Saturday: HJC Open - Elite 8

We are down to eight artists in the 2017 HJC Open. Here's a look at the current brackets.

The Quarter Semi-Finals saw a couple of very tight votes and perhaps one or two upsets. You've seen who has advanced, now let's take a look at the final vote counts from each match-up.

The bottom portion of the bracket has become the most intriguing to me at the moment. Chris versus Taylor is a match-up fitting for the Final. Also, JJ versus Brendan P. (Thursday's writer) is going to showcase some fantastic talent. By this time next week we will know which four artists will have made it through to the Semi-Finals and are that much closer to the 2017 HJC Open championship plaque!

For the eight artists remaining, you will need to get your next concept submitted to the competition email address by noon Eastern time on TUESDAY.


The winner of the final COTW vote for June (23-29) was Dylan N!

Full Results

Interestingly this is a concept for the Knights before their moniker was known. I always enjoy seeing Dylan's work on HJC. I'm glad that he has a couple of victories this year. And now we get to see how well this concept does against the best from June!


All four weeks of COTW from June are complete and we will now commence with the COTW-June vote. The entrants are listed in the red poll on the side of the page. Can't see the poll? That means you are not logged into a Google account. Go login or go get any type of Google account and then come back and vote. Voting ends Friday at noon Eastern time.

The first set of COTW nominees for July have also been posted. They are the concepts listed in the black poll. Five in total for this week and a really awesome Preds concept from some Ryan guy. Geez, I hope he wins! Anyways, voting also ends on Friday at noon Eastern time.


Photo via NHL.com
On Tuesday's post the topic of IIHF jerseys and the situations on when to wear what came up. Phil commented that there is no home and road jerseys in the IIHF, which I believe is accurate. There are primary and clash or secondary jerseys.

Now seeing as IIHF events are held in a single location, how do teams decide what jersey to wear? Well a team is designated as the "home team" in each tournament game That home team gets to choose what jersey they wear for their game.

For instance the most recent World Championship tournament was held in France and Germany, but that doesn't mean that Team France and Team Germany were the home teams every game. They would have a per-determined amount of home games, just like every other team in the tournament.


HJC Quarter-Finals entries (due Tuesday @ noon ET)
COTW-June vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW June 30 - July 6 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
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Noah B said...

Oh well, so close. Congrats Daniel and good luck to the final eight!

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