Wednesday: Philling In

Welcome to the Wednesday post, I'm Jets96, philling in phor Phil today.

I told you about the voting in the Monday post, so I'll keep it short, the only thing that has changed is the WHJC voting has entered the Finals phase, and therefore you're not voting for one of the 3 division winners, but instead the main winner. Congrats to the divisional winners, good luck in this round, and votes are due Tuesday at 9pm. COTW is due at the normal time

COTW May 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
WHJC Division Vote (ends Tuesday @ 9pm ET)

On with today's concepts!


Atlanta Thrashers Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ Ryan uses two of Atlanta's best assets from their edge years, the shoulder patches from the motocross alternate, and the heavy use of baby blue
+ Love the choices of colours, double blue and yellow go really well together
+ The font used here is similar to what the Thrashers always wore, but is a nice update
+ Good execution

- Colour balancing is a bit off in the home striping in that I would have made the arms, and small hem stripe navy and the side/shoulder panels light blue
- I would have used the overhead thrashers logo on the pants to keep the thrasher blur from being used too much
- Lack of white on the home set's socks

Rating: 8/10

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ For those white preferred the Stars went more Blackhawks than Rangers in their striping, these are for you. The white jersey's striping actually goes quite nicely
+ Thank you for finally putting outlines on the numbers
+ Black yoke on the green jersey would work now, but I like the look of it here

- Pants need a logo
- The white collar on the black yoke with the black collar insert makes it look like the player is wearing a white dress shirt with a black tie
- I would have scraped the cuffs, but if you really wanted them I'd have made them the same colour as the stripe next to it OR I would have made it more like the Rangers or Habs cuffs
- Missing the shoulder patches are a big loss here

Rating: 6.75/10

DC Freedom NWHL Expansion Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ Primary logo is very simple, but in that matches the rest of the NWHL
+ Despite there being no red on the arms, I like the look of the striping. It's very simple but through making the stripes not match, the team adds a uniqueness to them
+ Alternate is different enough to not be considered a recolour
+ Love the stars on the gloves
+ Good execution, NWHL concept should have the NOB under the numbers

- I get what Matt is gong for with the alternate logo, but it's too simple for my taste
- The socks on the home and road need some red

Rating: 8.5/10 

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ While the striping is similar to the Leafs '67 jersey (which won't help the comparisons between the two teams), the arms and hem are a lot more filled out
+ Tampa should either choose to have script above their logo on both jerseys or neither, Anthony keeps this consistent
+ Good execution

- Numbers and captain's C are too small
- Pants need a logo/striping
- Shoulder patch is sorely missed on the shoulders 
- The blank spaces in the striping would be best filled with black to differ them from the Leafs

Rating: 6.75/10

Team Singapore Concept (By: FC Macbeth)

+ Striping on the arms are solid, like the pattern a lot 
+ It might not work great, but I can appreciate the idea behind the yokes, it's a unique idea that could work in some form
+ Stars in the socks
+ Basics of execution (helmet logo, NOB, tv numbers) are here and Fc is improving! 

- Primary logo is much too large (script is fine)
- I would make the yokes all one colour (black on the red jersey and red on the white jersey)
- I'd make the numbers and NOB on the white jersey red with a black outline
- If this is a Non-NHL concept, the NHL shield should not be in the collar insert
- Since black is such a main part of the colour scheme, I'd like to see it in the gloves, socks and pants

Rating: 5.5/10

New York Rangers Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ Really nice blend of the Rangers classic road striping and yoke, and the popular Lady Liberty alternates with the angled arm stripes
+ I wouldn't have thought this would have worked, but have the arm stripes meet up with the side panels looks really nice!
+ Lucas doesn't fix what isn't broken here (pants, numbers, colour scheme)
+ I don't usually like the recolour lady liberty logo, but the use of white/very light silver for the details of the Statue of Liberty helps it a lot!

- TV numbers are a bit low

Rating: 9.25/10  (despite it being Phil's day and this being a Rangers concept) COTW Nom from me! 

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ The alternate looks awesome! Reminds me of the Buffalo Bills' AFL striping and would love to see a set based around it! Adds something original but keeps the classic look intact 
+ While the debate of whether Winning should use red or light blue rages on, I really like the colour arrangement and balancing!
+ Good execution

- I would have used blue numbers on the alternate and white jersey
-Numbers are too small
- Pants need logos
- The problem with the home and road set is how similar the striping between this concept and the previous Tampa concept are. 

Rating: 7/10

Wednesday: Philling In Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on May 24, 2017 Rating: 5


Avi said...

what were the final vote counts for the preliminary round of voting for the whc?

Ryan said...

@Avi: The final numbers will be on Saturday's post.

FC Macbeth said...

Suck or such? That is the question.

Unknown said...

I'm gonna have to give my COTW nod to the Atlanta set. I just feel like they flow really well.

Steven Grant said...

I'll second Ryan's Atlanta concept for COTW. I really like the shoulder design with the logo within it, and the colours are used nicely on the jerseys, but I'm not a fan of the recoloured logos.

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