Wednesday: For Club and Country

I hope the Americans that read this enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. I also hope the Canadians that read this enjoyed the Memorial Cup this weekend (as well as Americans outside of Seattle and maybe Erie), as the Windsor Spitfires, with arguably the worst jerseys in the OHL (If not Flint, Erie or Peterborough), win the tournament as the hosts despite losing to London in the first round of the OHL playoffs. I guess that just helps add to the fun of the Memorial Cup.

NEWS: While Chase covered the Capitals-Leafs Stadium Series game in Annapolis, I also have more from the State of the League Address: The 2018 All Star Game will be in Tampa Bay, all but confirming that the NHL "hates interrupting the season" unless it's convenient for the owners. Gross.

LET THEM GO TO THE [expletive] OLYMPICS [different expletive]!

I want Alex Ovechkin to go to the Olympics like he wanted to do initially just to say "Screw you" to Bettman, Ted Leonsis and the other owners of the National Hockey League. The reason they provided for not going to the Olympics is complete bull. Somebody on twitter noted that the NHL is responsible for the cancellation of 2,208 games under the reign of Gary Bettman because of a lack of a collective bargaining agreement. Don't give me this nonsense about interrupting a season. Screw off.

There should be no All-Star Game this year. End of Story. Send them to PyeongChang.

COMPETITIONS: The HJC Open is coming! But we need a logo first!


Matt G:


COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Friday, June 9 @ noon ET)


Adam G: New Jersey Devils Concept

Honestly I was never a fan of this striping pattern for the Devils with their red and green jerseys, mainly because of the varying thickness of the inner stripes. The stripes then fail to stand out against the white that surrounds them. Now as a chest stripe it further crowds the back of the jersey. Just overall not a fan.

Rating: 75%

Anthony C: Edmonton Oilers Concept

Anthony, you have become so much better at concept art here that I can say that I like this concept you bring here today. That away set needs to become their actual away set now. Maybe with a rounded yoke though. Execution notes: Numbers are too small as well as the captain's patch. I'd like to see a back view on this template.

Rating: 80%

Anthony C: Toronto St. Pats Concept

The one thing I loved about the St. Pats look is how clean it was with green and white only. Now we have a case of "Black for Black's sake", and I can't say that it helps. The pant striping is too modern for a team this classic. Numbers are again too small and would work better in the arm striping, because of the position of the logo combined with the thickness of the center stripe on each jersey.

Rating: 78%

Danny R: Team USA (IIHF) Concept

I like how the diagonal script matches the number on the back with the red shadow effect. And while the color balance on the road white seems a bit off, it does give me the impression of being modeled after the flag, red and white stripes with a blue field on the top. That alternate though... Talk about a throwback. Maybe use some blue numbers? The back numbers are hard to distinguish from a distance because of how thin the outline is.

Rating: 85%

FC MacBeth: Team Philippines (IIHF) Concept

If you recall earlier I had mentioned the Erie Otters as one of the worst jerseys in the OHL, and part of that has to do with the useless piping on the jersey. Here is no exception, on top of using two shades of yellow unnecessarily, yellow on white syndrome (yes the name and numbers are outlined on the white jersey but not thick enough and that shade of yellow is too bright to be on a white jersey. It's also very hard to make a jersey work using three primary colors. This one is just a mess.

Rating: 40%

Ryan H: Team USA (IIHF) Concept

This concept seems to  give me the exact opposite vibe of the World Cup jerseys: complex, red numbers and white striping on the primary jersey, plus a matching secondary. I love the small USA logo on the back of the yoke. I'm not sold on that striping pattern though. As well as relegating red to just the numbers and logos.

Rating: 83%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is



GAME 2 is tonight! I'll say that Nashville wins this one on the condition that Pekka Rinne doesn't play like absolute trash like he did in Game 1. 8 PM Eastern on NBCSN (ugh should be NBC), CBC, TVA and SN. Enjoy!
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Unknown said...

I took a random leap on those St. Pat's pants eh? Lol

Unknown said...

"GAME 2 is tonight! I'll say that Nashville wins this one on the condition that Pekka Rinne doesn't play like absolute trash like he did in Game 1"


Unknown said...

Vaughn, I did say on the condition that Pekka Rinne doesn't play like absolute trash, did I not?

He played like absolute trash.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

COTW Nom to Danny's USA concept. Home and Road are great and the alternate is icing on the cake! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Anonymous said...

Rant of the Year nom to Phil's Olympics rant.

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