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I originally had a plan to talk about players who played a year or two on a team and which ones would look good on the back of a jersey, and which ones you should avoid other than on a sales rack. I realized I needed to refine my list a bit and do some research into which players are actually worth it and even go through my own collection. Instead (and I think this is the first time this has been done on the blog) I'm opting to with an AMA/FAQ type thing. Basically, similar to the podcast, comment on this post with questions you want me to answer and I will answer them in the next post! If you've ever wanted to know anything hockey related about HJC's second longest serving writer, ask away!

As Steven mentioned in yesterday's post, here's the link for a Sweet Home Hockey shirt, where the proceeds will go towards hockey teams across Alabama and growing the spot across the Southern USA. I think it's a solid cause as watching Nashville rally around the Predators, it'd be awesome to get some Southern Fried Hockey. It's a part of the US I've always wanted to travel through, and having hockey there on a minor league level would only make that more so. The way to generate interest in hockey is through youth and club level hockey, which is what these t-shirts will fund. So if you feel compelled, buy a shirt.

Let's check out the entries that have come in since last post for the World Hockey Jersey Championship competition.

Vaughn R.

Lucas D.

Awesome stuff! Entries are due May 19th at noon. Click the tab above the post to read all the competition rules and how the completion breaks down in terms of where entires are sorted.

Voting for this week is pretty simple, we have the COTW vote for the week. As usual concepts are on the side of the blog and in the COTW tab. Votes are due Friday at Noon!

COTW May 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
WHJC entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

On with today's 8 concepts:


Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Adam G.)

+ I like the idea of dividing the two main colours of the Canucks colour scheme similar to how the Team Europe jerseys did it but on a less exaggerated scale
+ Good logo choices and font choice
+ Decent execution

- The colour balancing between the two arms and chest stripe is good as the logos and hem striped a good job using both colours, but the numbers desperately need an outline and the collar needs some green to add some colour to the back of the jersey
- Primary logo is heavily pixelated
- One thing that I think would make this concept look more complete and sell viewers on it working in reality would be including the rest of the gear, particularly the pants

Rating: 6.75/10

Upper Iowa Peacocks NCAA Concepts (By: Chris W.)

+ Having a similar colour scheme to the St. Michael's Majors and Chicago Express, I have a good idea of how this colour scheme should be balanced and Chris does a near perfect job of doing so!
+ Striping is pretty simple, but curved enough to be interesting and integrates all the colours
+ Home and road are quite professional looking that would work in almost any league, while the alternate fits the classic college style as do the shoulder patches, a good mix
+ Good execution

- NOB is too small
- I would have made the numbers on the white jersey light blue

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me!

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Lucas D.)

I'm not going to review this seriously, because that's not the reason why Lucas sent this in. His work speaks for itself as to how much he has improved since making this X number of years ago. This should serve as inspiration for new artists. Look at the concept below and compare it to this. That improvement happened for one major reason: practice. If Lucas had sent this in today, I'd have said to check out the template page to find numbers and jersey templates to not have to use paint numbers and uneven drawn paint stripes, find a template that is more paint friendly to will allow you to practice TV numbers. However I don't as Lucas has experimented with various templates, found an editing program he likes, and is in the process of several ongoing series full of inspiration for artists of all levels. This process isn't unique to Lucas, I think every veteran artist goes through this process in different forms; I know I did.

Buffalo Sabres/Rochester Americans Crossover Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Despite the fact Rochester was Toronto's farm team for years, they have firmly in recent years become Buffalo's farm team, and a cross of identities seems natural
+ The integration of the sabres into the shield to replace to stars and bars works surprisingly well, the merger is pretty natural
+ Striping is a good mix of both the Sabres and the Amerks, though the Sabres identity dominates through (which I think is Lucas's intention)
+ Nice should patch
+ Great execution

- The yellow and blue would be swapped on the white jersey if there is no blue yoke on the white jersey, although I'm sure it has something to do with the numbers having a yellow outline that would put the yellow against each other
- Not a huge fan of the blue collar on the blue jersey, a half yellow half white one would look better and match the striping

Rating: 9/10

Colorado Avalanche concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ If the Avs do transition to this logo as their primary, I hope they make navy their primary colour to separate it from the previous logo
+ Grey in the striping  works really well, and the colours are balanced quite well with the addition of a coloured yoke 
+ New number font is pretty solid, and improves on what we have now without fully going block or rounded and keeping the wilderness theme
+ Good execution 

- I'm split on the shoulder patch. On the one hand I have no idea what to replace it with but on the other hand I think having the C on the logo and on the shoulders and pants may be too much. They seem to fit better on the pants. If the Yeti foot could work, do it!

Rating: 9/10

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ I thought this was Anthony's entry to the Random competition, but it's not, which makes the colour switch from black to navy...but to be fair, since the team was in Colorado before and used all these colours, I get the inspiration; the swap isn't as unnatural as Thought it would be
+ The two pairs of pants is indicative of the late 70s, and for a Rockies crossover, it looks good
+ Normally I'd say there should be ahem stripe, but for some reason, I think it's how thick the arm stripes are, I don't think it's neccesary
+ This template is really working for you, Anthony, keep improving

- TV Numbers would look better on the shoulders or in the striping and obviously much larger
- Pants need some striping or a logo

Rating: 7.5/10

Toronto Aces Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ The logo reminds me a lot of Ässät of the Sm-Liga, but keeps the airforce theme enough to be something original. I don't know what league if any this concept is supposed to be form, but it works
+ The striping pattern looks good on both jerseys; reminds me of the Royun-Noranda Huskies' alternate
+ Decent executions and this is another template I think you should keep using, but with some improvements

- Arms stripes are much too low; if that's an execution thing it's something to fix to make the template  more useable for you, but if it's a style choice it's something I'd avoid
- I get you wanna put watermarks on the background, totally get that, but it seems the watermark has bled through the entire white jersey and collar. If it's intentional I'd avoid it and find another way to put it in without destroying the concept, but if it's a layering issue I'd work on correcting that in the future. HJC is pretty good imho at catching and calling out concept stealing when it happens, but yea,  putting that watermark on the inside of the collar where the tag would be would be a good idea

Rating: 6.75/10

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ Good colour balancing here. While I think a lot of people have grown to like Arizona's current jerseys, these are a good mix of the previous and current
+ Good logo choices in using the updated shoulder patch  and the moon logo with the coyote head, along with the running coyote on the helmet 
+ Good execution

- Helmet logo should be centred on the back panel of the helmet
- Primary logo, NOB and numbers are all about 15% too large
- Reebok logo on the back of the collar should be either sand or white

Rating: 8.5/10

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the nomination. The nameplate being that size was intentional. As per advice i received a few weeks back from Steven Marculaitis concerning Rebirth hockey uniforms they make their nameplates smaller to make the prices more affordable.

Ryan said...

I 2nd Chirs' Peacocks concept for COTW!

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