Sunday: NHL 94 Speedrun!

Hi everybody. I'm getting right to the concepts today due to time constrictions. Don't forget to vote for COTW and get your entries in for the HJC Open logo! also, here are the links for the Sabres and Blackhawks jerseys that are up on ebay!

COTW May 26 - June 1 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Logo entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

Onto the Concepts!

Dino W- Team USA
Positives: The design is pretty simple but very effective. The red and white striping on the collar is a nice addition as well.
Negatives: I get that you wanted to base the jersey style off of the soccer team but you don't need to use their logo. Also, the back number is kind of small.
Overall: 7.25/10

 Jets96- Lewiston MAINEiacs
Positives: I miss the MAINEiacs. They were the only team in the QMJHL based in the U.S. This jersey design does a pretty good job of making the orange a more prominent color on the uniform. Also, you do a good job of balancing all the colors together.
Negatives: What bothers me on this is that random stitching near the cuffs. It looks like you left it over from the Chicago Blackhawks cuffs but you have another stitch line for the cuffs as well? Also, that little strip of white on the jersey could be a little wider.
Overall: 8/10

Jordan R- Colorado Rockies 
Positives: Really clean presentation Jordan! As for the design, the arm striping design looks really good on both uniforms. you have good balance of red and blue with that yellow as a great contrast. Also, the different pants for each jersey was a really good idea.
Negatives: The modern style numbers on this jersey just look slightly off on this jersey as well as the logo changing colors on the dark jersey. Just add a white boarder.
Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D- Team USA 
Positives: The classic style design looks really good on this. This could be a design that the U.S. development team in the USHL would wear. The yoke is really what sticks out as it mirrors the hem.
Negatives: The pants are a little plain and it would be nice to see the USA logo on the shoulder.
Overall: 8.25/10

Matt G- Team France 
Positives: I really like the simple design you have with the Rooster as the primary factor on the front of the jersey. The jersey looks really classy overall and are a big improvement from what the team wears now.
Negatives: Id really like to see the red accent stripe go all the way up on the pants and for it to be added to the white jersey.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE!

 Ryan H- Team Russia
Positives: The wing design looks really cool on the yoke. It looks like something that the Russians would actually do on their uniforms. Also, the numbers look really good on the sleeves and back of the jersey.
Negatives: Those accent stripes on the sleeves and hem are too thin for my liking and the red cuffs aren't necessary.
Overall: 8.75/10

That's all I got. See everybody next week and have a good rest of the week! Steve passing it off to Jets for the score!
Sunday: NHL 94 Speedrun! Reviewed by Steve Marc on June 04, 2017 Rating: 5


Alan John Herbert said...

Jets96's Lewiston MAINEiacs concept for the COTW.

John E. said...

Jordan R's Rockies concept for COTW

Unknown said...

Seconding Jets96's MAINEiacs concept for COTW.

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