.


Lucas D. said...

Brooks for COTW!

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