Sunday: Happy Father's Day!

Now that I got that out of the way, Welcome back everybody, or welcome if it's your first time. I've got a few things to say before I get into the concepts so I'll dive right in.

While it's been a week since the Penguins won their second Stanley Cup in two years, I never got to talk about the game and how great it was. Both goalies were brick walls and that game was tense down to the last seconds. Now, I do feel bad for the Preds fans because of that goal getting taken back. However, the Preds had almost two whole periods to score another so it's not like it was taken away at the last moment. Congrats to the Penguins on being the first team in the salary cap era to win back-to-back cups.

In college club hockey news, Ohio University's Hockey team has revealed it's 60th anniversary logo that will be worn on their new uniforms for this upcoming season.

Logo Courtesy of Ohio Bobcats Twitter

It's a nice logo that includes the teams colors, the years, the actual stat of Ohio, and the four Murdoch Cups, the ACHA's DI championship trophy, that the team has won during their time in the ACHA. New uniforms will be revealed closer towards the season so be on a lookout for that. Who did they go with? I'm not sure. I do know that they've used OT the past few times so that could be the company they use but it's a surprise!

Guess what we did last night? We recorded the Podcast! It was a great time with the guys, as always, it was a great way for us writers to grow closer and get a few laughs. Look forward to the next one guys.

Finally, Get ready for the HJC Open and for the love of all that is hockey jerseys, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! If you haven't heard the podcast by now or have learned from past experiences, it's a bad idea. Get them done before hand. They're all due by the 23rd.

COTW June 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round Robin entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

Let's get ready to rumble! I mean, onto the concepts!

Anthony C- Los Angeles Kings
Positives: I've always thought that the first stadium series jersey would work really well as a base for a new jersey set for the Kings and you've done a pretty good job working that here Anthony. The striping on the arms are pretty simple, the yoke and hem being dark look really good with that little accent of white on the jersey. As for the alternate, it's nice to see a a jersey that pays homage to the 80's jersey. Those uniforms were awesome!
Negatives: The Main issues I have are with the primary jerseys. The piping around the yoke on both jerseys just don't work on either jersey. Also, using the silver as the secondary on the white wasn't the best choice. Change it to black and it'll look great.
Overall: 7/10

Anthony C- Worcester Railers HC
Positives: All I've seen from the Railers about any jerseys is that they have a gray jersey with blue hem stripe and, to be honest, it's a little bland. I think you did a pretty good job of giving the Railers a set that pays tribute to the Icecats. The striping is nice and simple and the hem looks really good.
Negatives: It's a simple design that's been seen before. Give them something that looks a little more unique. Also, make the collars a different color. The color choice isn't working well right now.
Overall: 7.5/10

Anthony C- Winnipeg Jets
Positives: The decision to go with a classic style jersey and add in the extended cuffs was a great choice with this uniform. It really fits well with the Jets' logo and gives a good shout out to the original uniforms.
Negatives: Those red pants just don't work. Make them blue and everything will look beautiful. As for the alternate, there's a reason why the Jets got rid of that jersey style. Keep it in the past.
Overall: 7.5/10

Burkus Circus- Boston Bruins
Positives: I really like the yellow alternate jersey for the bruins. A yellow Alt would look great for them and the arm striping with the cuffs that copy the sleeve and hem stripe look beautiful. Copy that with the accent stripe on the yoke and classic logo and you have a great looking jersey.
Negatives: WAIT ONE SECOND! Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Providence Bruins use this jersey design previously and have a design very similar to it? While I would let it slide, this is basically slapping the parent's club logo (vintage logo) on a jersey used by the parent and I just can't let that slide this time BC.
Overall: 4/10

Burkus Circus- Buffalo Sabres
Positives: Yellow jersey: Check. Classic style with modern twist: check. Great balance of color: Check. Good job on keeping it simple but effective.
Negatives: The "B with Sword" logo might not have been the best choice for the primary. The "Buffalo" script with primary logo would be one hundred times better. Also, the back numbers look a little small.
Overall: 7/10

Justin B- Edmonton Oilers
Positives: While I'm not a fan of numbers in the yokes, this really works well. Also, I like that you made the white jersey a homage to the early days in the WHA with the orange yoke. Also, the double stripe on the orange jersey looks really good. It gives the two jersey a different look but not too different.
Negatives: All these jersey needs are the yoke piping and this set would be near perfect.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINE

Justin B- Los Angeles Kings
Positives: Bringing back purple was a pretty good choice. While the kings have a good identity without it, the purple really helps them stick out more. Also, the double stripe design with the purple yoke really works well overall.
Negatives: That accent of color in between the two large stripes just doesn't work. Get rid of it and this will look great.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D- Norfolk Admirals
Positives: It was only a matter of time before someone decided to make a concept with the rope as striping and I'm not surprised it was Lucas. What I will say is that you did a pretty good job of using the rope in the design of the jersey. Making it a simple accent stripe is really effective. AS for the rest of the uniforms, the curved striping looks great.
Negatives: For some reason, the anchors on the shoulders look really big and really close to the collar.
Overall: 8.75/10

Phil B- Germany
Positives: The Idea of the flag striping with it going across the chest was a pretty good Idea there Phil. That's were most of it ends though.
Negatives: I'm going to assume that you forgot to change the one end of that sleeve on the black jersey to black instead of keeping it red. Also, that white stripe is just random on that black jersey and makes no sense. The yellow numbers could also be really hard to distinguish on the striping. Finally, the mesh texture on the jerseys give the effect of a gradient which really throws everything off and ruins the overall presentation.
Overall: 6/10

Ryan C- Boston Bruins
Positives: Really good presentation here Ryan. That yellow yoke and stripes with the black accents on the white jersey stand out really well. As for the yellow jersey, you did a pretty good job of balancing out all the colors.
Negatives: Being honest here, this isn't something new that I've seen. Sure it looks really good but I feel like the Bruins' identity has been beaten to the ground and this just doesn't stand out enough to warrant any praise that you would get for things that you have done in the past. Sorry.
Overall: 7/10 

Well that's all I have for you guys today. Come back next week for more great concepts. Have a good week and see everybody here this time next week.
Sunday: Happy Father's Day! Reviewed by Steve Marc on June 18, 2017 Rating: 5


FC Macbeth said...

How come Anthony get 7/10s all the time while I get, like, 5 or 6/10s? Can Mr. Cinerari please answer to me?

Yours faithfully,
Friedrich C. Macbeth

winnipegjets96 said...

@FC, go back a couple months to Anthony's early concepts, they were 5/10 sometimes less. Those numbers get higher with practice and getting execution marks up. I'd say 6.5-7 marks are gain through good execution and an at least semi-interesting idea, but each writer uses their own scale. Hope that helps

Unknown said...


Hey there,

Man I used to get on average 4/10 and I have received at least a couple zeros LOL.
And let me tell you it was painful, and as I'm sure Ryan can tell you the writers here used to get very mad at me for all the execution errors. They hated me for a while LOL.

It took me atleast a whole year and some college courses to get these 7/10's if I get above and 8 its great LOL.

Just wait it out and read the feedback for your concepts as well as other people feedback, that helps too.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Yeah FC just work it out with practice. I consider anything above 7.5 a success...
Also I completely missed that the Providence Bruins used that jersey. My bad.

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