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There's no jersey news really at this point in the off season, though August tends to be a lot busier than July...so I figured to pass the time we could look at this beautiful and I do mean BEAUTIFUL SO BAD IT'S GOOD logo I stumbled upon a logo for a Elite level youth spring hockey training team when trying to find out what number Pavol Demitra (RIP) wore with the PEI Senators.

Wow....I friggin' love this. Serious, please, make a concept for the PEI Riptide, it's like the shark is being powered by the waves of pure awesomeness.....and to top of that there are 5 colours on this logo...good look balancing that on a jersey.

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On with today's 7 concepts!


Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Cole W.)

+ I like the blend of eras in these jerseys. With the current amount of black seen here, the white C from the 90s, the red gear of the current alternate and 80s jerseys and the numbers of the previous script alternate, and everything goes together pretty well
+ Of the two of them, the white jersey (as with most Calgary jerseys) looks better
+ Nice work with the Adidas collars
+ Thanks for the notes on your concepts!
+ Good execution

- Pant logo is too high, as are the sock stripes
- The striping, particularly on the red jersey seem a little too thin
- The amount of yellow in the striping and yoke are make the yoke stand out
- Kind of would have preferred black gear, but I would have to see it on ice
- Where's that beautiful shoulder patch?

Rating: 7/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ This isn't the first concept I've seen with that Blue Jackets logo with a chest sash, and it usually looks pretty solid
+ I'm surprised at how well this style of jersey translates to the Adidas look, even with the collar it still works well
+ Great execution

- My biggest problem with this concept is that one specific shade of beige, it reminds me too much of the Chicago '09 Alt, especially on the arms. Using the current shade of beige would work a lot better
- Numbers don't really do it for me, I'm not sure if the blockier alternate font or the rounded font would work better but
- Shoulder patch?

Rating: 7.5/10

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+  Nice job blending the original Stars jerseys with the current colour scheme and adding some improvements, especially where the numbers are placed
+The way the two shades of grey are placed, it makes the striping look beveled like the logo
+ Good logo choices on shoulders
+ Great execution

- Now some may like this, but that primary logo reminds me too much of the Texas Stars and the current primary would work better
- Wish the green on the striping was thicker

Rating: 8/10

Windsor Spitfires Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ Very slick colour scheme here, I especially like the slightly darker shade of red used that goes well with the Maroon
+ Home and road are a Jets hybrid jersey on a more basic template and they look pretty solid
+ The alternate really steals the show! It reminds me what the team attempted in the early 2000s as an alternate
+ The modified Mickey Renault memorial logo honours their captain forever, but the addition of the W alternate logo to the bottom where the 18 was makes it more suitable as a primary instead of a shoulder patch
+ Good execution

- I agree with what BPoe said about the template, although here it's not too bad, but since TC mentioned he's switching templates it's all good
- The red pants on the red jersey is a tough one, I don't love it, but navy would mean too much navy on the white, and since whites are home in the OHL, it's fine by me, but a blue helmet would look better
-Another way to fix the colour balancing might be white numbers on the red jersey and red numbers on the white jersey, but the balancing isn't bad per-sey, just odd

Rating: 8.5/10 COTW Nom from me!

Team Canada Concepts (By: Brook F.)

+ Love the idea of the maple leaf under the Canada script, keeps it from looking college, but still has that classic look to it similar to the Winnipeg Falcons jersey in a way
+ Striping is solid
+ Good execution

- I'm not sure why, but the double red isn't really doing it for me here, especially on the white jersey, where the cuffs would look better if they were the lighter red, but black or even gold would look better
- The numbers here are a little too Maple Leafs like with that outline on them (even though I know they aren't the pre-edge Leafs numbers)
- Shoulder patch is just a repeat of the primary logo, I'm usually in favour of shoulder patches over none, but if you really wanted a leaf on the sides of the jersey, the arms would have been a better place

Rating: 8/10

Team USA Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ There's a lot of good ideas here, particularly in the striping and colour balancing
+ The stars in the arm striping remind me of the 1998 USA team's awesome shoulder patch, but done in a less 1998 way
+ The edits to the old USA logo are done very well
+ Great execution

-I appreciate what Brooks did with the Eagle logo, but it's probably one of my least favourite logos hockey USA uses. Again he's done it very well, but purely on a preference level, I would have used the WCoF shield or the USA font we're so used to
- Flag shoulder patches are a huge no no from me (Stupid Calgary), and I totally get why Brooks put them there, but they remind me too much at best of the EA Sports jerseys because the NHL games don't have the IIHF individual licenses and at worst like a certain NHL team who's very bad for keeping flags on their shoulders (and their farm teams)

Rating: 8.5/10

St. John's Ice Caps QMJHL Concepts (By: ME/Jets96)

It's my concept so it's automatically a 10....kind of. With the loss of the AHL Ice Caps, it only makes sense the QMJHL's Maritime Division should regain their Newfoundland team for the first time in a decade with the IceCaps acting like the Bulldogs and moving down to the CHL from the AHL. Striping pattern is meant to kind of mimic the script on the logo and yeah...tell me if you like it or not in the comments.


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Chase A. Carlson said...

Lucas D's Stars concept for COTW


Second Lucas D's Stars for COTW

Unknown said...

Third Lucas D's Dallas Stars concept for COTW. That logo is pure brilliance, combining two eras of Stars history in a great clean look.

JJ Anderes said...

Lucas D's Stars for COTW.

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