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The winner of the COTW vote for June 9-15 is Noah B!

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Congrats to Noah, this is his first COTW win of 2017 and I think it may be his first ever. There are more of these city crossover concepts coming from Noah, so we'll have to see how many get nominated and if anymore can win.


The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. They are for the week of June 16-22. If you are logged into a Google account you can see the poll and place your vote before it closes at noon Eastern time on Friday.


Voting for the Round Robin of the HJC Open is also underway. The poll is on the side of the page, but to see all of the entries you can click the banner at the top of the page (or go to the 2017 HJC OPEN tab). This poll also closes at noon Eastern time on Friday. The 16 artists with the most votes will move into the Quarter Semi-Finals and participate in the bracket portion of the tournament.

This is a reminder that anyone that advances in the HJC Open will have to submit a NEW concept to the COMPETITION email by Tuesday, July 4 at noon Eastern time.


We've had time to digest the Adidas jerseys now. I will take this time to identify my biggest winner of the switch over and the biggest loser.

Biggest winner: Vegas Golden Knights
This is a great jersey. Perhaps Vegas had a mental advantage because they were dealing with the Adidas template from the start. There was never any history with the Reebok Edge jerseys or any other type of jersey cut. The Adidas cut is the only cut they have ever known. They also resisted going crazy and kept with the idea of making a hockey jersey, in the traditional sense. I'm glad there's not collar laces for the sake of collar laces and this jersey looks great with the Adidas collar, which can't be said for most teams.

Biggest Loser: Nashville Predators
Ottawa could also be here, but I said I would choose only one. When the Preds wore blue in the Edge cut, they had some of the worst jerseys in the NHL. When they made the switch to yellow you could take everything I said about the Golden Knights working with the Adidas cut and apply it to the Preds and the Reebok Edge cut. But now with the Adidas jersey they ave taken all of the life out of the jersey! I think they are going too crazy with the idea of owning the yellow. They already do own it and the entire league knows it, you didn't need to make your jersey more yellow.

There's also some good news and some bad news as it relates to these new jerseys and us jersey collectors.

The bad news first. Replicas will be made by Fanatics and will fit and look closer to a sweatshirt than a hockey jersey. The price of a blank jersey will set you back about $150, and to have that replica numbered the total rises to $200.

Now the good news, Adidas will be making the authentics or PRO level? Either way these will be identical to what the players wear on the ice. The good news is that the price is not comparable to the "authentics" Reebok was giving us. $200 will be the cost of an Adidas authentic and add another $50 to get a name and number on there. Looks like I'm becoming an authentics collector!


So how could we possibly not do another HJC Podcast after all of these jerseys came out? Tomorrow night myself and some of the writers will get together again and record our thoughts on the NHL Adidas Adizero jerseys. And this time I hope to have a cleaner recording. So look for that to be posted sometime on Monday.


Now on the TEMPLATES page you can find two new Adidas templates. You have seen them posted during the week and I believe we now have the final versions.

Click & save
This one is likely to be the most popular and it is based on Steven G's template. I added some stitching and worked on the collars and then Matt M. made some adjustments for accuracy. So enjoy!

Click & save
This one is the template that I like as it best represents how an Adidas jersey would look like if you laid it out on the ground. The following template was done by me.

Click & save
Adam L. sent in this version of the template where the stitching has been altered and Adam has added the different collars.

Please enjoy these.


COTW June 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round Robin vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Saturday: More Podcast! Reviewed by Ryan on June 24, 2017 Rating: 5


Avi said...

You're welcome for the template, Ryan ;)

(I was the one who submitted all of the leaked info/mockup to 1OB)

Noah B said...

Big thanks to everyone who voted for me!

winnipegjets96 said...

Congrats Noah. That concept was really solid, and it's rare a crossover concept works as well as yours does.

I will say of the new jerseys, the authentic I'll be getting are Carolina red, Vegas white, and Tampa blue (Budaj all the way)

Ryan said...

Nice work Avi, thanks!

FC Macbeth said...

@Ryan, I have already modified the Adidas jerseys into those templates that is easy to use. However, it would be a straight-arm jerseys rather than curved ones. Would you like to send me over?

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