Friday: Panthers and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Whoever said no news is good news obviously never worked as a writer.  We're in the middle of the offseason, which means there's nothing really new to report, so I'll just go straight into voting news.

This week we have the normal COTW voting for July 14-20, which ends Friday at noon EST.  We're also into the final round of the HJC Open!  Entries for the two finalists are due Tuesday at noon EST, and voting on the final round will end Friday at noon EST.  Congratulations to the two finalists, Jake M. and HJC's own Brendan P. (aka BPoe), and to everyone who participated in the open this year.

HJC Open Finals entries (due Tuesday @ noon EST)
COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)

Now on to the concepts!

Anthony C.- Vegas Golden Knights

Our first concept of the day is Anthony C.'s design for the Vegas Golden Knights.  At first glance, I was wondering where the red went, but then I saw that you eliminated it from the shoulder patch, so it actually works well.  I like the contrasting arms, and the simplistic striping was the right choice.  While I do like the choice of gold as a dominant color, I would have liked to have seen more of the steel grey in this set.  I might have gone with the alternate logo on the pants, as the main logo blends into the breezers a little too much.  As for execution, I'm very happy that you've started giving us a look at the back of the jersey.  The only error I can see is lack of numbers on the white helmet.  Final verdict: a well executed, good looking set for the Golden Knights.  9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!

Ben B.- Anaheim Ducks

I love the return of jade and eggplant to the Ducks' color scheme, it's what I grew up with, and I think it's miles ahead of the current gold, orange, and black.  I also love the Wild Wing mask logo and the striping pattern used here, which is continued on the breezers.  While I do like the recoloring of the logo on the white jersey, the yellow sticks on the dark set is out of place, as it's nowhere else in the uniforms.  While I do like the Ducks' font for their current set, I'm not sure if it works well with this identity.  The sleeve stripes are way too high up on the arm, which forces the TV numbers up until they're almost in the yoke.  The name on the back is too close to the yoke, and the numbers are a little too low, especially with the hem stripe so far up.  Also, while you've recolored the logos on the jerseys, you use the original on the helmets, which creates three different color schemes for the logo, making it just way too confusing.  Final verdict: a good idea, but a lot of execution errors hold this one back.  5/10

Christian L.- Nashville Predators

Our next concept is Christian L.'s design for the Nashville Predators.  Right off the bat, it's a vast improvement over the Preds' current rain slicker jerseys.  I like the striping pattern, but I might have gone with all white striping on the yellow jersey to bring make it more consistent across the two and help the color balance.  I love that you put the shoulder patch on both shoulders, it's a great logo and I've never understood why they only put it on one.  While I appreciate the work you put into making a new logo, I'm not sure that I like it more than what they currently use.  As for execution, the logo on the breezers is a little too close to the inner thigh, the name on the back is a little high, and the TV numbers are too big.  Final verdict: a good set, but some execution errors detract from it.  8.5/10

Ethan B.- Milwaukee Bucks

Ethan brings us what I believe is the first entry in an NBA series, this one for the Milwaukee Bucks.  I really like this color scheme on a hockey uniform, even if some might think that a team from Wisconsin being so similar to the Wild's color scheme is sacrilege.  I like the striping pattern, and the roundel logo in the arm striping looks really good.  The logos area little pixelated, especially the one on the dark set.  The socks should have striping that better matches the arms, not the breezers.  I've never been a fan of numbers on the shoulders, and I think with the logo in the striping you could still get away with TV numbers on the arms.  As for execution, the inside of the bottom of the jerseys should be green on the light set and vintage white on the dark set, and the name on the back is a little too high.  Final verdict: a decent design, but basic execution errors detract.  7/10

Jets96- Florida Panthers

Our next concept comes to us from our very own Jets96, this one for the Florida Panthers.  I like this as an idea for a third, it pays homage to their home uniforms from 2011-2016, but with the new, cleaner, jumping panther logo.  Solid striping pattern, and I like that you didn't go with the full length yoke.  Love that you bucked the Panthers' normal shoulder numbers, that's a design that I wish would unceremoniously disappear.  I like their usual arm patches on the breezers, but I would have gone with the shield logo on the helmet.  Not a big fan of the gloves, and I'm not sure what your fascination lately with a different colored cuff on the breezers has been about.  Final verdict: a very good design overall, but there are some questionable design choices that detract.  8/10

Lucas D.- Florida Panthers

Lucas D. brings us our second Panthers concept of the day.  This one seems to be based on the flag of the state of Florida. I give you points for creativity, but I'm not a huge fan of this design.  The jersey is entirely red and white, yet uses a logo that is predominantly blue and gold, and it just doesn't work.  The numbers work okay on the back of the red jersey, but are almost unreadable on the back of the white one.  Without shoulder patches, it just kind of looks bare up top.  In terms of execution, I actually really like your presentation, so good job there.  Also, you put Jagr on the back, and that makes me want to cry.  Final verdict: a bold design choice, but it just doesn't pay off.  6/10

Ryan C.- Boston Bruins

Our final concept of the day is Ryan C.'s design for the Boston Bruins.  Ryan seems to be taking design cues from the Bruins' most recent third uniform, with inverted color  and a chest stripe.  While I like the design as a third, I'm not sure I would want to see it as a main set.  The spoked B is too iconic of a logo not to be used as the main crest on the primary set.  I do like the striping pattern, I think it would be better suited as a hem stripe, as there's already one Original 6 team with a chest stripe who might take exception to it.  The bruins have such a great yoke that I hate to see it eliminated, but I think it's the right decision if you're going with a chest stripe.  I really don't like the "BRUINS" wordmark as the logo on the breezers.  Literally any other logo of theirs would have worked better (yes, I'm including Winnie the Bruin, that's how much I hate it).  Final verdict: not a bad design for a third, but definitely nothing I'd want to see replace the current set.  7/10

That's all for me today, see y'all next Friday!
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Unknown said...

Jets' FLA alt for COTW

Matt G said...

I normally can't stand seeing flags on jerseys, but I think what Lucas did would be a nice alternate set for the panthers. Cotw nom.

winnipegjets96 said...

I have to admit part of making my Panthers fauxback was to prove it wasn't that great, but I have grown to love it and want it in 2018, thanks for the COTW nom, Taylor and hopefully whomst've ever 2nds me

Unknown said...

I'll second Lucas's Florida for COTW.

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