Tuesday: No more Weeping and NASHing...

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

First off, congratulations to the Nashville Predators on making it to their first ever Stanley Cup Final! It's great for that franchise, and great for PK Subban, one of my favorite players! I do feel a little conflicted however, as the Predators might have the chance to win the Stanley Cup before any team in Minnesota has won it... But I guess there's always next year for the Wild... 

Also, I don't believe this has been mentioned yet, but the SPHL team, the Fayetteville FireAntz, were recently bought by Jeff Longo and Chuck Norris. (Not that Chuck Norris though...) and on May 12th, the rebranded the team the Fayetteville Marksmen, going with Military themes. 

I think it's a great update from the FireAntz, and it brings a little maturity to the SPHL! 
Here's the link to the full story

And this is an interesting image that appeared on the sportslogos.net forums. 
This probably came from inside the Preds team shop in Bridgestone Arena, which makes me wonder how many other teams will be changing their sweaters before next year! Has anyone else seen something like this at their team's team store recently??? 

On to the concepts! 


Ryan C.- Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
Ryan starts us off with his Hurricanes concept! 
  • I really like the upper sleeve pattern! 
  • The number font also matches the logo very well!
  • The striping pattern is also fantastic! 
  • Good logo choice! 
  • Faux shoulder yoke piping NEVER works... And in this case, it clutters the look
My rating: A decent concept, but the faux-yoke holds it back... 8.5/10

John E.- NHL Centennial Classic (MTL. vs OTT.)
Next up is John and his Centennial Classic match-up! 
  • I like the striping pattern on both jerseys! 
  • The pants stripe on the Sens set is great! 
  • I also like the slate grey color that you added to the Sens set
  • While I like color-on-color matchups, this doesn't look the best. The shade of red used for the Habs is a little odd, and the design of the sweater would look better in white.
  • You also should have added a little silver to the Habs since you added silver to the Senators. 
My rating: Good, but white would have worked much better for the Habs sweater... 8/10

FC M.- Malaysia (IIHF) 
We go to international hockey for our third concept of the day, with FC's Malaysia concept as part of his ASEAN series! 
  • I like the striping pattern based off of their flag! 
  • The Chest stripe also looks good

  • Unfortunately there is a lot of execution errors on both of these
    • The name and numbers on the back are WAY too big
    • The main logos are WAY too small
    • You're missing the other TV number on the left of the backside. 
  • I'm also confused why there is no white jersey in the main set. Every team needs a white contrasting jersey so they can stand out against anyone, no matter who they play.
  • You also have a lot of mismatching equipment on the blue jersey. It has black pants and a white helmet
  • I'm not sure why there's a black jersey... It's just black for black's sake, and it doesn't look good, especially when the color scheme of red, white, yellow, and blue is already a great color scheme... 
  • The blue jersey also doesn't have enough yellow
  • Sleeve cuffs at the very end of the sleeve are pointless, as they will be hidden under the glove. See the Winnipeg Jets, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Tampa Bay Lightning 
My rating: Don't be discouraged by this negative feedback, just learn from this! 4.5/10

FC M.- Malaysia 3rd (IIHF) 
FC continues his ASEAN series with Malaysia's third jersey! 
  • I like the logo! 
  • Logo is too big
  • See same execution errors as above
  • You can also tell that you reused the the blue jersey from above, as you didn't change the back collar, Reebok box, or the socks... 
My rating: Just focus on the small details, and you'll get better! 4/10

Anthony C.- Ontario Reign (AHL)
Anthony gets the last three concepts of the day, starting with the Ontario Reign! 
  • I really like the Kings Stadium Series template for the Reign!
  • Also good job on not using white pants! 
  • Logos are a little too small
  • Same with numbers and Captains patch
  • You also used two different shades of black on both uniforms. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but either way, it looks sloppy... 
My rating: A good concept, but you need to focus on the little details... 7/10

Anthony C.- Canada (IIHF) 
Anthony's next concept is for Canada!
  • I like the striping pattern based off of the WCoH! 
  • I also like the 1920's-esque fauxback!
  • I also like the added black to the leaf pattern
  • The TV numbers and Captain patches are a little small... 
  • The black numbers on the red jersey will be hard to read...
My rating: A great concept for Canada, and much better than what they currently wear! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!! 

Anthony C.- New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Lastly we have Anthony's New Jersey Devils concept! 
  • I like the throwback colors! 
  • I also like the white hem stripe on the red jersey
  • The striping pattern for the white jersey looks fantastic! 
  • I like that you kept the overall feel of the New Jersey Devils!
  • I don't really like the striping pattern on the red jersey... Flipping the colors would have looked better... 
  • The TV numbers are also too small... 
My rating: A decent concept that updates the Devils, but keeps their overall feel! 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: No more Weeping and NASHing... Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on May 23, 2017 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

John E. for COTW!

JJ Anderes said...

That preds jersey looks way too similar to Matt McElroy's Iceborn template.

Unknown said...

It seems like the NHL can't stop themselves from using Matt McElroy's work.

COTW to John E

Caz said...

It would be surprising if next years jerseys were markedly different. Doubtful we'll see another year like 2007. Likely jersey manufacturers have learned their lesson after so many of those jerseys were not embraced by fans and trashed for newer, more unique looks in the following years.

However, the Predators' marketing materials have downplayed white accents in favor of greater emphasis on simply gold/navy. Of course, nothing could come of it, but we could see a "modification" of the current set with no "apron string" piping. I would be very disappointed to see a redesign. A simple clean up could make Nashville one of the better jersey sets in the league.

Caz said...

I will say this: several people are asking about this, and the majority of them seem to be mainly concerned about cost. Jersey prices simply must come down. I can't stand to see any more terrible counterfeit jerseys. They're becoming more common in Nashville, and it is a real eyesore.

Jerseys are too expensive, and online stores don't stock enough options. If I wanted to buy a jersey for a CURRENT Nashville Predator online my only option is PK Subban. No Rinne? Forsberg? Johansen? Josi? It's a joke. Counterfeiters give you more options without having to opt for really expensive custom work and that's pathetic.

GEOFF said...

If jersey prices come down what downgrades in quality will come with that? You already get screenprinted shoulder pathese and plastic names and numbers. Do you really want screenprinted crests and cheaper materials? Give me a price increase for a better quality replica any day of the week. Something like they used to be with everything embroidered.

Also through this webwebsite I've found a place to buy non counterfeit jerseys that also does fantastic customization with twill names and numbers. Same price or possibly cheaper than nhl.com

Although with the whole fanatics handling replica jerseys soon I think quality is going to go down on replicas along with a downgrade in quality

M said...

To add to the jersey cost issue, I've gotten into the habit of just sticking with blank sweaters, yet it seems that the push to sport player names means you're mostly only seeing the higher priced pre-customized varieties.

The gag was when I bought a couple old Koho sweaters just as the new Reeboks were being rolled out and I was told I could get 30% off customizing. I joked that I could put the savings towards getting it re-customized next year when my player got traded. [Later that year, my favorite "mainstay" player was traded] But since player movement has just kept ramping up since the CBA in '95, chances are your sweater will be outdated quickly.

And either way, I figure what's on the back isn't as important as what's on the front, so why spend the extra money to divert the focus away from that.

Anonymous said...

Anthony!!! You have been improving so much. Good for you!

Unknown said...

I simply have no interest of getting any current jerseys that aren't of my team which is a plus for me, but I gotta agree that jersey prices are too high. I've mainly been sticking to Kijiji and gouging the jerseys there. I've found some for pretty cheap (25-50 bucks) without and even with customization. My local sports shop does customization for $40 (at least the last time round) so spending ~100 bucks on a customized jersey is much better than spending $150+ on a blank jersey. I'd recommend Kijiji/Craigslist highly.

TC Moore said...

Love the detail of the M in the forehead of the fox head in the new Marksmen logo. nice touch. Also, I have to echo the praise for the leaps and bounds by which Anthony has been improving recently. Well done, man.

Unknown said...

I would like to nominate Ryan C.'s Carolina Hurricanes concept

Richard Mazella said...

I can guarantee as of today that the Sabres store at FKeyBank Center (open 8-5 M-S, excluding games) has no such warning of new unis.

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