Sunday: Day in the Life of a HJC Writer!

Hello everyone. I'd like to start today by saying happy belated Canada day to our Canadian readers. This past week, we've seen some people have opinions that us HJC writers are getting a little soft. Well, let me tell you something.While I can't speak for the other writers, I can tell you that I spend five days a week taking a 1 1/2 hour bus ride to and from work where I take call after call and don't get home until late so my free time is limited.

So, when it comes time to write a post and to grade all the great concepts you guys send it, I don't have a ton of time to sit and look at each one for those minor infractions or hold each and every design to a darn near impossible standard.  Why do I do this? because I believe that while you could have a design that looks like something that came from an actual jersey manufacturer like Adidas, Reebok, Bauer, or even Rebirth it doesn't guarantee that your design is something that's interesting enough to warrant a COTW nominee. Does that go into my decision? Yes. Do I think that it should hold precedence over the actual design? Hell no.

Here's another revelation for all of you. You see that concept I made at the top of this paragraph? It took me over a month to make that thing from the template to the design and I'm still not finished with touch ups. That's because I put grading all of your concepts in front of my designing. Would I like to spend more time to have a much more good looking concept? Absolutely. However, I put that aside so I can grade what you guys make.

All this being said, the next time any of you think about criticizing how that us writers are getting soft about the grading please remember that we don't have to give you grades or take the time to do any of this. We do though because we love doing this and I personally love seeing everybody improve.

Not that my explanation is finished, all finalists for the HJC Open need to get their entries in by Tuesday. Also, don't forget to vote for the COTW nominees.

As Marvin says, Let's get it on (with the concepts)!

Anthony C- Colorado Eagles
Positives: The first of two Eagles concepts by Anthony, I'd have to say that you did a good job of adding some blue into their jersey because it's currently nonexistent on the current jerseys. The jersey layout works well too.
Negatives: What isn't working on this is the Jets style template that has a plain white jersey with half black sleeves. the hems are extremely bare and need something to fill out the jersey.
Overall: 6/10

Anthony C- Colorado Eagles 
Positives: This design, overall, is much better than what you gave the eagles on the last concept. the squared yoke with the three stripes that match the logo was a excellent idea. It really flows overall.I also like the idea of a throwback-esque alternate.
Negatives: First, the socks striping is really off the uniform so big docking for that. Second, while this doesn't have to do with you, it has to do with the template itself. I really wish that however made this would have made a back to it so we could see the whole design. I don't know if the yoke is like the hurricanes uniforms or just squared off.
Overall: 6/10

Anthony C- Seattle Thunderbirds
Positives: There's a few things I like about this Anthony. You did a pretty good job with the body in having that striping right below the yoke that matches the hem. It really gives it a vintage look.
Negatives: The colors on the logo and the uniform, particularly the blue, don't match and that's a little bothersome. Also, those stripes on the arms are really bringing this concept down by pushing the sleeve numbers into the yoke. Make it simple on the sleeves.
Overall: 7/10

Anthony C- Spokane Chiefs
Positives: Being that the team copies the Canadiens' jersey, this is a improvement already. The traditional striping with the yoke looks really good on both jerseys and the modern style block numbers don't bother me.
Negatives: This is where this design is a double-edged sword. While it's an improvement on what they currently have, it's too boring for a team like this. Give them a few more stripes or some more color on the arms.
Overall: 7.25/10

Burkus C- Ottawa Senators
Positives:  Bunch of design elements I like here. the striping really stands out and the numbers on the jersey look pretty good. It's a really nice combo of traditional striping with a modern twist.
Negatives: If this is suppose to be a third jersey, why did you make it red or use the current logo on the front? Also, the sleeve numbers are really big. You could also move the hem striping up a bit.
Overall: 6.5/10

Burkus C- Phiadelphia Flyers
Positives: Always love a customer made alternate logo and the Flyers have proven that they can pull off a traditional style jersey. What really stands out on this is the prominence of black instead of orange, something the Flyers basically threw away on their primary.
Negatives: Compared to the hem, the sleeves ends look pretty bare. Also, the collars color combo would look better switched as orange-white or just orange.
Overall: 7/10

Burkus C- San Jose Sharks
Positives: love the black alternate with the teal stripes. Having that orange as an accent looks really good as well so good job.
Negatives: The name and numbers look blurry on the back and you might want to consider making it a little cleaner next time. Also, that orange could get lost in the white so be mindful of that.
Overall: 7.5/10

Burkus C- St. Louis Blues
Positives: The idea of taking a vintage template and making it fit to the current Blues identity was a good choice when coming up with this. You used the alternate logo perfectly and the white hem looks great with the striping in it. Also, the white and double yellow accent striping works beautifully.
Negatives: My only negative of this is that darn white collar. I don't like how it blends into the yoke. make it a contrasting color and this would actually look like something the Blues would potentially use.
Overall: 8/10 COTW NOMINEE!

That's all I got for you guys. Please take my words at the top into consideration the next time you get mad at us for looking like we're being lazy. Have a good rest of the week guys and see you next week!
Sunday: Day in the Life of a HJC Writer! Reviewed by Steve Marc on July 02, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I's Like to second Burkus' St. Louis concept

Unknown said...

Honestly, Anthony's Seattle concept is beautiful. If he had ensured the blue in the logo was the same as with the rest of the jersey, it would've been a definite COTW candidate. The sleeve pattern is great, colour balancing is awesome, there's actually extra space between the number and the stripes on the arms that you could move the number closer so it wasn't touching the yoke and it'd look great. Honestly man, well done!! The colour difference is the only problem here

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