Saturday: Random Gilmour

The winner of the final COTW vote for April (April 21-27) was Lucas D!

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This was Lucas' 1st COTW win of 2017! It's a very good concept that provides Ducks fans with a lot of popular retro elements. And when you mix popular retro elements with popular current pieces of the team's brand, it's a recipe for a good looking jersey.


We now have all four COTW winners from April. They all come together to compete for the COTW-April title. If you are logged into any type of Google account then the red poll should appear on the side of the page for you. Your vote will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern.

The COTW nominees for April 28 - May 4 have also been listed on the side of the page. You will find them in the black poll, provided you are logged into a Google account. Votes will be counted up until noon Eastern time on Friday.


We had 16 entries submitted for The Random Competition. All entries can be viewed by clicking the banner at the top of the page. Or you can click the COMPETITION tab to see the entries and to vote. The voting poll has also been placed on the side of the page. Log into your Google account and you will have until Friday at noon Eastern to have your votes counted. It's a Top 3 vote.


For those of you in the HJC Playoff Pool, we will start seeing some series end this week. I think there's a really good chance that Pittsburgh knocks off the Capitals in Game 5 tonight. As the series end keep checking the PLAYOFF POOL page for updated Playoff Pool standings. It's not only teams that will be eliminated, but also Playoff Pool participants. Those who cannot accumulate enough points to win the pool will be highlighted in red. Good luck everyone!


The Reebok era is coming to an end and I thought this would be a good time to point out a couple of the high points of Reebok's time in the NHL. It would be really easy to pick a Blackhawks jersey, or a Canadiens jersey, however I thought I would break this into two categories.

Best "traditional style" Reebok jersey.
Again, any Original 6 team could fit into this category, but what's the point on doing that? Those teams are classic for a reason, so I'm not considering them. Plus Reebok really only changed the Maple Leafs and Bruins jerseys during their era.

I have selected the Minnesota Wild's road jersey as the best traditional style jersey released in the Reebok era. And I would even go further and say that this was the best looking Edge jersey that Reebok ever produced. The square yokes with the roundel logo looks fantastic. It helped to align the look of the Wild's jerseys. The collar laces could have been fantastic...and then Minnesota went and changed them to that inside-out style.

Best "modern style" Reebok jersey.

The best modern style Edge jersey ever made is the Nashville Predators' home jersey! Nashville is doing a fantastic job owning the yellow and this jersey started it all. My favourite feature of this jersey is the unique collar. It's the same build as a classic laced collar, but without the laces. The overall look of the jersey looks like a hockey jersey should, but the vertical piping and the curved arm stripes/cuffs make this modern and unique.


Coming soon to eBay...two Doug Gilmour jerseys!
I was given these jerseys a couple of years ago from a friend. However they don't fit me, so it's time for someone else to enjoy them. All of the numbers are layered and officially licensed. They are not the single layer heat pressed numbers. They are size: XXL, but after years of being washed by my friend, they have shrunk. The now fit like a big XL. Because of their age there is some wear on them. I will announce here on the blog when the auctions go live and keep an eye on our social media streams (Twitter & Facebook).


All votes ending Friday @ noon ET
COTW-April vote 
COTW April 28 - May 4 vote
The Random Competition Top 3 vote

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Chase A. Carlson said...

All of the Wild sweaters are the normal laces, but the equipment managers cut and tie down to the faux-lace look. Every other team that has the actual faux-lace look doesn't tamper with them, and they sell them with the faux-laces, like the Ducks and the Coyotes...

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