Sunday: Dancing with the Devil in Canada!

Don't know why I decided that but whatever. Hi everyone. Welcome back. It's that time of the year where very little goes on in the jersey world (besides the HJC Open of course) so let's just delve right into the concepts. Oh and don't forget about all the voting and for the HJC Open artists to get their concepts in.

HJC Quarter-Finals entries (due Tuesday @ noon ET)
COTW-June vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW June 30 - July 6 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Onto the concepts!

Adam G- Vegas Golden Knights
Positives: We kick it off with what I would assume would be a alternate jersey for the Knights. I like the striping on the arms and the use of the alternate logo on the front of the jersey isn't bad. I'll also admit that the poker table is funny in a 90's kind of jersey style.
Negatives: The whole body of the jersey is just a mess. Trying to match it with the sleeve's didn't work out well at all and the poker table just looks horrible with it.
Overall: 6.5/10

Anthony C- New Jersey Devils 
Positives: This is actually a pretty big improvement over what the Devils decided to go with when the league switched so good job there. The double striping on the waist and sleeves works really well with the logo and that single stripe on the hem really ties it together. Also, I really like how you stopped the stripes at the back of the numbers at an angle.
Negatives: You don't need to put the interlocking NJ logo on the shoulders and get rid of that white pentagon in the collar and make it red or black.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Anthony C- Ottawa 67's 
Positives: Anthony's second concept of the day, he takes his design from the "Cold War of Hockey" era jerseys worn by the Canadian NHL players and it works pretty well here. The black pants also give it enough contrast as well.
Negatives: I'd like to see the angry puck logo on the jerseys somewhere, either shoulder or chest.
Overall: 8.75/10

 Kevin D- Team Canada 150th Anniversary
Positives: I really like that you put the 150 logo front in center of the jersey and eliminated that black that Nike is hellbent on forcing onto us. The traditional Maple Leaf is also a nice touch on the shoulders.
Negatives: The jersey striping is just too plain for the jersey. I assume that it's suppose to be a classic style but at least make the striping interesting.
Overall: 7.5/10

Noah B- New Jersey Devils 
Positives: So a Devils/Jets crossover? I really don't see it but the design is really good. Thank you for crediting the logo artist by the way. Anyways, the striping on both jerseys loos really good and that simple hem stripe really ties it together.
Negatives: It's just the prominence of white and no other color on the dark jersey that bothers me. It's so much white that it's awkward looking.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan C- New Jersey Devils 
Positives: I like the idea of having a diagonal "DEVILS" letting for the front of the jersey instead of the logo. Also, the use of green was a good choice.
Negatives: I give you credit for your effort on trying this but it just doesn't work. The angle of the arm stripes and that stripe on the body is just awkward.
Overall: 6/10

Steven G- Team Canada 
Positives: Our final concept comes from our most recently departed writer Steven G. I think you did a good job of not using too much black on a red jersey with just the right amount of white so good job on that.
Negatives: The stripes are kind of boring honestly. I get that it's a Nike jersey and you're limited but you could come up with better striping than this.
Overall: 7/10

That's all Have this week guys. Thanks for stopping by and have a good rest of the week!
Sunday: Dancing with the Devil in Canada! Reviewed by Steve Marc on July 09, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Thanks for complimenting my use of green even though i used exactly zero green in my concept. Glad to see attention to detail

Unknown said...

Anthony's NJ for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Anthony C for COTW,

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