Tuesday: Late... Again...

Sorry, but it's finals week... Uggg... 

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On to the concepts!!!!

Ryan C.- Calgary Hitmen (WHL) 
First up we have Ryan and his Calgary Hitmen concept! 
  • I love the color scheme! 
  • The striping pattern is also fantastic! It's not too cheesy, and it's more original.
  • The number font is also great! The pink really makes the numbers stand out! 
  • I also like that you kept the hem striping to a minimum. The arms are very busy, and that helps balance it out!
  •   The pants stripe clutters up the look, and it doesn't really match the rest of the striping pattern
  • I also don't like that the shoulder logo is the same as the main crest... 
My rating: I very nice concept, and one that I'd like too see HIT the ice... 8.5/10 

 Lucas D.- New York Rangers Add-a-color series (NHL)
Next up we have Lucas and the next edition of his Add-a-color series. The next team is the NYR! 
  • I like the sash design!
  • The striping pattern reminds me of the Colorado Rockies! 
  • I'd like to see the backside, and see how you incorporate the yellow into the name and numbers...
  •  The whole yellow color seems forced... Especially around the logo... 
  • I also don't like the darker shade of yellow. It should be more gold, and less mustard-y... 
 My rating: This series seems like a great idea and a lot of fun, but this one just doesn't work the best... 7/10 

Anthony C.- Rockland Nationals (NCJHL)
Next up we have Anthony's Rockland Nationals concept! 
  • I love the striping pattern! It reminds me of the Toronto Toros of the WHA.
  • Good logo choice!
  • I also love the Red leaf on the shoulder of the blue jersey! 
  • I also like the sleeve cuffs!
  • A couple execution errors... 
    • The stitching should stop at the hem stripe, and not run through it
    • Also, the TV numbers say "61" but the back numbers say 17
    • N&#OB are both off-centered a little bit
  •  I'd also like to see some equipment
Anthony C.- Rockland Nationals Alt. (NCJHL)  

We also get to see the complete set with the Alternate jersey! 
  •  I like the striping pattern
  • I also like how all the elements follow the striping pattern... i.e.- The logo and the numbers have a double outline
  •  Same as above
  • A couple execution errors... 
    • The stitching should stop at the hem stripe, and not run through it
    • Also, the TV numbers say "61" but the back numbers say 17
    • N&#OB are both off-centered a little bit
  •  I'd also like to see some equipment
 My rating: A great look for a junior team, but a few errors are holding it back... 6.5/10

Brooks F.- San Jose Sharks 90's series (NHL) 
Lucas here gives us a nostalgic, but possibly heart-attack educing 90's designs! 
  • Everything...
    • The teeth pattern, to the logo springing out at you, to the number font...
  • All kidding aside, these are fantastic, but there are a few things...
    • I would like to see the orange back in the stick
    • The black numbers might be a little hard to read on the dark teal, especially on the sleeve-length yoke of the white jersey
My rating: This is rad... 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!!

Jordan R.- Detroit Cougars (Defunct NHL) 
Jordan continues his defunct NHL series with the Detroit Cougars! 
  • I like the double blue color scheme...
  • I also like the old English D on the pants! 
  • N&# font look great!
  • The updated logo is also great! 
  • While I like the double blue and gold color scheme, I don't understand it... The Cougars originally wore red and white... 
  • These are also clearly based off of the North Stars jerseys...  I'd like to see a little more creativity... 
My rating: A solid design, but lacking it creativity... 7/10

Brooks F.- Minnesota Wild 90's series (NHL)
Last, but certainly not least, we have Brooks second concept of the day, the Minnesota Wild in a 90's look! 
  • These are fantastic, are almost as good as their inaugural jerseys! 
    • I'd buy one in a heartbeat!
  • The treeline hem and star crest shoulders are really neat ideas to reflect the logo!
  • I also love the original shoulder patch! 
  • As good as these are, there are a few execution errors... 
    • All of the logos should also have a beige outline, and not white... It helps the logo match the jersey a little better
    • Also all of the Bear-head logos should be facing the same way... There's no need to turn them around... The Wild don't even do that...  
  • Also, the Wild's original number font would have worked better on the back of these... 
 My rating: A great 90's version of the Minnesota Wild, without straying too far from the originals! But a few errors hold this back... 8.5/10


 Well that's all for toady!
Tuesday: Late... Again... Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on May 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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