Wednesday: NHL Alphabetics

In today's post we have two NCAA concepts plus the 2nd through 6th NHL team in alphabetical order. Skip Anaheim (1), and we have Arizona, Boston, Buffalo, Calgary and Carolina. Kind of a neat luck of the draw for me. We'll see how my luck runs in regards to the quality of these concepts, but first, we interrupt this program for some breaking news:

NEWS: For you jersey collectors out there, you may have to wait a bit for the latest jerseys to add to your collection. The Golden Knights' jerseys will not be for sale until August as per the LAs Vegas Review Journal: https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/golden-knights-nhl/golden-knights-fans-wont-have-chance-to-buy-jerseys-until-august/


MORE NEWS: For those of you familiar with the Facebook comic series "The Stabley Cap", this news is for you. They are hosting a hockey tournament in Montclair, NJ on September 2nd and 3rd to have 4 of the prominent Stabley Cap comic series teams competing for the illustrious Stabley Cap itself: The Washentun Stabley Cap-itels, the Nu York Rager, the Nu Jerzee Devals and the Pittsberg Fills (Named after Fil Kessal). I will be participating in this tournament, having been drafted by the Fills. I will give out more information in regards to tickets as the tournament date comes closer. If you are in the area and want to play, registration is unfortunately closed, however there is a waitlist available in case someone drops out. If the list gets long enough, they may expand the tournament to 6 teams, adding the Flylandurz and the Texus Bangerz. The waitlist is here. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stabley-cap-ice-hockey-torunament-2017-tickets-33363762913

COMPETITIONS: The World Hockey Jersey Championships are alive and well here at HJC! Represent your country! Or your heritage. Or a random country. Whatever you decide, make it good and make it soon. Entries are due Friday at noon.


Ryan C: Canada

Brooks F: Canada

FC Macbeth: Russia (World)

Anthony C: Canada

Brooks F: Kyrgystan (World)

Brooks F: United States

VOTES: Only Concept of the Week this week. We are going to have a bracket style vote for the WHJC next week so stay tuned.

PODCAST: We are most likely setting up a podcast to be recorded after the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We will recap the season, guess the expansion draft, anticipate the new Adidas jerseys and preview the HJC Open. If you have any questions, I'll open up the floor closer to the recording date.


COTW May 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
WHJC entries (due Friday @ noon ET)


Anthony C: Boston Bruins Concept

A concept based on their first Reebok Edge Alternate. But unlike that alternate, this one features a hem stripe partial hem stripe. There's no reason why, honestly. ESPECIALLY with the throwback alternate. Speaking of that alternate, either have the vintage white be replaced by true white or do not use yellow to separate the three stripes, because the vintage white gets lost against that yellow. Numbers are too small.

Rating: 67%

Anthony C: Buffalo Sabres Concept

On this concept, the yellow is a bit more distinct up against the white, but the yellow yoke throws off the color balance on the blue jersey. Maybe a white yoke with yellow yoke stripes? Same execution errors with the numbers. And that partial hem stripe needs to go.

Rating: 65%

Anthony C: Calgary Flames Concept

This isn't similar enough to the Bruins jersey to call it a direct copy so I'll let it pass. But it does have the same execution issues as the other three so I can't let it pass in that regard. I still feel like having some trim placed in the logo would help it here, which is why I'm a fan of the black in their current color scheme. Maybe red between the white and yellow on the red jersey and an outer trim of red on the white jersey?

Rating: 67%

Burkus Circus: Arizona Coyotes Concept

Personally I have never been a fan of a cream-based jersey and the same rings true here. This concept gives a modern team a classic look, similar to the Canadiens but slightly different. It would be nice to see the back of the jerseys and the contrasting socks, as well as the rest of the equipment. Maybe also make the shoulder patches a little smaller. Usually what I do with this template is to set up a square canvas around the logo on paint.net (usually a multiple of 25 pixels), give the logo a bit of breathing room between its edges and the edge of the canvas, then reduce the whole thing to 50 x 50, then rotate it accordingly before pasting it on. Numbers looks slightly uneven in respect to their positioning on the sleeves.

Rating: 75%

Burkus Circus: Carolina Hurricanes Concept

Warning Flags are back! And so is black? Interesting. However, I feel that the white in the logo looks awkward on the jersey since it's the only instance of white there. Honestly both jerseys can use a little more white. And a back view. Same wishes in regards to equipment as the last concept.

Rating: 76%

TC Moore: UNC Greensboro Spartans (NCAA) Concept

That beautiful Greek pattern immediately puts this up towards the top of today's concepts. The yoke balances things out. My only complaint is that the grey seems forced beyond the logo. Execution note: I still see an NHL logo on the tag on the inside, despite it being an NCAA concept. The helmet logos are too low and too far towards the back of the helmet.

Rating: 85%

TC Moore: Arizona Wildcats (NCAA) Concept

Same issue with the execution. Otherwise a clean look with identical striping on the home and away, plus a crazy striping pattern on the alternate. It goes well with the crazy alternate logo, but I'm not a fan. I'd also suggest a red collar for the blue jersey.

Rating: 82%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Another week in the books and another day riding the Nashville Predators bandwagon. They have been so much fun to watch this postseason. But tonight its the Penguins visiting the Pesky Sens as the East final goes to game three with the series tied at 1 apiece. Hopefully next week either I preview the final or get you hyped for a game 7. We'll see next week!
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