Sunday: I Forgot What My Title Was

Hi everybody. Welcome back. We've got some great things going on this glorious Sunday at HJC! Currently you can go vote for the HJC Open's logo for 2017, COTW, and COTW-May.

Also, the Quad City Mallards contacted Ryan to give one of us great designers the opportunity to create a military inspired warm up jersey for next season. So if you happen to be interested in do that, put a concept together for the Mallards and get it over to Ryan!

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final is tonight. I'll be honest folks. I have no clue how this one will go. This whole series has been a home-favored team series. Just look at Pekka Rinne. He is obviously more comfortable playing at Nashville than Pittsburgh and his performance of game 5 shows why. As a Penguins fan, you hope that the Penguins will figure out how to break this home-favored win thing going on right now and hoist the cup for a 5th time but I'm not making any predictions.

COTW-May vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW June 2-8 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Logo Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Onto the concepts!

Anthony C- Toronto Maple Leafs
Positives: Anthony starts us off today with a mixture of two different eras on a modern cut jersey and, overall, it works. The use of the new logo on a modern take of the design that the Leafs wore during the 70's and 80's actually looks really good with that accent stripe and it following the way the sleeves are. Also, the alternate uniform template that the leafs used prior to there logo change doesn't look to bad with the new logo either.
Negatives: Those TV numbers looks slightly small and it would be nice to see a bit thicker (not much) of a hem stripe on the primary jerseys so you can see a difference from a distance.
Overall: 8.5/10

Brooks F- The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 
Positives: Brooks has always been one to come up with crazy stripe designs and that's what makes him unique. As for this design. I really think that you mixed the color combos really well and the hem stripping looks really good on the jerseys. It reminds me of the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks jerseys (number 4 on my jersey wish list by the way). Also, the recolored logos looks really good as well.
Negatives: A few things that I think are a little excessive about this are the sleeve design. It's just so many colors and takes up so much of the arms that it's a little too overpowering on the jersey. Also, those numbers on the back and sleeves just aren't working well either. Finally, that triangular stripping on the pants as one color just doesn't match the whole thing overall.
Overall: 6.75/10

FC M- Vietnam  
Positives: Very interesting take on a uniform design. I do like the fact that you added in the information to the side of the concept so we can understand some of your choices. The idea of using stars on the dark jersey and having a more traditional style light jersey with what would look like a official federation logo looks pretty good.
Negatives: There are some downfalls with this whole set here. To start, get rid of the yellow pants. Second, Make the Captain's patches bigger. Third, change those numbers. It just doesn't work on the uniform. Fourth, both logos on the chest look a little big. Fix the execution and this could turn out to be pretty good.
Overall: 6/10

Jets96- Swift Current Broncos 
Positives: If I'm correct the Broncos have a former player actually make all the uniforms for the team and I think that's awesome. Anyways, this is a pretty big improvement from what the team has now. Using the modern style logo was a great choice and the simple striping works really well on the jersey.
Negatives: I really don't have any issues with the design but more with the template. It's just a terrible template and it makes everything on the sleeves look crushed together. Also, it makes it look like there is a huge space between the back numbers and stripping on the hem. Also, don't be afraid to add some green as an accent stripe.
Overall: 7.75/10

Noah B- Ethiopia 
Positives: Really digging the chest striping on both uniforms here, more so the white jersey. While there isn't anything wrong with the dark jersey. I think that different coloring on it looks great with that roundel logo on the front. It's just the white jersey has more unique detail to it.
Negatives: The numbers on the back of the dark jersey are a bit of an issue. I could be hard to read with that big yellow stripe. Otherwise the uniforms look pretty good overall.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan C- Carolina Hurricanes 
Positives: When the hurricanes went to a more traditional style jersey I felt that they missed the mark. Ryan here rectifies this. The combination of red, silver, white, and black work great on this uniform. Also, the alternate logos on the yoke and the red yoke on the white jersey work great.
Negatives: My only negatives is that the pants look too plain.
Overall: 9.5/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Taylor R- Air Force Falcons  
Positives: This design is really good. It's not a new design for the falcons but more a improvement on the current design that they use. The stripping on the sleeves and hem look much better than what Air force uses now. Also, the two tone stripe on the yoke looks much better than the one stripe they use now.
Negatives: Those cuffs make the jersey look a little clustered. Make them slightly smaller and it's golden.
Overall: 9/10

That's all I got everybody. Come back tomorrow for Jets post. He has a really good post about jersey customization and what NHL players he thinks he could take in a fight! Ok that last part was a lie but please add that in Jets! Have a good week and see everyone next week!
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COTW Nom to Brooks' Anaheim Concept.

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