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Welcome to another HJC Monday post!

After taking a bit of a hiatus of making concepts after switching to Mac in 2014, over the past month of so, I've been making concepts regularly again, updating old ones and redoing my earliest works from 6 years ago. In going through them, I noticed i had a lot of unfinished concepts, many of them from leagues where a lot of high quality logos were missing and I abandoned them since I didn't have the tools to work with in 2014 when I was using Paint and Word to make concepts. So today I put out a challenge for you, the artists, for more concepts from these leagues.

CIS USports- For those who don't know, Canada has its own version of the NCAA, though not nearly as popular (better football playoff layout though ;) ). Divided into four regional conferences: (Ontario (OUA), Québec (RSEQ), Atlantic Canada (AUS) and Western Canada (CanadaWest)), there are well over 50 teams with redesign needs ranging from simple jerseys to full on rebrand. There's lots of work to be done, and many of these teams have worn horrible jerseys, so even if you're still just finding your footing in the concept world you will still be able to design concepts better than what the team actually wore. Hell, Dalhousie wore a whole set two year ago that was a black and yellow Turdbuger....YEAAHHH.... We get a lot of solid NCAA concepts, so if that's your thing, why not give USports a try?

WHL (AHL level)- The WHL is where the Vancouver Canucks got the idea for the script over their logo, the Johnny Canuck logo, where the Denver Spurs lasted more than on year, the Phoenix RoadRunners, Moose Jaw Warriors, Kelowna Rockets, Prince George Cougars, California Golden Seals and San Diego Gulls all began, and a tap os inspiration for fauxbacks and Seattle expansion teams. Would be nice to see some concepts for a team like the Edmonton Flyers, LA Blades or even the Portland Buckaroos.

Obscure (to hockey) NCAA teams- Now this is all dependent on what logos this team uses (unless you wanna design your own, in with case do it). For those who don't know, unlike football, most NCAA schools don't have a varsity hockey team, hence why you usually see the same 12ish teams competing, almost all of them from New England or Central North. Of course a Boston College or North Dakota concept is always appreciated, but why not the Kansas Jayhawks? Or the Oakland Golden Grizzlies? Or the Stetson Hatters? Some teams will have logos that are nearly unusable, but you'll surely find one worth doing, and hopefully that school has a successful ______ball program for you to draw inspiration from.

Voting for this week features both the weekly COTW vote and the monthly June COTY vote, where June's best will face-off for one ultimate showdown to see who moves on to the 2nd quarter match up later this month versus May and April's best.

Also a reminder for the 8 still in the HJC Open, your entries are once again due Tuesday at noon EST! Don't forget it, we've already had one missed deadline and that's one too many for any hope of winning the open!

HJC Quarter Finals entries (due Tuesday @ noon EST)
COTW June 30- July 6 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)
COTW June vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)

On with today's concepts!


Charlottetown Islanders QMJHL Concept (By: Anthony C.)

+ Despite the simplicity in the striping, it is an improvement over the current gold jersey's basic 2007ish edge striping similar to the Dallas Stars old edge jerseys
+ Now that the Islanders actually use their primary logo on their home and road, I'm not totally against the diagonal script the team used for their first two seasons
+ Good execution, but missing much of the CHL branding.

- By CHL branding, I mean the QMJHL logo on the right upper chest, the CCM (not Reebok) logos on the back of the yoke and upper left chest, and the CHL logo on the bottom of the back of the hem
- NOB is much too large
- The Islander script is slightly too large
- No helmet logos or numbers

Rating: 7.5/10

HC Bolzano-Bozen CHL/EBEL Concepts (By: Cody R.)

+ Based on what I've seen, the Foxes have never really used dark grey in their jerseys, and this is a nice addition to the colour scheme that helps bring out the logo
+ I wouldn't think a chest stripe would work with Penguins style striping, but it sure does
+ Proper league logo
+ Good execution

- The red and grey should be swapped on the white jersey's arms, socks and hem stripe to help balance the colours more
- While I'm sure in the real Champion's League, the jersey would have plenty of adverts on the shoulders, a patch would fill it nicely
- Wish the chest stripe went around all the way, which would make this concept looks a little less like "a recoloured Pens jersey with a chest stripe on one side"

Rating: 7.75/10

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ The arm striping is perfect as is, and I'm glad to see the red jersey has the matching stripes they should have had in 2013
+Also glad the hem stripe is the hurricane stripe in classic Hurricanes form
+ Good execution

- Would have preferred the new font for the numbers
- There's one too many stripes around the hurricane flag stripes above it. The main problem with it is the classic "same pattern on both jersey" that rarely works, and the white jersey does it a little better since there isn't the dead space between in
- Really would have like to have a shoulder patch (hurricane flag?!)

Rating: 7.5/10

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Christian L.)

+ The updated logo does a lot better of a job than the original logo update did of moving away from the skull outline overly complete logo, and to something that looks like a sabre tooth tiger would when it was alive, I really like this update and I might use it in a concept (all credit to you of course, Christian).
+ Striping is similar to what the Preds have chosen to wear, but with a lot better hem stripes and fuller arm stripes
+ Thank you for putting the patch on both the shoulders
+ Great execution

- Would have liked to see the gear included with this concept
- The colour balancing on the white jersey, while very accurate to what the Preds would likely do, looks off to see, even just making the numbers yellow would make a huge difference
- They aren't the worse thing, but the number edits made are meh

Rating: 8.75/10, COTW Nom From Me!

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Anthony G.)

+ Wow, the one thing I will say is that this number update looks really solid, the guitar string striping looks really great
+ Good colour balancing on the white jersey
+ Glad the striping on the chest continues all the way around
+ Good execution

- I totally get that this is a what if concept, where realism takes priority over, but having the shoulder patch only on the left shoulder looks terrible
- Why are the numbers on the yellow jersey white but the arms are blue and blend into the striping
- I would have preferred the arm striping on the white jersey match the yellow jersey
- Again, would be nice to see the gear

Rating: 7.25/10

Vegas Golden Knights Concept (By: Ben B.)

+ Love the look of the Golden Knights logo with a squared off yoke, it matches the top of the logo
+ Striping matches the yoke nucely
+Yoke numbers look decent
+ Basics of execution are all here

- Because there is that brief amount of white around the logo, there should be some in the logo (even just the numbers would work)
- NOB is too small and the numbers on the back are too low as well as too small
- The inside of the jersey seen through the bottom of the jersey above the curved part of the bottom should be the same colour as the inside of that part (maybe slightly darker for effect), which would be steel grey
- Socks tripes are too high
- I'm becoming more lenient on blank pants because a lot of teams did this last season (Arizona, Carolina, Colorado x2, Florida, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington) but here I think it could use the alternate logo since it isn't featured on the jersey

Rating: 5.75/10

Kootenay Ice WHL Concept (By: Anthony C.)

+ Very simple striping here, reminds me of the Stars away jersey, but the colours really make it work!
+ Solid logo choices, and again with the colour scheme these logos look great
+ Love the layout
+ Aside from one obvious thing, good execution

- Look at the hem stripe on the left, then the centre...and then the back....folks, remember to check your concepts
- Not really a fan of the black NOB against the black yoke without an outline
- If you want the black on the cuffs, put it under the hem striping too
- There's something up with the pant striping where the left side of the jersey the front stripe is white while on the right side it's blue on all 3 mock ups

Rating: 6.75/10


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Lucas D. said...

2nd Christian for COTW.

Tederifico said...

Striping aside, the Kootenay Ice concept is COTW nominee for me!

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