Thursday: Escaping The 3-1 Curse Again

For a minute, I was scared I was going to have to eat my words from last week. After stealing 3 games from the Caps and going up 3-1, they played a mediocre game 5 and an atrocious game 6, and all of a sudden it's a tie series.

Put those Penguins 3-1 lead memes away though, we don't need them yet. The Penguins pulled through to shutout the Caps and continue the pastime of second round exits for Washington. As a Pens fan, I'm thrilled.

On the flip side, I do feel for the Caps and their fans. This must be tough to go through, and to see it consistently happen year after year. Truth be told, I don't hate the Caps (just some of their players), and I wouldn't be upset to see them (or at least some of their other players that I don't hate) lift the cup one day, just as long as it isn't at the expense of the Pens.

And out west, the Ducks pulled out a 2-1 win last night to end the young Oilers' almost cinderella run to the conference final. I don't think anyone expected much more from such a young and playoff-inexperienced Oilers team, so all things considered it was a great season from them. I can't say as much about this game/series as I don't follow anyone else like I do my Pens, but the Oilers will be back soon, count on it.

In non-playoff related news, a Golden Knights draft hat has leaked.

Apparently this hat design replicates the jersey design, and I've already seen a concept or two using it, so expect to see more of them until the official jerseys are unveiled (and even after they are, let's be honest).


In HJC news rather than NHL news, we have a few votes this week. COTW as expected, the COTW-April vote, and the voting for the random competition. A lot of good concepts up for voting, so go take a look and leave a tally!

Also, with the second round ending yesterday and the third beginning tomorrow, you only have a day to get your playoff pool picks in, so go do that!

COTW-April vote (Ends Friday @Noon EST)
COTW April 28 - May 4 vote (Ends Friday @ Noon EST)
Random Competition Top 3 vote (Ends Friday @Noon EST)


Anthony C. - Toronto Red Wings
Toronto Red Wings...that's a weird sight.
+For a mix of two teams with classic looks, a traditional look is a good direction.
+The Red Wings logo chosen fits the vintage look.
+Good idea to use a script logo to make sure this isn't confused with Detroit.
-Not a fan of the typeface used for it though.
-The hem stripes should be a bit curved to match this template.
-Seeing the back and the equipment would be nice.
Overall: 8/10

Brooks F. - Norfolk Admirals
+A nice, classy logo. I wouldn't say that's fitting of an NHL team, but it works great for the ECHL or even the AHL.
+Good color balance and a beautiful color scheme.
-A brighter blue may have looked a bit better, but I'm a fan of bright and vibrant colors so maybe it's just me.
+I like the number font...
-...but I think a block font might look better for the name.
-This is kinda nitpicking, but I think the white collar insert on the blue jersey would look better if it was blue.
Overall: 8/10

Brooks F. - Winnipeg Jets
+I've been loving your 90s series. They all look amazingly awful, and this is no exception.
-This is one of the less extreme ones you've done, though. Not saying this is bad or unrealistic, but I want to see you go all out. I could imagine seeing a jet flying across the jersey.
+I like the sense of movement that the striping gives. I almost wonder if something like this could actually work.
+The slanted numbers are perfect, and the font works really well.
-Name looks a bit small, though.
+Great choice for the logos.
Overall: 9/10

Jordan R. - California Seals
+Another series I've been loving and following, with a lot of great looks.
+The classic striping pattern looks quite nice.
+Those shoulder stripes are a great way to take their past uniform and modernize it. A trend I honestly might not mind seeing come back if they were all executed this well.
+Gorgeous logo.
+The beveled numbers actually work really well. I've tried something similar for a Dallas concept, but it works even better here. Great font choice too.
+I like that arm logo patch placement. It's a unique one, but it works.
-I'm not sure how well white numbers on the white jersey would work...but as long as it would contrast well enough it's definitely the right way to go.
Overall: 9.75/10 and my COTW nomination

Lucas D. - Los Angeles Kings
+I like the premise of this series. It's especially nice for the Kings, as it should brighten up and add some color to their very bland black and white uniforms.
-Except you left the uniforms primarily black and white anyways. Very boring and bland looking on the ice.
-I'm also really confused at what the colors on the side panel are for. For one, you added two colors, blue and yellow to the Kings' current scheme of black, white, and gray. Secondly, none of these colors even appear on the jersey, blue is completely nonexistent and the gold on the jersey is the closest you'll get to that yellow. Am I missing something? Please let me know because this is really confusing me.
+On the striping itself, it's a nice look. Getting rid of that yoke outline thing helps the look, as does adding the gold.
-It's not too creative, though. Not much of a departure from the current. The gold also doesn't contrast too well with the black and gray striping of the white jersey.
Overall: 7.5/10

Ryan C. - Buffalo Sabres
+I like the general direction that this concept is going in.
-It has some issues though. The first one is the striping, especially the blue jersey. It's a tad too busy, and the gray is really unnecessary and muddies up the concept.
+Though if the gray is going to be there, this isn't a bad use of it at all.
-I think the biggest problem with the jersey design itself is the shoulder yokes. They look a tad on the large side, and I think they're unnecessary in the first place. They just make the jersey look a bit too busy.
+The font works fine on a concept like this.
-I'm really not a fan of the logo. It's way too busy and it reminds me more of a mashup for a fan t-shirt, similar to this mashup of the three big Pittsburgh teams, which I see fairly often since I live near the city.
Overall: 7.5/10

Ryan C. - Winnipeg Jets
+This looks like a nice way of combining a new Jets look with that they have now.
+Good color balance and a solid striping pattern.
+I like the addition of red on to the uniforms instead of just being in the logo.
-The stripes might look a bit better if they overlapped the piping and went all the way around like they do now. This could also be something that I'll need to see worn before I can decide if I really like it or not.
-I think the font would look better if it was just a bit taller.
Overall: 8/10

Tuomas R. - Minnesota Wild
+I like this general idea, and I definitely haven't seen it before.
-It really isn't suited for the front of a jersey, though, if that was the intention. It looks like, again, a design for a fan t-shirt like I mentioned in Ryan's Sabres concept.
-The white star looks out of place with everywhere else being wheat instead of white.
-The execution could use some work. First off, the green around the wordmark isn't even the same shade as the green around the primary logo. The stroke is also not too well done, as the thickness is inconsistent. Part of the M also sticks outside of the stoke. I'm sure with more graphics practice these execution issues will improve, though.
-I would also give the wordmark more breathing room. some of the primary logo can be cut off/altered to do this.
Overall: 7/10


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.

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Lucas D. said...

That was the colour arrangement for a yet to be posted other concept... I apparently forgot to change it!

winnipegjets96 said...

Brook's Jets Concept for COTW

John E. said...

2nd Jordan R's Seals concept for COTW

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