Monday: Other League Callback

Jets receives the pass, dekes around Jean Luc Grand Pierre, puts it past Marc Denis for the winner! Thrashers 6 - Blue Jackets 5...okay no more NHL 2004...(Go to the end of Sunday's post for context)

Welcome to the Monday post!

We're mere weeks away from the HJC Open, the HJC Podcast and the unveiling of a boatload of jersey we'll all be looking forward to maybe purchasing if the Fanatics versions aren't the worst things. Personally with the Jets announcing minimal if any changes, and not being part of the 13 listed last week I'm not gonna be rushing out to buy them. Instead I'll take this time to stock up on Edge jerseys on clearance, and completing my Thrashers/Jets franchise collection (only missing white original and pre edge blue alternate/06-07 home).

Site news is pretty much the same as last week, though we now have a new set of concept up for COTW, you know the drill for that; poll on the side of the post, votes are due Friday!

We also have the continuing HJC Open logo competition. Remember that if chosen your logo will be adorn all throughout the HJC Open, as well as on the championship plaque/banner/thing? Click the banner above. Remember to read ALL the rules as there are some that are time sensitive!

Let's see some of the entries since last post:

Cody R.

Phil B.

Awesome stuff! Entries are again due THIS Friday at noon!

On with today's concepts!

Team Canada Concepts (By: Justin B.)

+ If Canada has to have a yoke, I'd much rather it be white than black
+ The leaf striping on the arm looks solid and subtle enough to work
+ Black gear also looks good! 
+ Good execution

- Would be nice to see the back of the jersey and how the yoke translates to the back of the jersey 
- Would put a black outline around the logo on the white jersey 
- Numbers could use an outline
- No helmet logos

Rating: 8/10 

Team Sweden Concepts (By: Dino W.) 

+ If you told me you'd use this template for a team Sweden concept, I wouldn't think it would work, but it really does work! 
+ One of the reasons is the striping and the arm pattern. The yellow arm yoke combined with the blue under arm on both jerseys makes a subtle Swedish flag pattern, nice stuff!
+ Great execution

- I think the purpose of there being only one shoulder patch is to put the tournament logo for wherever Sweden is playing, which like the idea of, but I would have included that on the concept
- The blue crowns use a different shade of blue than the rest of the blue used
- The yellow jersey has a lot of breaks in its stitching, especially near the collar and the hem, and there's some spots of blue on the inside of the piping near the collars '

Rating: 8/10

Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ No more grey piping! Glad to see Ryan keep the grey around, but I'm so glad to see it done from the sides of the jerseys, particularly the white jersey 
+ Excellent colour balancing, the inclusion of the yellow yoke and larger amount of yellow in the striping of the blue jersey goes well with the blue on the white jersey
+ Double yoke piping is classic!
+ Numbers totally fit with the slug on the shoulder
+ Good execution 

- I love the slug as much as the next person, but it works much better as a primary logo, and seeing how well the numbers go with it it, I'd like to see it used as the primary 
- Primary logo is a bit too large 
- Helmet numbers should match the jersey numbers

Rating: 8.25/10 

Cleveland Barons Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ Great update on the classic AHL Barons logo that includes the state outline, and the Baron looking more professional, particularly in the outline of the monocle string 
+ Striping looks good, the only update needed was the yoke and stripes
+ Love the Ohio state outlines around the numbers, looks great!
+ Nice choice keeping the original Barons NHL logo as a shoulder patch. Like the current Columbus logo and the cannon shoulder patch, swapping them works really well!

- Might be with trying a black yoke and cuffs, but the red jersey as is looks fine 
- It's a small deal that only happens on this concept because of the hems stripes and their colour , but the stick seems to cut into the stripes and looks like part of it continuing off the jersey 

Rating: 9/10 

Vegas Golden Knights Concepts (By: Cody R.)

+ Big fan of the primary logo with a yoke above it, either gold or grey work really well
+Striping is pretty good, similar to the Sharks I like how there's red on only the top stripe 
+ I still maintain the G'Knights logo looks great on a chest stripe, and this is no exception. The stripe and colour choices keep the gold on the helmet and outline of the shield from bleeding into the jersey
+ Pants look great with the addition of the star logo in the stripes 
+ Good execution

- The striping desperately needs some black, and middle empty stripe would be the perfect place. Then adding black as a second outline to the yoke would work really well too
- Don't forget to stop the side stitching at the hem striping on the home and road 
- Shoulder patches are just a bit too small

Rating: 8.25/10 

Quebec Nordiques Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ I love the Nordiques innaugural jerseys in the WHA! Even though the bleu and red are too light, the striping looked fantastic, and by darkening the colours and bringing the logos to today's standards, they look fantastic!
+ I like how Jordan chose to put the arms striping closer to the yokes than a normal NHL jersey, to match the WHA jerseys 
+ Addition of the fleur de lis looks great on the shoulders
+ Excellent execution 

- On thing I wish that was improved upon was the colour balancing, in swapping the red and blue on the white jersey. The addition of the bleu stripes on the hem helps, but it looks more like an alternate than an away when put next to the bleu jersey 
- Helmet numbers need an outline 

Rating: 9.5/10 COTW Nom from me!

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Unknown said...

I'm torn between Ryan and Dino, both fantastic.

Geoff said...

The fanatics brand jersey is hopefully going to be executed better than I think they will be. I'm picturing more of a jersey night giveaway type of execution over replica type quality along with some hideous fanatics branding on them that wold make jersey advertising look like a tremendous idea. Hopefully they prove me wrong and the fanatics jerseys are a huge improvement over the not so great reebok replicas. Give me quality materials, email embroidered crests and shoulder logo's and names and numbers on customized jerseyso made of twill and sewn on. I'll glady spend $150 or 225 for a cutomzed if it was quality

Richard Mazella said...

Blast, Cody and I thought alike... except I didn't find out until after I submitted, not having read on here the past couple months. :{(}

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