Thursday: Colorful Concepts

Hello everyone, welcome back!

I have nothing here news related for you guys, and nothing else to talk about, because I definitely don't want to talk about that Pens game last night... (I should have a bit of something in the coming weeks, though), so let's get right on with it shall we?


Voting wise this week we only have the COTW vote, so pretty simple there. The World Hockey Jersey Championship entries are also due tomorrow at noon, so get those in if you plan to enter!

COTW May 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
WHJC entries (due Friday @ noon ET)


Ryan H.
Jesper W.
Jordan R.


Anthony C. - Detroit Red Wings
+If this is supposed to be a fauxback design, it's done pretty well. The vintage logo really adds to that.
-If not, then the vintage logo is really not a good direction to go in.
+Pretty nice looking striping pattern regardless.
-The inner striping is a little too thin for my liking.
-I understand that you may just be doing it to match how you think the Adidas template may work, but god does cutting off the hem striping like that look awful.
-Seeing gear and the back of the jersey would be nice.
Overall: 7.5/10

Anthony C. - Minnesota Wild
+I really like the idea of using Iowa's "Wild" script for Minnesota, and it's surprisingly something I haven't thought of.
-Though I don't think it would be a great primary logo for a team, especially considering that their current is pretty nice.
+It would definitely make Minnesota unique in the NHL, though.
-Also, this isn't a necessity, but in many sports where the team wears a wordmark on their jersey, they tend to wear their team name at home while repping their city on the road. You have the reverse of that.
+I love the idea of having a North Stars themed alternate jersey...
-But I'm not sure it would work too well. The North Stars identity really isn't a bit part of the Wild's identity, so it may not make sense to wear jerseys based on them regularly.
-Also, on that jersey, keep the striping consistent. On the arms you have no green stripe between the yellow and white, on the hem you do.
-Same comment as last concept in regards to cutting off the hem stripes.
Overall: 8/10

Burkus Circus - Calgary Flames
+If this was a 90s series or a series about making really out of the box concepts, this would be a perfect fit.
-Now I know this is an "NHL by adidas Series", and to each their own, but if it's supposed to double as your ideal NHL, I really would have to wonder why this is part of it.
+The "I'm sorry" comment below the title is pretty funny, and makes me think this isn't actually your ideal Flames look.
-I can't really understand why the logos is so oddly positioned, unless it's because of the striping. In that case, I'd lower the striping a tad.
+I do agree with your removal of black. It actually doesn't make this concept as bad as it should be with such a crazy design. Imagine how busy that would be.
-The socks actually aren't even too bad, but they would look a little plain as the yellow would blend in and it would look like solid red and white.
-Seeing the backs would be nice, because especially on this concept I'd like to see how you worked the numbers into there.
Overall: 7.5/10

Burkus Circus - Columbus Blue Jackets
-I seem to be in the minority, but I've never been a huge fan of Columbus' alternate jersey, especially not as a new primary. Is it nicer than the current home and road? Most definitely. But the gray really muddies up the look which could be much crisper without it. I also don't think that logo is primary material. It works fine on the front of an alt, or as a shoulder patch, but I don't think it would make a good primary logo for the team.
+That was a long ramble. On the flip side, I like the striping pattern, aside from the gray as I mentioned.
+The colors are balanced well.
-The numbers look just a tad small to me.
-I like the placement of the Adidas stripes. Subtle, but visible.
Overall: 8.5/10

Peter H. - Rögle BK
+Compared to what I've seen in a Google search of their current (or possibly past) jerseys, I like the extra shot of red added to these jerseys compared to the others.
-It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas though...ba dum tss.
+The striping pattern has a nice traditional look to it. The road jersey reminds me of a mix of Oshawa Generals and New York Rangers.
-The vertical stitching needs to stop at the hem stripes, though.
+I love the yoke stripes.
-Name looks a tad small.
Overall: 8.5/10

T.C. Moore - UNLV
+I'm usually not a fan of red, black, and gray together, as the gray just muddies it up, but it doesn't look bad here.
+Big upgrade over what looks to be their current jerseys. The splash of color is a great improvement.
-The striping patterns almost seems a bit too simple. Not incredibly creative unless I'm missing something.
-I think coloring the cuffs (like the alternate does) would work better for this concept than the upper arm fill.
-Not a fan of the logo on the alternate. Or at least not how it looks. Not sure how much meaning it has to the school, but it looks too cartoonish to me.
Overall: 7.5/10

T.C. Moore - University of Texas
+This concept already looks more unique than the last one.
+I like the upper arm fills on this one too.
+The primary's font is nice and unique...
-...but I'm not a huge fan of how it looks. Something similar, yet a bit more athletic looking, may fit better.
-I don't think there's a need for the "Texas" arching over the logo.
-I have pretty much the exact same sentiment to this alternate's logo as I did for the last concept.
+Great shoulder patch choice though.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!
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