Tuesday: The Birds and the Vees

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!
There's not a whole lot of news, so we'll jump right in today! 

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Here's some of our latest entries in the World Hockey Jersey Championship!

Avi S.- Canada (Canada Div.)
Avi S.- USA (USA Div.)
Anthony C.- USA (USA Div.)
On to the concepts! 


Burkus Circus- Anaheim Ducks (NHL) 
First up we have a Ducks design from Burkus!

  • I love the tail stripes, and the swoosh design! 
  • I also like the collar and shoulder patches! 
  • The yoke also looks good on the white jersey
  • There are a lot of loose pixels in the striping pattern
  • I also don't like how the hem stripes are curved, but not the arm stripes.
  • The colors of the logo also don't match the colors of the jersey...
  • I'd also like to see a backside with names and numbers
  • You also forgot a white sock, and I'd like to see equipment
  • Faux piping also never works...
My rating: It's ok... It still needs a lot of work, execution-wise... 6.5/10

T.C.M.- Spokane Chiefs (WHL;CHL) 

Next Up we have a Spokane Chiefs concept by our TC! 

  • I really like the striping pattern based on the logo! 
  • I also like the "C" shoulder patch! That's very clever! 
  • I also really like the pants stripe! 
  • These are much better than Habs clones! 
  • I've said this on all of your concepts, and I just realised why... Your back numbers are too big. This is because your template is disproportional. It also makes your TV numbers super small, even though they seem to fit... I know you've said you like your template, but it's not a great template... the sportslogos.net template we have under our template section is a much better template than this one, at least proportion wise...
  • I also think the name in blue on the white jersey would help the color balance
  • Helmet logo should be a little bigger and more centered
  • The template striping should stop at the tail stripes, even on the inside that you can see on the bottom of the hem on the front
My rating: It may seem like there's a lot of negative stuff about this concept, but it's mostly about the template, that barely affects the design. 8.5/10 

T.C.M.- St. Mary's College Gaels (NCAA) 

T.C.'s second concept of the day goes to St. Mary's College!

  • I love the striping pattern!
  • The number font also works really well with the logo! 
  • I also like the alt logos! 
  • The main logo on the blue jersey should have it's colors flipped to match the numbers
  • Same template rant as last concept
  • Same execution errors as last concept
My rating: A little more traditional for and untraditional team! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Lucas D.- Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) 

The next couple of concepts go to Lucas! This first one is for the Pittsburgh Penguins! 

  • I love the metallic gold stripes! 
  • I also like the Vegas Gold color scheme, It's very underappreciated. 
  • I also like the colored upper sleeve design
  • This concept isn't too exciting, and doesn't exactly scream Penguins... Changing the colors and logos would make this concept fit for any team... 
My rating: Well executed, but a little boring... 7/10

Lucas D.- Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL Identity Swap series) 

Lucas's second concept of the day is an identity swap of the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars! I will also be review mostly the logo, as the uniforms are the same...

  • I like the overall idea of the logo...
  • I also like the Stars sweater in Blue... 
  • The absence of black in the middle of the roundel logo is great attention to detail.

  • It would be a little hard to tell what the logo was if I wasn't a hockey fan...
  • The "T" needs to fit a little better with the bolt, instead of on top of it... 
  • The logo should also include a "B" along with the "T", as they are the Tampa BAY Lightning, and not just the Tampa Lightning
  • Also, I'd like to see a Florida outline logo on the breezers, just like the Stars have a Texas Logo... 
My rating: A good swap, but it's not all there... 7.5/10

Anthony C.- Anaheim Ducks (NHL) 

The last couple of concepts belong to Anthony! First off his two is the Anaheim Ducks!

  • I really like the striping pattern
  • I also like the heavy emphasis on orange on the main set
  • I also like the elimination of the Beige color... 
  • The tail stripes should not stop at the side panels
  • The arm stripes should also be slanted... 
  • The background of the logo on the dark jerseys should be more contrasted... 
  • The captains patch also doesn't match the font that you used... 
  • The TV numbers are also WAY to small... 
  • The logo is also a little too far down... 
  • I also don't like black for eggplant on the jade jersey... 
My rating: While these have a good idea, there is a lot of execution errors holding these back... 7/10

Anthony C.- Penticton Vees (BCHL)

The last concept of the day goes to Anthony, and his Penticton Vees concept! 

  • I like the simple striping pattern
  • I also like the light blue numbers
  • I also really like the maple leaf on the sleeves!
  • The logo is very big, as well as the back numbers, compared to the stripes. 
  • Template striping should stop at the tail stripes... 
My rating: A decent jersey that would match their set very well! But a few execution errors hold this back... 7/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: The Birds and the Vees Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on May 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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