Tuesday: Adidas Recap and Review

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! As we all know, Adidas unveiled all of the Home sweaters in a big event last week. A few teams have already shared their road jerseys, and most have stayed the same... We still have yet to see the Preds and Oilers road jerseys, which will probably have the biggest changes. 

I'm going to share my review of all the jerseys. You're probably sick of these, but I believe this is the last one... 

Here's Adidas's photo of all the jerseys... (Don't ask me why it's not alphabetical) (Via Barstool sports)


Montreal Canadiens-I like the blue added to the collar, but the collar sucks in general. The tie downs make it worse 8.5/10 
Ottawa Senators- No change? TERRIBLE. Also the font is a slight downgrade. 5.5/10 
Florida Panthers- No major change. Collar with the tie-down doesn't look that bad... 
Toronto Maple Leafs- Collar not wrapping all the way around is dumb... 8/10
Tampa Bay Lightning- Same as Toronto...I think the road looks cleaner now, but I like the "Tampa Bay" wordmark above the logo. It separates them from the Leafs... 7/10
Boston Bruins- WHO THE HECK GOT RID OF GOLD SOCKS?!?!?!?!?!? 7/10
Buffalo Sabres- No piping? YES! Still Navy? And silver? Uggh. Front numbers? WHAT THE HECK??? 6.5/10
Detroit Red Wings- Not a single stitch changed 10/10!!!! 

Pittsburgh Penguins- Screwed up the collar. Downgrade 7.5/10
Columbus Blue Jackets- I love the font upgrade! The sock pattern is also interesting. No major changes though... 7/10 Still no road jersey
Carolina Hurricanes- Storm Warning Flags? Check. Black? Check. 10/10? Check. (Wait a minute... No changes on the road jersey??? Ummm ok... 9/10)
New York Rangers- Same classic sweater, but the collar sucks... 8.5/10
Washington Capitals- What's so special about 2007? Huge opportunity to change and nothing... 6/10 
New York Islanders- The collar is a disappointment, but the blue outline on the road logo is an upgrade! 7.5/10
New Jersey Devils- Change for the sake of Change. HUGE downgrade. 3/10
Philadelphia Flyers - No major changes... Good! 7/10


Nashville Predators- LOL Wut? It looks like a Walmart Knock off you'd buy for your kid who has no idea it's not real... Huge downgrade... 4/10 (No road jersey yet)
Colorado Avalanche- Biggest winner! They actually did something right! I LOVE the mountain pattern. And the Colorado "C" patch fits with the branding better than the Yeti foot actually... But the road jersey not including the steel blue is a little odd... 8.5/10
Chicago Blackhawks- No Change, except for the collar... 9/10
Minnesota Wild- I was very pleasantly surprised at how good these are! The mismatched stripes actually work really well somehow! The whole look is very vintage! 9/10
St. Louis Blues- I really like the white numbers. It's really a change for the sake of changing, but it does look good! The St. Louis Flag hanger effect is also nice. 8/10
Dallas Stars- No major changes, and the collar doesn't look as bad as others. But the "Victory Green" collar insert is dumb. Saying "Stars" or "Dallas" worked much better... 8/10
Winnipeg Jets- Again no major changes. Collar isn't as messed up as others. I'm still hoping that they fix the white jersey's socks, but I'm not holding my breath... 7/10

Vegas Golden Knights- Fantastic first look! Much better than I would have guessed! Although the equipment might mess it up a little. The lack of Black on the road jerseys is a bit odd however... Jerseys- 9/10
Full uniform set- 7.5/10 
Los Angeles Kings- A little more silver added to the collar, but not much else changed. A terrible choice not to add a hem stripe to match the road jersey... 7/10
Vancouver Canucks- Not much changed other than the collar, which is disappointing. But the sleeve stripes match the socks better which is great! 7/10
Arizona Coyotes- Collar changes to black and nothing else changes... 7.5/10
Anaheim Ducks- Collar downgraded it from a 7/10 to a 6/10
Edmonton Oilers- I like the striping pattern, although it would look better if it was closer to the blue sweater from last year with sleeve cuffs... It's also not as good as the Orange jersey from last year. So downgrade... 7/10 (Still no road jersey)
San Jose Sharks- I was super excited when I saw the new shoulder patches, but then it ended up being only new shoulder patches. No tail stripe added... 7.5/10
Calgary Flames- Garbage. Plain and simple. And while removing the piping was good, extending the side panels was not. So nothing really changed essentially. 4/10

We also have our regular COTW voting, as well as the HJC Open Comp! The entries for the next round was due today, at noon, so I hope you got those in... The voting for those will close on Friday at Noon...

COTW vote (June 23-29)
HJC Open Quarter Semi Final entries (Due Tuesday @ noon ET)

 On to the concepts!!!!!


Anthony C.- Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
Anthony starts us off with his Red Wings concept!
  • I like the 2014  Winter Classic striping pattern! I also like how it's reversed to match better
  • Keeping the arched nameplate is great! 
  • Seeing the Red Wings with white Sleeves is weird, but it looks good here
  • Where are the socks??? I can assume that they'll reflect the striping pattern on the sleeves, but you never know. I mean the Bruins (usually) have gold socks... So maybe your socks were gonna be black??? How am I supposed to know?
My rating: You included gloves, but not socks? You've been sending in concepts for quite a while now, this should be something you always include in your concepts... 7/10

Anthony C.- Minnesota Wild (NHL)
Next up we have Anthony's concept for the Minnesota Wild!
  • I like the striping pattern! 
  • The cream shoulder yoke also works well
  • The red numbers on the road jersey look great!
  • You have the Wild's logo rotated wrong. Sportslogos.net has the logo facing straight up like your logo, where it actually is rotated down a little... Like seen in the alt logo that is on Sportslogos.net  
  • The main logo also looks a little small. 
  • The cream jersey doesn't look bad, but NHL rules state that the road jersey needs a white helmet, so the dark helmet wouldn't work reallistically, and a cream helmet wouldn't look good. 
  • Again... SOCKS?????
My rating: In reality, the cream jersey probably wouldn't work, and you didn't include socks again 7/10

Burkus Circus- 2018 NHL All-Star Game in Tampa
Burkus Circus's first concept of the day is for the All Star Game next year!
  • I the overall style of each jersey!
  • I like the idea of having the East in the Bolts main colors, and the West in their secondary colors! 
  • The stars on the stripes is a great idea!
  • The stars on the black jersey should be white...
  • It would also be nice to see the East's NHL logos in blue and white... 
  • I would like to see some equipment as well...
  • The back side of these jerseys also would be nice to see, as the blue on grey doesn't work the best
  • The shade of black on the jersey is different from the NHL logo... 
My rating: The All-Star jerseys are a pretty big task to design, and these feel incomplete... There's no socks or equipment... 7.5/10

Burkus Circus- Winnipeg Jets
Burkus's next concept of the day is an alternate jersey for the Jets!
  • I really like the striping pattern! 
  • Good logo choice
  • I like the tie-down collar
  • I don't like the double grey color scheme. Using a grey and the light blue would have worked better... 
  • I also don't like the new font. The Jets current font would have looked good with this jersey.
  • Navy N&#OB don't work on a dark grey jersey... 
  • Main logo is up a little too high
My rating: A decent look, but some interesting design choices hold this back... 6.5/10

Dylan N.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
Up next is Dylan's Vegas Knights concept, from before the Knights had an identity!
  •  I really like the logos! 
  • Number font is also great!
  • The color scheme really fits the Knights identity.
  • Presentation is fantastic! 
  • I love the chevron sleeve pattern! 
  • I don't like how the sock pattern doesn't match the sleeve pattern... It shouldn't be angled on the sock, but it should match a little better... 
  • I'd also like to see the dark jersey for this... 
My rating: Great presentation for a identity that matches the current Knights pretty closely! 8.5/10
FC- Laos (ASEAN Series)
FC contiunes his ASEAN hockey series!
  • The slanted chest stripe is a good Idea, and swapping the direction on the home and road looks great! 
  • The captain's patch also looks great! 
  • I don't understand almost any of your artistic choices in this ASEAN series... 
    • The color schemes never match the flags, and the striping patterns are random, and thrown on... The body, sleeves, socks, and pants do not have any matching striping pattern... 
      • The color schemes are also COMPLETELY different on the home and road. How exactly are we supposed to think that this is the same team?  
    • You also added black in really random parts on this concept... In the back of the collar, on one of the socks... 
    • You also over do the equipment... Most NHL teams share the same color breezers and gloves for both the home and road. Helmets are different, but that's because the white jersey has a white helmet... 
      • White breezers also generally look AWFUL on a team... No one has pulled it off...
  • The back numbers are also really big, and placed too far down
  • You forgot TV numbers
My rating: I don't mean to insult your creativity, because it's obvious that you're very creative, but these have too many ideas through on to one jersey, nothing matches, and there are many execution errors... Try and simplify everything, and maybe only use one idea. If you use the arm stripes, then everywhere else needs that consistency. If you go with the great idea of the slanted chest stripe, then stay consistent with that, and use thick white stripes on the arms and socks. You're almost there, but you need to focus on the little cues and rules that are part of a good jersey. You have to know the rules to break them properly. (Look up all of the jerseys on nhluniforms.com to see the history of NHL jerseys, and see what kinda rules teams generally follow to look good.) 4/10 for the jerseys...

FC- Laos Alt. (ASEAN Series)
FC adds a third jersey for Laos! 
  • The crossing of the color schemes looks good here!
  • Unfortunately see above...
My rating: (See above) 4/10

Ryan C.- Winnipeg Jets (NHL) 
Last but not least we have Ryan's Winnipeg Jets concept!
  •  I really like the WHA striping pattern! It works really well with the current logo! 
  • I also like that you kept the same font, but un-italicized it! The red numbers also work well on the road jersey
  • The simple pants striping looks good!
  •  The stripes don't all seem to be the same width... The tail stripes are thinner than the arm stripes...
My rating: A great update for the Jets, merging all the eras! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!!


 Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: Adidas Recap and Review Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on June 27, 2017 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

Dylan for COTW!

Ryan said...

Information regarding the HJC Open on this post is incorrect. Voting for the Round Robin is happening right now.

winnipegjets96 said...

Ryan C. for COTW

Unknown said...

Don't want this to come off the wrong way, but how at all is Ryan's concept better than Dylan's. Not only is Dylan's execution and presentation exceptional, it's a great concept. Ryan has just made the 90's Rangers jerseys worse. I'm starting to see a downwards trend in actual good concepts being recognized on the site and it' disheartening. Ryan's lazy attempt somehow beats out what should be a COTY candidate at this point. It also seems like certain people are starting to get pity points just for attempting to do something even though they don't look good at all and doesn't work. These are really just my thoughts about the blog at the moment.

Unknown said...

Instead of yet another big negative rant you could have given Dylan a nomination and skipped all the negativity. Or even make and submit more of your own concepts too. Just my thoughts

JJ Anderes said...

Dylan N. for COTW

Unknown said...

Thanks for reminding me Ryan, COTW to Dylan

BTW, quality > quantity. My comments weren't even directed at you. Today's post was just the tipping point. Maybe don't get mad at me and be mad at the writers for not giving harsher and fairer criticism. It's not a good concept. It's lazy and basic. Take that criticism and do as you wish with it, I don't care.

TC Moore said...

I'd like to nominate Ryan for Clapback of the week for his response to TRoy.

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