Saturday: This End Is Nigh!

The winner of the 2nd Quarter Vote was JJ!

Full Results

This is certainly a surprising result to me. Not that JJ's concept isn't worthy, it is. However I really thought Dylan was going to walk away with this one leaving JJ and myself in its trail. With the win though JJ's concept has become quite decorated with badges, making it all the way to the COTY Semi-Finals (held in February 2018) from a competition! Congrats JJ.


The Final of the 2017 HJC Open is set. Number one seed Jake takes on number ten seed, and Thursday writer, Brendan.


What a great Semi-Finals it was! Let's take a look at the results from the two votes:


Out of the four concepts submitted for this round, Brendan's was my favourite.
But now we look ahead to the final. Jake and Brendan should be sure to check out the HJC OPEN page as there is one added rule for the Final. Entries are due on Tuesday by noon Eastern time.

By this time next week I will be announcing the winner of the HJC Open. That artist will receive a championship plaque. I always like to make a big deal out of the announcement. This year I was thinking about doing a LIVE podcast to reveal the winner. It would happen around 11:30pm ET on Friday, July 28. If this is something you would like to see then leave lots of comments below. If there is enough interest then it will happen.


The winner of the COTW vote for July 7-13 was Noah!

Full Results

This is Noah's 2nd COTW win of the year. The other was his Dallas Stars/Cowboys crossover. So it seems that if Noah keeps sending in concepts for cities that start with the letter D, he should win COTW every time. Those are just the facts, you can't argue with facts! Congrats Noah.


The new COTW nominees for the week of July 14-20 have been listed on the side of the page. Those logged into a Google account will be able to see the poll and place their vote by Friday at noon Eastern time. There are four great concepts to choose from and that will make this week's results very interesting.


All of you have been waiting patiently for the next competition while the HJC Open wraps up. I can reveal what that competition will be.

The Hockey Card Competition!

You will be asked to make a hockey card concept, or a set of cards (approximately no more than 12). I will allow some time for you to complete this competition and to refine your entry. The entry phase will end August 11. There also won't be many rules. The bare minimum will be to show us the front of your hockey card.

Let me know in the comments section if you are excited about this idea or if this competition will fall flat on its face.


HJC Open Final entries (due Tuesday @ noon ET)
COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Talk to you guys next Saturday!
Saturday: This End Is Nigh! Reviewed by Ryan on July 22, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

It's interesting. Would we use existing pictures of make concept designs of the cards?

Ryan said...


FC Macbeth said...

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Jlnhlfan said...

Sounds like a good way to test my ORIGINALITY!

Unknown said...

Let me know if you need anyone for the podcast, Ryan. I'd love to talk about free agency.

Ryan said...

Hi Kevin, the podcast would be about the HJC Open. It would be a brief solo project. Thanks.

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