Tuesday: Adidas, SHOW ME THE JERSEYS!!!!!!

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! 

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Adidas released a TON of teaser images for all the dark home jerseys next year! There's not a whole lot that we learned from those teaser images, but there were some interesting things! 
What We Knew Prior:
-Oilers in Navy and Orange
-Wild to go Green
-Many other teams changing
What We Found Out:
-The Minnesota Wild will have a chest stripe!
This is stunning to me! We've heard from the Wild's beat writer from the Star Tribune, that they are supposed to be similar to the Stadium Series jersey. So to me, I have a feeling that it will be a Red stripe on top of a wheat stripe, a la the Senators third jersey...
But if it doesn't look like that, I hope that it's the current striping pattern just moved up to the chest... 

-The Vegas Golden Knights will have slate grey sweaters! 
We also can see that the logo has extra stitching on it, to add an extra design to it! I think it's a nice touch, but I would not hope to see this in print... That's much harder to do while keeping the same colors... 

-We know the Avs will stay with Burgundy and their original logo
-The Ottawa Senators will stay with Red jerseys and the current logo
-The Sabres royal blue rumors are false, they will keep the Navy and silver
-Calgary will NOT be going retro, as they're keeping black in the logo
-St. Louis will stay with Navy in their color scheme
-New Jersey is keeping the black, and not returning to the Olive Green
-All logos will also have the same material as the jerseys in the logo. They all look fantastic!
Well we also have our regular COTW votes, as well as the HJC Open logo vote going on! 

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On to the concepts!


Anthony C.- Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL; CHL)
First up we have Anthony's Mooseheads concept! 
  • I like that it's a mixture of the Moosehead's old alt. and the current alt. with the striping pattern on the shoulders! 
  • Your Memorial Day alt also keeps the overall feel of the current alt with the white shoulder yoke
  • I LOVE the vintage collar on the alt!
  • The main jerseys NEED tail stripes... 
  • The numbers on the white jersey should be green with a red outline... The home jersey is mostly green, so the color balance would work out better then...
  • While I like the poppy for the Memorial Day alt, it would have worked better as shoulder patches. There's no reason to move the Captain's patch over to the wrong side for a Memorial Day patch... 
  • Also I'd like to see socks...
My rating: These would be a great look for the Mooseheads! Much better than Wild clones... But a few design choices are holding this back... 8/10

Anthony C.- Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL)
Next up is another concept by Anthony, this one is for the Grand Rapids Griffins!
  • I like the simplified striping pattern on the regular sweaters! 
  • I also like the red collar on the black jersey
  • I like that you removed the contrasting nameplate on the white jersey
  • The logos on the Alt jersey should be flipped to add a little more differentiation to the logos...
  • You unfortunately removed most of the good elements in this set... 
    • You took out the black shoulder yoke on the white jersey
    • You also gave them black equipment... The Red Wings equipment made their look unique, and worked really well
  • This alt is REALLY close to the alt you have on the set that I reviewed earlier... Try and mix it up a little more...
My rating: You really simplified an already great set, and didn't make it much better... 7.5/10

Brooks F.- Calgary Flames (NHL 90's series)
Brooks takes us back in time, MAN! Back to the RADZ NINETIES.
  • The idea for the sweaters is fantastic! 
  • The font also works great! 
  • Good logo choice! 
  • The pattern of the flames should mimic the Flames logo (Like this) more than flame tape...
  • The collar on the Red jersey looks a little off with that much white
  • TV numbers are also a little small
My rating: A fantastic 90's style for the Flames! I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the Flames at one time had this as an idea! But I would still like to see the flames closer to the Flames logo... 8.5/10

Brooks F.- Colorado Avalanche (NHL 90's series)
Brooks continues his 90's series with an actual 90's team the Colorado Avalanche!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snowcapped mountains! That's absolutely genius!
  • I also like the return of the Yeti foot! 
  • The Maroon equipment also looks good
  • I also like the collars!
  • The extra grey outline on the white jersey clutters up the striping a little
  • You also forgot an outline on the Maroon jersey's upper right TV number...
  • I would also like to see gloves, to see how the color balances out there... 
My rating: If the Avs came out with this on the 20th, it would be their best look ever! This breaks the bounds of the 90's! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Jets96- Denver Cutthroats (Central Hockey League Defunct)
Jets gets the next one with a concept for the now defunct Denver Cutthroats!
  • I like the colored upper sleeve pattern! 
  •  Good logo choice! 
  • The numbers could use a little red...
  • The green equipment also doesn't work the best. It should be blue...
My rating: A decent concept, but it leaves much to be desired... 6.5/10

Jets96- Pitt Panthers (NCAA) 
Jets also gets the next concept for the University of Pittsburgh Panthers!
  • I like the striping pattern for the most part...
  • Good logo choice
  • The black is definitely BFBS, and way to forced. You also don't include it in everything, like the socks or logos... You just randomly added black pretty much wherever. 
  • The drop shadow numbers also don't work well. Normal block numbers would have worked much better...
My rating: The black looks randomly thrown on, and isn't consistent... 5/10

Noah B.- Columbus Blue Jackets-Crew (NHL City Mash-up)
Noah gets the next couple of concepts that are City Mash-ups! This is for the City of Columbus!
  •  I like all the little details included in here! The socks pattern doesn't match anything else, just like the Blue Jackets! 
  • The checkered pattern looks great! 
  • The black and yellow jerseys are good choices, reflecting the Crew's uniforms!
  • The pants don't exactly match the Blue Jackets... I get that this a little harder to do, but... 
My rating: A great crossover! 8.5/10

Noah B.- Detroit Red Wings-Tigers (NHL City Mash-up)
Noah adds another NHL city mash-up with Detroit!
  • I love the striping pattern drawn from the spoon piping on the Tigers home jersey! 
  • I also love the subtle amount of orange on the gloves and collars!
  • I also like the choice to use the Tigers Cap logo, and not the Jersey logo... 
  • I would have liked to see a little orange on one of the logos. I'm not sure how you'd interpret which one is home and road, as baseball is the opposite of hockey in that way...
  • I also would have liked to see the Red Wings logo in Orange on the shoulders. That way it would have been close to the normal colors, but would have still matched these uniforms...   
  • The stripes are also a little thin to be striping...
My rating: Another great crossover, but a few things are off... 8.5/10

Phil B.- Canada (IIHF)
Phil gets the last two concepts of the day, both international teams! First up is Canada!
  • I like the elimination of black! 
  • The white upper sleeve on the red jersey works surprisingly well! 
  • The double outline on everything is unnecessary. It really clutters up everything... Most teams with two main colors shouldn't have double outlines... Just look at the Leafs... 
My rating: A good Canadian concept, but that double outline really hurts... 7/10

Phil B.- United States of America (IIHF) 
Last but not least, we have Phil's USA concept!
  •  The chest stripe from the flag looks great! 
  • I also like the huge stars on the shoulders!
  • The socks that are like the Capitals old socks actually work really well here!
  •  Each sweater needs more blue... 
  • I also don't really like the red jersey... Blue seems to fit the Americans better
  • The white jersey should also have blue numbers, not white...
My rating: A very different direction for the Americans, but it does look good! 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: Adidas, SHOW ME THE JERSEYS!!!!!! Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on June 13, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Noah's Blue Jackets-Crew jersey for COTW

FC Macbeth said...

Noah's Blue Crew and Red Tigers, eh? I gotta admit, his Blue Jackets-Crew Concept is goddamn sick! COTW!

TC Moore said...

Love the Crew concept, but the snow on the mountains caps it for me (pun intended). I'll second Brooks' Avs concept.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

COTW nom to brooks' Flames. I'd buy that!

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