Tuesday: TODAY'S THE DAY!!!!!

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! Today is a very special day, as Adidas is unveiling all 31 home jerseys! We unfortunately won't see anything until 5pm PT/6MT/7CT/9ET (Not including leaks, however, and as mentioned below, the Blue Jackets home jersey was leaked earlier). 
*** Edit by Ryan ***
The website 1st Ohio Battery released an image depicting the Columbus Blue Jackets home Adidas jersey. It looks good so I decided to make an Adidas template based on it. Here is a MS Paint and Paint.net friendly version (also Photoshop friendly, but what isn't?).
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Now I'm going to recap all that we know based off teasers and leaks! No change= No change except template change

Anaheim Ducks-No change
Arizona Coyotes- Collar will change to black, otherwise no change
Boston Bruins- Name will be reduced to single outline, possibly squared off shoulder yoke
Buffalo Sabres- Royal blue rumors were false, Navy and grey will stay, piping and pit stains could be possibly removed
Calgary Flames- No throwback colors, Flags still as shoulder patches. Piping possibly removed.
Carolina Hurricanes- No visible changes, Most likely just a template change, but there could be a possibility of more changes. (I'm a little more hopeful as they're also unveiling their road jersey on Friday, which leads me to believe that there are bigger changes coming)
Chicago Blackhawks- No change
Colorado Avalanche- Collar is silver, the Reebox is filled in with blue, and the yoke is outlined in silver. We also know that the shoulder patches will be the Colorado "C". The jerseys will also be maroon, and there is no Navy present from the teasers.
Columbus Blue Jackets- Collar will change, as well as possibly the font and leaks have show that pretty much everything else will stay the same
Dallas Stars- No change
Detroit Red Wings- No change 
Edmonton Oilers- Royal blue to Navy, name is reversed from last year's alt
Florida Panthers- No change
LA Kings- Collar to silver, hem stripes are a maybe
Minnesota Wild- Going green at home with a chest stripe, as well as the "M" patch on the shoulders
Montreal Canadiens- No change
Nashville Predators- Ditching the fang collar and piping
New Jersey Devils- Collar change from teaser, also heard the rumor that the tail stripes could be disappearing 
New York Islanders- No change
New York Rangers- No change
Ottawa Senators- No change is what I've heard.  (Which is rather disappointing) 
Philadelphia Flyers- No change
Pittsburgh Penguins- No change
St. Louis Blues- No change
San Jose Sharks- Added new shoulder patch, possibly a lighter shade of teal
Tampa Bay Lighting- No change
Toronto Maple Leafs- No change
Vancouver Canucks- No change
Washington Capitals- No change
Winnipeg Jets- No change
The bottom there does start to get boring, but we'll see tonight! 

Also we have the regular COTW voting, as well as the Open comp! Get those in by Friday! 

COTW June 9-15 ends Friday
HJC Open Round Robin entries due Friday

On to the concepts!


Anthony C.- Boston Bruins (NHL)
Anthony starts us off today with his concept for the Boston Bruins! 
  • I like the simple and traditional striping pattern!
  • I also like the one toned names, and single outlined numbers!
  •  The black jersey has nice color balance, but the white jersey is a little off. Losing the shoulder yokes does that
  • I'd also like to see socks. Socks are a very important part of the uniform, and can greatly influence the color balance
  • You're also missing the NHL shield on the collar insert
My rating: A decent Bruins set, that reminds me of the Seabass, ahem, I mean Neely era sweaters. 7.5/10

Anthony C.- New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Next up is Anthony's Devil's concept! 
  • I like the old color scheme! 
  • I also like the striping pattern on the road jersey
  • I also like the red helmet!
  • I don't like how the jersey's striping pattern doesn't match from the home to the road
  • I'd also like to see socks. Socks are a very important part of the uniform, and can greatly influence the color balance
  • You're also missing the NHL shield on the collar insert
 My rating: I like the throwback-esque feel to it, but a few things are missing. 7.5/10

Anthony C.- Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) 
Anthony's third concept of the day is for the Maple Leafs! 
  •  I like the striping pattern on the arms! 
  • Good logo choice! 
  • I like the idea of the tail stripes pushed all the way to the bottom
  • The tail stripe should still reflect the arm stripes, even if it's pushed all the way to the bottom.
  • I'd also like to see socks. Socks are a very important part of the uniform, and can greatly influence the color balance
  • You're also missing the NHL shield on the collar insert
My rating: A classic look for the Maple Leafs, but a few things could be improved. 8/10

Burkus Circus- Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Burkus Circus now gets in on the action, and shows off his Hawks concept! 
  • Good logo choice!
  • I like the white shoulder yoke!
  • The logo is a little big
  • The striping pattern also adds a little too much white...
  • I'd also like to see equipment with this jersey
My rating: It's a decent jersey for the Hawks, but it's not outstanding... 7/10

Burkus Circus- Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)
Burkus's second concept of the day is for the Blue Jackets!
  • I like the Ohioan striping pattern! 
  • I also like the return of the golf cap (ha) logo! 
  • The addition of silver was also a good idea! 
  • I love the collar! 
  • I don't like the silver at the bottom of the hem, it should have just mimicked the other stripes.
  • Equipment? Would the Jackets wear their red breezers with these? Or would it be a special blue pair?
My rating: A great Blue Jackets concept! I would love to see this take the ice! 8.5/10

Burkus Circus- Dallas Stars (NHL)
The Dallas Stars take center ice on Burkus's third concept! 
  •  I like the striping pattern! It combines the Stars original Edge look, with an old North Stars prototype
    • That's where the "STARS" wordmark comes from
  •  I also like the number font! 
  • The green stars on the side of the hem are also a nice touch!
  • Even though faux shoulder yoke piping usually doesn't work, it fits here, as it matches well with the striping pattern!
  •  The logo is very dark, and would be very hard to see in the upper deck. A white logo would have worked much better. 
My rating: A great jersey that combines the history of the Stars franchise! 8/10

Burkus Circus- Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
Burkus's last concept of the day is for the Detroit Red Wings! 
  •  I like the main crest choice! 
  • I also like that you kept the arched nameplates! 
  • I also like the idea of the reversed sleeves! 
  • The tie down also looks great!
  • I'm not sure why an older winged wheel is the shoulder patch... The current logo would have been just fine
  • Also, the stripes on the hem and socks should have been just a single white stripe. The white jersey has the reversed sleeves, but has a single red stripe on the sock and hem. 
  • Also, the sleeve cuffs are unnecessary, as the gloves will cover it up... 
 My rating: A good idea for a Red Wings alt, but a few design choices hold it back... 8/10

Anthony C.- Windsor Spitfires (OHL; CHL)  
The last concept of the day goes to Anthony, and his Spitfires concept! 
  •  Well right off the bat, you have a normal striping pattern, so it's already better than the Spitfires current jerseys!
  •  I like red as the main color for the home jersey! 
  • I also really like the striping pattern on the third jersey, as well as it's logo
  • Reversing the shoulder and chest logo on the main jerseys would have looked better. 
  • I also don't like the "WINDSOR" wordmark in the alt's stripes. 
  • The collars on the two main jerseys don't look good. That extra colored in part around the tie down is pointless...
My rating: A great update for the Spitfires, and excellent presentation, but a few design choices hold this back. 8/10


 Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: TODAY'S THE DAY!!!!! Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on June 20, 2017 Rating: 5


FC Macbeth said...

Chase, your text is too small for me to read. Can you increase its size the next time you post another one? Also, can somebody please design a straighten-up sleeve version of Adidas's new jersey design? It might be pretty cool.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Same as above. Also, if that is the Jackets' new uniform, it's extremely disappointing. All changes bad, and I dont like the lack of changes either. It's simply a template change.

Also, I used the old wheel because it allowed me to make the logo "bigger". And I've liked the smaller wheel since I knew that it existed.

Unknown said...

Yeah I'd like to see a straight arm version of the adidas template too.

Burkus Circus' Detroit Red Wings concept for Concept of the Week

Unknown said...

Predators jersey is but ugly

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Thanks Vaughn for the nomination!

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