Wednesday: Busy Busy Busy

Between classes and work, today is rather jam packed for me. So let's get straight to business.

NEWS: Despite rumors of relocation earlier this year, the Kootenay Ice of the WHL have a new set of logos! The franchise recently changed hands from the Chynoweth family to a new ownership group containing Matt Cockell and Greg Fettes. Here are the logos:

Image result for kootenay ice new logo
(via Summit 107 FM)

While not as good as the award winning design of Brooks F. over here at HJC, it's still quite good and a much needed improvement over what they had originally. Good on them. 85%

COMPETITION: The Random Comp goes on. Here's a look at the entries for today:

Just kidding. We got nothing today, but we hope to have more entries soon.


COTW April 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
The Random Competition entries (due Friday @ noon ET)


Anthony C: Portage Terriers (MJHL) Concept

Decent idea that could work better if the arm stripes were slanted just like the yoke stripes and if the pant stripes matches. numbers are too high, and because you are using a two-digit number that includes a 1 (11 is exempt from this), the non-1 digit must be split so that some of it appears on the opposite sleeve next to the one. TEMPLATE LINES! I WILL DRILL THIS INTO YOUR HEAD! Take the pencil tool and draw over it with the base color of the jersey. Template lines end at striping.

Rating: 68%

Anthony C: West Kelowna Warriors (BCHL) Concept

Template lines again. Also take note of this: The light shade of black that you are using kind of blends in with the dark shade of red used here. Also as I pointed out last week, please curve the stripes under the yoke so that they flow parallel to the yoke itself.

Rating: 60%

Jordan R: Pittsburgh Pirates (NHL) Concept

The NHL's Pittsburgh Pirates existed from 1925-1930 before moving to Philadelphia for the 1930-31 season and then folding immediately afterwards. Their logo was a simple P slanted upwards with black and gold. Jordan dumps the black for double blue and changes the shade of gold to Vegas gold. Double blue schemes are more often than not good. This gold finishes everything. The custom logo. the color mix. The striping. The font. GENIUS! A beautiful modern look that separates the team from the MLB counterpart.

Rating: 100%

Jordan R: Toronto St. Pats Concept

It was cool to see the Leafs use St. Pats throwbacks this season. Jordan modernizes that idea with a new logo with a similar wordmark as the Leafs' current logo on a shamrock with a hockey stick-shaped stem. And while double blue is almost a guaranteed good look, double green is harder to pull off. It's tough because although the logo stands out better on a primarily dark green sash, I feel that there isn't enough of the lighter green on the white jersey. Otherwise no complaints

Rating: 90%

Ryan C: Buffalo Sabres Concept

I love everything about this except for one thing sticking out like a sore thumb: GREY. It looks forced and completely unnecessary. Maybe a hem trim in a partial copy of the striping pattern? Use the secondary color to replace the grey and add a yellow stripe separated just above by the base color of the jersey. You're also toeing the line of Yellow-on-White Syndrome.

Rating: 77%

TC Moore: Detroit Red Wings Concept

I still hate this template but you seem to have some success with it so more power to you. An idea based on the 2014 Winter Classic against the Leafs at the Big House. You mix that striping pattern with the Wings' current setup of a classic solid red jersey and a white road with red sleeves and white stripes. The modern D logo from the 2015 Stadium series against Colorado appears, making it a full mix of past, present and future design ideas. EXECUTION NOTES: The wordmark logo on the helmets are way too low. The numbers on the sleeves are a tad too big. It would be nice to see the classic arched nameplate but that's tricky to pull off on paint.net without some add-ons. Lastly and most closely analyzed, compare the shade of red you use throughout with the shade of red you use on the name and numbers on the back of the white jersey. You'll notice that the name and numbers use a slightly brighter shade of red than the red of the jersey. Careful with that, because not all shades of colors match from the different sources you gather for your image, such as number templates versus logos.

Rating: 80%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is



And that wraps it up for another week. Hopefully next time we meet the Senators take out the Rangers and advance to the conference finals, in which they'll likely get run over by Pittsburgh sadly. Don't forget to vote and send in those Random Comp Entries. See you later!
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