Saturday: The HJC Open Has Begun!

The winner of the COTW-May vote was JJ!

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This was an incredibly close vote. With less than 24 hours to go in the vote the top 3 concepts were all tied! When the voting window had closed JJ's and Anthony's concepts were still tied, so I had to use my vote to break the tie. My vote normally would have gone to Dylan's Houston concept, but I hold back my vote until after the window closes in the event that a tie needs to be broken. We will see JJ's concept again in about a month for the 2nd Quarter Vote.


The winner of the COTW vote for June 2-8 was Jordan R!

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The people love the look of the Whalers! But as Hartford proved in the 90's, looking good does not translate to sales at the box office. Anyways, congrats Jordan. This is another COTW win in 2017 for you that will help if you were to enter the HJC Open.


Lots of concepts were nominated during the week of June 9-15, but only three were seconded. Those concepts have been entered into the COTW vote. If you are logged into a Google account the black poll will appear on the side of the page. You have until Friday at noon Eastern time to place your vote.


The 2017 HJC Open is now underway! I consider this to be the 2nd most important event on the HJC calendar, next to the Concept of the Year vote. We begin with a "Round Robin" where anyone can submit a concept. From this group of concepts we will get down to our 16 artists that will enter the bracket portion of the tournament. Each will be ranked 1-16 based on the number of COTW weekly, monthly, and quarterly wins they have in 2017 by next Friday.

You can see the brackets and all of the rules on the 2017 HJC OPEN tab. You can also get there by clicking the banner at the top of the page or by clicking the Concept Cup icon near the top right of the blog. Round Robin entries are due Friday, June 23 at noon Eastern time.

Be sure to have your concepts ready well ahead of time. After the Round Robin concepts will be due each Tuesday for the bracket rounds. Voting will then begin on the Tuesday and end on the Friday.


From the announcement above you now know that Brendan P's logo won the HJC Open Logo Competition. This is the 2nd year in a row that Brendan is the winner of the logo portion of the HJC Open. This neon sign inspired logo will be used through the duration of the tournament. As well as a Champion's logo which will be used on the championship plaque!

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Tonight myself and some of the HJC team will be recording a podcast. It will be posted sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye on HJC's Twitter and Facebook pages. Steven will also update you on his post as to where you can hear the podcast.


COTW June 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round Robin entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Last minute podcast questions!
1: Which leak made you the most excited?
2: What do you think of the Form the Future slogan?

FC Macbeth said...

And another one? What are your thoughts abouth putting ads on jersey? Yay or Nay? Why?

Unknown said...

Ah Ryan I lost your vote?????? I was so close!!!!! LOL

FC Macbeth said...

My answer is that it should apply to European Hockey Leagues, but not on the NHL. The hockey purist would ABSO-*INSERT CENSORED WORD HERE*-LUTELY HATE this decision. One of the main reasons is that it would look tacky on placed in front of the jerseys and it could crank up the price even more than the usual ones. Even a teeny-tiny size on, say, a shoulder would be enough to make hockey fans OUTRAGED. HOWEVER, in Europe, it is perfectly acceptable to place it in front of the jerseys probably because no one really cared about them.

Would you agree on my opinion? Anything to add as well? Would you explain this one AS CALMLY AS POSSIBLE!? Even if you REALLY hate it, try take a chill pill.

P.S. Autistic kid here. I like those would are positive-minded there. Can't handle too much rage there,

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