Saturday: Game #3 Tonight!

The winner of the COTW vote for May 19-25 was JJ!

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This German concept which was also the winner of this year's World Hockey Jersey Championship, took home this week's honours. 2016 was a great demonstration at how important competitions can be to your COTY hopes. Surprisingly this was only JJ's 2nd COTW of the year with his first coming in early January. Why does the number of COTW wins in 2017 matter? Keep reading this post to find out.


The new nominees for COTW (May 26 - June 1) have been listed on this side of the page. So log into any one of your Google accounts and place your vote before the poll closes on Friday at noon Eastern time.


HJC Podcast is coming in two weeks!


So why do the number of COTW wins in 2017 matter? This is the primary factor in determining the seeding for the round of 16 in the HJC Open. And if you're not familiar with the HJC Open, here's how it works...

Everyone is able to enter the Round Robin. It's just like any of our other competitions as you simply send in your entry during the entry phase. Then readers will be able to place their Top 5 votes and at the end of the voting phase the 16 entries with the most votes will move into the round of 16. The seeding of these 16 artists will be determined by the total number of COTW wins (weekly, monthly, & quarterly) in 2017. It's also the tie-breaker if needed for those 16 spots that are up for grabs.

Once we have our 16 artists seeded they are matched against each other (1 v 16 / 2 v 15 / 3 v 14... etc.). The HJC Open is a bracket style tournament and artists are not reseeded after each round. Take a look at how last year's bracket looked to get an idea.

Artists are required to submit a new concept EACH ROUND. A new concept would be one that has never been submitted to HJC before. The entry phase is very short for the bracket rounds as voting will begin every Tuesday evening. Start times will vary due to my personal schedule. Readers will then be able to vote in these head-to-head match-ups as the artists go through each round.

This tournament is truly won by the most consistently great artist on HJC. You can't have a round where you don't bring your best. If a top seed takes a lower seed lightly in the round of 16 then that lower seed will score the upset. It happens at least once every year.

The winner of the 2017 HJC Open will receive a championship plaque with their name on it! Past winners have received posts dedicated to their work, a t-shirt, and championship banners. I consider the HJC Open to be the 2nd biggest event of the year on HJC and it always proves to be a lot of fun.

Good luck to everyone and start getting your concepts ready now. The 2017 HJC Open runs from June 16 to July 28.


The Dougie Gilmour Blackhawks and Sabres jerseys that I had put up for auction are back! That's right, the person who won the initial auction assumed they would get a deal on shipping and when that didn't happen they backed out of the deal. So the jerseys went back on auction. This is a good chance to own a 90's Buffalo Sabres jersey or a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, possibly at a good price. They are in really nice condition and the numbers are the best and most accurate I have ever seen.

Click here for the Blackhawks jersey auction

Click here for the Sabres jersey auction

Both of these auctions end on Wednesday at 2:25pm Eastern time.


We've got Game #3 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight in Nashville. Who's going to win? Will Pekka Rinne continue to be a tire fire in net? Will P.K. Subban's insistence that the Preds will win Game #3 prove to be true? I'd personally love this one to be a classic marathon Cup Final game, but who will play the role of Peter Klima? If you get that reference then we can have a beer together sometime.

COTW May 26 - June 1 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Logo entries (due Friday @ noon ET)
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Ralph said...

I miss HJC Live Chats, I always enjoyed them much more than the HJC Podcast.

Lucas D. said...

I've won 7 COTWs since the last Open, but only 1 of them has been during the 2017 period. Is that the only one that counts?

Ryan said...

@Lucas: Yes

winnipegjets96 said...

@Ralph, I totally forgot about those, those were good fun!

Unknown said...

Do Competition Wins have any factor?

Ryan said...

@Vaughn: They will not count.

FC Macbeth said...

Heh, a podcast, eh? Do you have a Youtube channel, though?

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