Wednesday: RED

The word RED doesn't have anything to do with the theme of concepts for today. RED is an abbreviation for a special day in Islanders fans' minds: RANGERS ELIMINATION DAY! It's an annual tradition for us because our team sucks so much that we have no standard of excellence of late.

NEWS: A MASSIVE tweet was dropped by the beat reporter for the Minnesota Wild that people seemed to have missed here at HJC, including myself:

"Hearing NHL team home Adidas sweaters will be unveiled at Draft. No 3rds, as I've reported. #mnwild will be green, similar to outdoor jersey

-Michael Russo (@Russostrib)


He went on to say that road jerseys would be unveiled too. COUNT IT DOWN! 44 DAYS UNTIL THE DRAFT! I know Devils fans have been counting it down too after winning the lottery.

On the Wild's new home jersey, THANK GOODNESS! They look better in green, they belong in green. The boring red jersey with the roundel logo never did it for me. Start making concepts now!

VOTES: Concept of the week, Concept of the month for April and the Random Comp. Sadly with finals week underway I couldn't prepare my entry, but we have some great ones in despite that.

PLAYOFFS: GAME 7 TONIGHT! AND GAME 7 ALSO TONIGHT! Penguins- Capitals, Oilers-Ducks. It's do or die to see who joins the Predators and the Senators in the Conference Finals. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME HOCKEY???


COTW-April vote (Ends Friday @Noon EST)
COTW April 28 - May 4 vote (Ends Friday @ Noon EST)
Random Competition Top 3 vote (Ends Friday @Noon EST)


Anthony C: Pembroke Lumber Kings (CJHL)

I drilled one thing into your head, I'll drill another. ALL STRIPING MUST OVERLAP THE TEMPLATE LINES. PERIOD. And again with the yoke striping, follow the curvature of the yoke. Throw that together with the rule I mentioned last week about numbers that include a 1 as a digit. As for the design itself, I don't like the combination of a vintage striping pattern with a wordmark logo that is designed to feel urban and modern.

Rating: 35%

Brooks F: Montreal Canadiens Concept

As crazy as the 90s were, It's very hard to make the Canadiens look that crazy because of how sacrilegious a crazy original 6 concept is (more on that in a moment). So we have a bit of a throwback with the red Canadiens jersey here, moving the numbers back into the arm stripes. The thin stripes overlapped by the numbers is a good idea for the theme of the concept. Problem is that I feel that there's not enough red in relation to the blue on that concept. It looks awkward.

Rating: 80%

Brooks F: Toronto Maple Leafs Concept

I think the addition of the silver works bug time here. It's a nice trim color to go alongside the classic blue and white. The silver outline cutting off the full sleeve yoke pattern in the shape of a Maple Leaf is genius. And I know this is supposed to be a 90s thing, but I'd nominate this for COTW easily if the silver leaf outline on the body of the jersey didn't exist. It's just the whole Original 6 thing.

Rating: 85%

David H: Calgary Flames Concept

The striping pattern is a decent idea that would work better with one of two options. One, you could make the hem stripe match exactly with the arms, or two, you moved the hem pattern down so that there's no red below it. This is a decent idea that suffers from one major, yet classic, problem: Yellow-On-White Syndrome. The shade of yellow isn't dominant enough against the white to stand out, so it gets lost in the logo, the font and the hem trim. There's two ways to fix that too. One, you could use a more powerful shade of yellow, or two, you could swap the position of colors in the pattern so that the black separates the white and yellow.

Rating: 80%

Lucas D: Anaheim Ducks Randomized Concept

For the Random Comp, Lucas shows us how the ducks would look with Sharks teal and Golden Knights grey. The luck of the draw couldn't suit the Ducks much better. The teal is close enough to the Ducks' old jade color that throwing back to a Mighty Ducks style concept is a no-brainer. The classic look is curved similar to the Ducks first non-Mighty jerseys. Execution note: the way the numbers are positioned, it looks as if they are too far left on the left arm, because of where the curve reaches its point on the sleeve.

Rating: 83%

Ryan C: Columbus Blue Jackets Concept

A nice simple look for the Jackets with a unique font. However by using their primary logo on the sleeves, it relegates the stronger logo to a secondary position. Between that and the fact that I think this looks too similar to the Minnesota Wild's script alternate in terms of striping patterns and yokes, I'll have to give this one a no-go. It can be nice to see if other teams would fit certain striping patterns better, but I want more originality here. And I know you drew this yourself and didn't copy the Wild exactly through paint-bucket filling. Too similar still

Rating: 65%

Ryan C: Montreal Canadiens Concept

Better. Colors balanced fairly well, though I think if you swapped the order of the stripes it would look better. Red yoke keeps the blue in check. Classic just like the Habs. This concept shows you that you don't need a chest stripe to make an excellent Canadiens Concept.

Rating: 90%

Spencer R: Thunder Bay Oilers (WCHL) Concept

A decent idea that draws inspiration from Edmonton yet looks completely separate because the cuffs have their color split the stripes instead of the body of the jersey. The orange jersey also looks better with the numbers where they belong: on the sleeve and not the yoke. I tried doing research on this team but it appears to be fictional, so on that note good job on the logos, especially the TB logo. However I have to close the reviews the same way I started it. ALL STRIPING MUST OVERLAP THE TEMPLATE LINES. PERIOD.

Rating: 78%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is: 



Another week in the books and another semester in the books. I can finally relax. Just kidding I have to go to work by the time this post goes live. In the mean time enjoy Game 7s tonight and get your picks ready for round 3 of the HJC Playoff Pool. See you next week!
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