Friday: Adidas is Ruthless

Adidas has proven themselves to be a bigger tease than a preacher's daughter, releasing yet another round of preview images yesterday.  This time around we got a view of the Adidas branding just below the back collar, which also gives us a preview of the names and a bit of a hint as to the basic design of some of the jerseys.  We'll go over more of what we expect from the shift to Adidas in the podcast this weekend, so look for that to be put up sometime on Sunday.  In the meantime, I'm going to go over the most notable changes in the latest round of teaser releases.

Boston Bruins
A very small change, but the bruins seem to have eliminated the black outline on the players' names.

Colorado Avalanche
There now appears to be a silver line separating the burgundy from the blue.  Finger crossed that this could mean a return to the mountain piping, although I'm not holding my breath.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Much like the Bruins, the only notable change is in the name, with the Blue Jackets using what appears to be a new font on the back.

Minnesota Wild
With this image we get more confirmation that the wild will be featuring the cream color more prominently in their new uniforms.

Nashville Predators
It appears that the Preds are abandoning the odd little navy arch at the top of the piping, a move that I whole-heartedly approve.

That's all for uniform news today! Once again, to get a more in-depth analysis of what we are expecting from the move to Adidas, check out our podcast when it goes up Sunday.  We will also be covering NHL Awards predictions, Vegas roster predictions, a recap of the Stanley Cup Finals, and a Preview of the upcoming HJC Open.  It's gonna be a great podcast with a lot of information and speculation, so be sure to tune in when it goes up.

As for voting and contests, look later today for the COTW vote for June 9th-15th, and entries for the HJC Open Round Robin are due by June 23rd at noon eastern.

COTW June 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round Robin entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

Now on to today's concepts!

Anthony C.- Drummondville Voltigeurs

Our first concept of the day is Anthony C.'s design for the Drummondville Voltigeurs of the QMJHL.  Right off the bat, I like the idea of a chest stripe for the Voltigeurs.  I find that it works really well with the logo.  The striping pattern is basic, but works, and the hem striping keeps it from being a recolored Habs clone.  The continuation of the striping on the breezers is a nice touch.  I like the logo choices on the primary set, it's a good carry over from their current set.  I do think that the main crest should be moved up a little so that it's more centered on the chest stripe, though.  I get that you wanted to contrast with the black stripe, but I think that the numbers on the white jersey would work better in red.  The third jersey seems to be inspired by the Voltigeurs' 30th anniversary jersey with some minor changes.  The striping pattern is an improvement on the original set, and for the most part sticks to the silver, black, and white color scheme.  The biggest problem that I have is the red in the shoulder patch.  It throws off the color scheme and balance, a problem that the original didn't have.  As for execution, the chest stripe should continue onto the side panels, the helmet is missing logos, and I would have liked to see socks.  Final verdict: a good idea, but some execution errors really detract from it.  7.5/10

On a more personal note, I think that you're falling into the pattern that I did when I first started submitting to HJC, cranking out as many concepts as possible to get a lot of exposure.  As such, a lot of your concepts end up having the same issues.  Might I recommend waiting to hear feedback and working a little longer on the concepts to get a more well thought out final product, it's worked wonders for me

Anthony C.- Norfolk Admirals

We continue with another concept from Anthony, this time for the Norfolk Admirals of the ECHL.  I love the new logo and color scheme for the Admirals, I think it's a vast improvement on their most recent logo, and it pays homage to Norfolk's hockey heritage.  The color scheme also brings them closer to their new NHL affiliate, the Preds.  I like the simplistic striping pattern, it works well with the more traditional look of the new logo.  It's flirting with yellow-on-white syndrome, but I think that it's a dark enough yellow to make it work here.  I do wish that you had continued the striping pattern on the breezers, it could easily work there.  I love the yellow yoke on the dark jersey, it's reminiscent of epaulets on a traditional admiral's uniform.  The shoulder patches are a little too basic for my liking, and are completely absent on the white jersey.  I don't know if this was a design choice or an oversight, but either way it's not good.  Same execution errors as above.  Final verdict: not a bad concept, but a little basic and execution leaves it lower than it otherwise would be.  7/10

Brooks F.- Vancouver Canucks (90's Series)

Next up is Brooks F. with another entry in his 90s series, this time for the Canucks.  This design is ostentatious in all the right ways, and could easily have been an actual jersey design in the 90s.  Brooks does a great job of merging both of the designs from their orange, yellow, and black era, and I can dig it.  The striping mirrors the spaghetti skate logo, and the yoke stripe pays homage to the big V uniforms.  I like the elimination of the arm striping, with this striping pattern it would have been too busy.  I like the full length black yoke on the white jersey, as well as the black on the hem under the striping.  I wish the hem stripe didn't run into the numbering, I wish you could avoid that.  Honestly, considering that this is a 90s concept (and I will never, I repeat, NEVER recommend this again), you might have gotten away with the slanted numbering that the Blues used in the 90s.  My only gripe other than that is that I'm getting a bit of a headache from looking at it for so long, so I can only imagine how it would translate on the ice.  Final verdict: a fantastically 90s design, well done.  9/10.

Jets96- Buffalo Sabres

Our next concept is the first of two today from our very own Jets96, this one for the Buffalo Sabres.  This one is basically just the Buffaslug away jersey with grey eliminated and yellow and white swapped.  The recoloring of the main crest doesn't work for me, I never liked the red eye on a uniform totally devoid of red and for such a good logo, it just doesn't look good with the colors inverted.  Final verdict: not very ambitious design-wise, and the risks you do take just don't pay off.  5/10

Jets96- Columbus Blue Jackets

Jets96's second concept for the day is for the Columbus Blue Jackets.  I love the move to the cannon logo for the Jackets, I think it better represents the team name.  I also like sticking with the red pants, it's something I've always liked about Columbus' uniforms.  The striping pattern is simple, but works well with the more dated looking logo.  While I don't mind the shoulder patch, I was always a fan of the cap logo, and would like to see how it works with this concept.  I 'm not a fan of the blue at the bottom of the breezers, it's a little unnecessary as most probably wouldn't notice it.  The stars on the cuffs are also questionable, as at least one of them would be covered by the gloves.  I also don't know if this was a design choice or an error, but there is a thin white stripe between the red and blue in the striping that just doesn't look good.  As for execution, the main crest is a little rough around the edges.  Final verdict: a decent idea, but execution errors hold it back.  7/10

Justin B.- Anaheim Ducks

Next up is Justin B. with a design for the Anaheim Ducks.  Full disclosure, I yearn for a return to the eggplant and jade.  Gold and orange has never been high on my list of color combinations, and I know I'm not alone in that.  That being said, I like the way that this set turned out.  The move to an orange jersey is one that the Ducks have confirmed they are making, so this concept could be a good look at the future.  I love the inclusion of the OC logo from the 2014 Stadium Series, easily the best logo they've had in the post-Mighty Ducks era (the recoloring of the original logo doesn't count).  I like the striping pettern, but I'm wondering why you didn't include an orange stripe on the orange jersey where the white one is on the light jersey.  It gets a little boring without it.  The black numbers on the home jersey is a good call considering the "dark" jersey is still pretty bright.  The orange yoke on the away does a good job of making sure orange is the secondary color rather than fighting for dominance with the gold.  Only thing I can think of other than that is adding orange to the gloves rather than gold.  Final verdict: nothing really wrong with this set, but I don't see it replacing the currents anytime soon.  7.5/10

Justin B.- Calgary Flames

Justin B.'s second concept of the day is a design for the Calgary Flames.  Coming from Atlanta, the idea of black in the Flames' color scheme is abhorrent to me and I can't wait for it to be eliminated.  That being said, I wouldn't mind having the Flames wearing this while I wait for that day.  I really like the striping pattern, it's really unique and keeps the yellow to a minimum, allowing black and red to take the forefront.  I'm a big fan of the roundel logo as a shoulder patch, and I love what you did with it on the breezers.  Only thing I would say is maybe include the sun behind the C on the pants.  This design does have traces of yellow-on-white syndrome in the striping on the dark jersey and the numbering on the light one.  Other than that, no real problems with this set.  Final verdict: a decent set for the Flames, at least until they eliminate the black.  8/10

Phil B.- Brooklyn Americans

Phil B.'s first design of the day is an idea for the return of the Brooklyn Americans, presumably to balance the East in the wake of the Vegas expansion.  The first thing I notice is the fantastic new logo.  It follows the shape of the original logo, but departs from the Rangers-esque look with a wavy stripe pattern reminiscent of the American flag in the wind and a stylized "BKLYN" text.  I love it.  I'm a big fan of the striping pattern that is not only reminiscent of the flag, but also ties in to the logo.  The fact that it is consistent across the main set and flipped to work on the third is a great choice.  The blue cuffs and hem on the light and third jerseys do a great job of helping the color balance, and the alternate crest on the third is great as well.  Only negative is that the numbers are a little pixelated around the edges and a tad too modern for such a classic design.  Final verdict: a fantastic set for a historic team that may make a resurgence.  9.5/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!

Phil B.- Washington Capitals

Phil's second design of the day is a concept for the Washington Capitals.  This design makes great use of the Washington, D.C. flag in the design of the upper arm, and keeping the arms consistent across both jerseys is a great way to preserve it.    Not using the stars above the hem striping was a good call here, it would have been too busy.  I think the contrasting hems also do a good job balancing the colors.  I wish you had swapped the main crest and the pants logo, I love the weagle design and think it makes a much better main crest than their current text logo.  Other than that, no real issues with this design.  Final verdict: good design, well executed, but could be a bit better.  8/10

Ryan C.- Stadium Series

Our final concept of the day is Ryan C.'s concept for the 2018 Stadium Series game between the Capitals and the Maple Leafs.  Let's start with the Leafs.  The TLM logo is a good idea for a stadium series game as they have tended to be the modern looking counterpart to Winter Classic games and it's the most modern logo that the Leafs have.  I'm a big fan of the maple leaf in the striping on the breezers, and I'm amazed that it's never been used before.  Normally I wouldn't use such a modern font with the LEafs, but given the nature of Stadium Series uniforms and the fact that it matches the logo pretty well, I think it's a good fit.  My biggest problem with this set is that the white and silver in the striping just bleed together and are almost indistinguishable, especially in the hem striping.  At first I thought it was just a single blue hem stripe.  Also, the grey gives new meaning to the term phantom yoke, as it's once again almost invisible.  Now on to the Caps set.  I grew up with the black gold and blue Caps, so I'm happy to see it return, even if it is for only one game.  Even though it is technically a throwback, it's a more modern look than their current set, so I think it's a good choice for the Stadium Series.  I like the font used here, it's a good modern look that fits with the theme.  I also like the full length yoke that matches the body, it's a nontraditional look that I think works here.  The striping pattern is simple, but the rest of the jersey is busy enough that it works.  I would eliminate the hem striping, it never really translates well on a jersey with different colored side panels.  The continuation of the yoke piping across the chest and back is perplexing to me, especially since the body is the same color as the yoke.  I think that the use of the capital building logo as a crest is a huge waste of an opportunity to use the screeching eagle, which I always thought was a much stronger logo.  I would use the eagle as the crest and the capital as a shoulder patch.  Final verdict: a decent idea, but some design choices leave something to be desired.  7.5/10

That's all for me today!  See y'all next week!
Friday: Adidas is Ruthless Reviewed by TC Moore on June 16, 2017 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

The use of contrasting arm colors is being a little overused these days, in my opinion.

FC Macbeth said...

Still, would you rather have a jersey with arm designs not the same to each other? It would be difficult to make it work on a jersey, though. Also, I don't think contrasting arm colours are overused, but it is a very, very common jersey design in the world of hockey sweathers.

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