Wednesday: Salute to Service

Outside of the action on the ice, it's been an uneventful week here at HJC, so why don't I go straight to the *checks email notification*.... TO THE BREAKING NEWS!

BREAKING NEWS: The Quad City Mallards have reached out to Ryan yet again. They are looking for a specialty warm-up jersey to honor the armed forces of the United States. If you would like to help with this, create your concept and email it in to concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com.

COMPETITIONS: The HJC Open is coming closer which means we have logos for the Open coming in. Get yours in soon!


Taylor R:

VOTES: Concept of the Week only this week. But don't you dare slack off.


 COTW May 26 - June 1 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 HJC Open Logo entries (due Friday @ noon ET) 


Anthony C: Florida Panthers Concept

One of the biggest criticisms of the Panthers redesign was the lack of blue on the red jerseys and a weird balance of red and blue on the white jersey. The other was the alternate logos on the sleeve and not on the shoulder, where the numbers were. This concept solves that with a few criticisms. First, I did like the new font the Panthers use and to see it gone here is saddening. The gold up against the white isn't the best look in my opinion as it blends in. I also think the cuff coloring is extremely unnecessary. Helmet and pant logos?

Rating: 78%

Anthony C: Team Germany Concept

Genius striping pattern on this concept. Especially the white jersey, because of the simple two stripes combined with the black upper arm creates the German flag pattern that is hidden on the black jersey. Maybe swap the logos?

Rating: 95%

Jets96: Chilliwack Bruins (WHL) Concept

Jets revives the Chilliwack Bruins (now the Victoria Royals) for today and gives them a nice look that is primarily maroon instead of black and Vegas gold like their original looks, which seemed like Penguins jerseys with the gold and black reversed. On the main set, you have an awkward stripe below the main set of stripes. On the alternate, you have the Vegas gold against white. I'll have to take a hard pass on this one. Also I would try to have the head alone as a primary logo, since the crossed hockey sticks idea is cheesy. And while I will apologize to the folks in Chilliwack, the Royals look better overall.

Rating: 78%

Jordan R: Hartford Whalers Concept

The wavy striping is a great modern take on the classic look of the Whalers. It flows very well with the logo. I also love that alternate logo you use. As good as Pucky the Whale is, the H and harpoon logo you have here is brilliant. Maybe flip the socks on the green jersey upside down?

Rating: 97%

Justin B: Team USA (IIHF) Concept

I like the Eagle head logo you have here, but  there are a couple of issues I feel I need to point out. First, the trim not matching between the hem and cuffs does not look good. Second, the shoulder logos are a tad large. Third, that striping is obnoxiously thick, especially on the socks. Fourth, the logo is a bit pixelated.

Rating: 68%

Ryan C: Florida Panthers Concept

These logos are massive. a bit uncharacteristic from Ryan here, plus with the logos and back name and numbers off-center. No issue with no font trim on the white jersey but maybe a bit of navy trim on the red jersey would work. Sub-par for even your own standards.

Rating: 60%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



The series is now tied between Pittsburgh and Nashville. Game 5 is tomorrow, so have fun. Also get your questions in so we can get a podcast going for you in 11 days. I'll see you after the final or in advance of GAME 7!!! Bye!
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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

If you could relocate any NHL team, which would it be and where would you relocate it to?
What are your thoughts on the current alignment of the NHL, specifically the unbalanced Conferences and Divisions, the overpowered Metropolitan Division, and the current playoff format?
Which team of the 13 teams that announced they'll be getting new jerseys next year are you most excited for?
Wouldn't it suck if I just ended this comment in the middle of nowhe...

Unknown said...

Personally, I'd relocate the Hurricanes to Charlotte. It's a larger city than Raleigh, in addition to sitting right at the NC-SC border. Don't you want fans from both states?

I don't really see much wrong with the alignment aside from the unbalancing. Add a second expansion team in the West, such as Seattle or Portland, and you're good. Alternatively, add a team in the East, like Quebec, and move Detroit back to the West.

As for new jerseys, I'm most excited for Ottawa. Maybe they'll actually use gold in them this time!

Lastly, Jordan's Whalers for COTW.

Unknown said...

I have a podcast question:
Of the teams that SportsLogos.net said were changing looks next year, what do you expect those teams to do and what do want them do?
What teams not mentioned were you hoping would?

TC Moore said...

I'll second the Whalers concept for COTW. Love the striping that mirrors the logo.

Alan John Herbert said...

Jordan R's Hartford Whalers Concept for the COTW.

Podcast Question:
New Jersey Devils getting a new look. Something, or Nothing?

Witch two teams looks better in Orange. Anaheim Ducks, or Edmonton Oilers?

With the Vegas Golden Knights debuting 2017-18 season could this be a death blow for the Coyotes being in Arizona down the road?

FC Macbeth said...

Podcast Question:

1. If you have the ability to create one NHL team (and own it), which city is it going to be, what team name would you give and why do you choose it?

2. Which NHL team has the worst team name in your own opinion? And which team has the best team name?

3. How would you feel if somebody hit you hard with a slapshot? (ie. Any body part, really)

4. Physical Hockey or Skill-based Hockey?

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Alan, I think Vegas will be good for Arizona because it give them a rival, and rivalries build legacies. I mean, whose their current rival? Dallas? LA? Winnipeg?

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