Monday: A 6 Goal Win & It's Not the 80s

Welcome to another Monday post!

Thanks to the Sens rallying back to beat the Rangers, and the Capitals hanging on to force a game 6, we have hockey tonight (which yes would have happened regardless for the Ottawa/Rangers series but I'm happy the Sens won). The Oilers made a statement with a 7-1 win and forcing game 7. While again, I wouldn't be totally disappointed with the Ducks moving on, I'd much prefer seeing the young and orange Oilers make their run, and have the possibility of an Ottawa-Edmonton All Canadian Cup Final. That being said I do stand by Nashville likely winning the cup, and I know Caz would be extremely happy about that.

Phil did a great job last Wednesday reviewing Kootenay's new and heavily needed updated logos.  I don't really have much to add with regards to any new thoughts other than the fact that the jerseys need just as much of an update as the logos got. It is weird seeing a team step away from the pre-edge Capitals colour scheme and numbers that they've used since 1996 when they were the Edmonton Ice (fun fact, if you've ever wanted to see what a Capitals jersey with Edmonton written on it looks like, check this out).

Some housekeeping of upcoming site news! Ryan and the other writers will talk about this sooner to the dates mentioned, but here's what to expect in the blog. The rest of May and early will feature two competitions something for the ongoing World Championship and the HJC Open logo competition. Then we have no competitions until late June when the HJC Open starts. We will have the annual HJC SCF/Award/HJC Open preview Podcast before the Cup Finals actually begin, so begin thinking of questions you want us to answer as we always do with these podcasts. There's a lot coming up on the blog, so stay tuned!

Voting this week has COTW April along with the usual COTW vote. Come and see the previous month's best concepts again and pick which one will be represented in the 2nd quarter vote in July and eventually take on Jake M's Penguins Stadium Series concept from January in the COTY Semi Finals along with July-Sept & Oct-Dec's best in 2018. However, one thing at a time. Votes are on the side of the page!

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On with today's 5 concepts!


Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ One thing I will say is that this 90s series is clearly supposed to be from about 1994 onwards, and I'll get into that in a minute but if the Sens didn't go with that swish alternate, I could totally see them wearing something like this
+ Striping is over the top, but it's not unrealistic and would work for years after, nice to see the laurel pattern paired with the logo set that features it the most
+ Good logo choices, I forgot how well the S logo went with the primary Sens logo
+ Great colour balancing
+ Great execution 

- Not a big deal at all, but I would have liked to see the original Sens logo with the script rather than the laurels, since they are on the shoulder patches
- We do kind of know what the Sens would have looked like in 1990 thanks to the Bring Back the Sens committee of the late 80s and early 90s; Blackhawks copies and a logo that looked more like a neon sign. Which isn't a big deal, but I think that's where the rounded numbers lose me. They don't scream 1990-1999, they scream 1975. The early 1990s was an era of 80s carry over jerseys, bright colours and the introduction of black to colour schemes, where as the mid to late 90s were full of...well we all know that, and I see neither in the rounded numbers The font the team wore on the swoosh jersey I think would have done the job

Rating: 8.75/10

Philadelphia Quakers Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ Thank you for making actual logos for this team. I don't dislike their jerseys at all, but given the era, a Quaker likely wasn't something early logo makers could make web (look at the Pittsburgh Pirates logos for an example of early logo making with people for logos) and it looks good, ditto for the shoulder patch
+ The colour scheme is like a mix of the Calgary Flames and the Flyers 3d logo alt, and I like it. In theory if Philadelphia had two teams, they would want to look different from the Flyers, but realistically would keep close to their 1930-31 team
+ Nice custom font
+ Great execution

- The primary logo is pretty solid, but I think that from a distance, it looks too much like a cowboy. It's not a big deal but I think that the way around that would be rounding the neck/shoulder area so it doesn't get mistaken for a bandana 
- The striping is a little too similar to Calgary's pre-edge jerseys, and the way around that, at least on the red jersey is to add white to the arms and sides

Rating: 8.5/10

Northwestern Illinois University Huskies NCAA Concepts (By: Jake M.)

+ Striping matches the script, and it looks really solid. I really like this look
+ Custom font matches the script, the whole jersey ties together
+ Great execution

- The lack of a shoulder patch really hurts these jerseys, particularly the white jersey
- White jersey needs more black in the striping. Even making the numbers black would helpt balance the colours a lot more
- I do get that college jerseys tend to use scripts over logos, and some people may prefer that look, but here, I think the Huskies head would work a lot better and add some white to the front of the black jersey and vice versa
- Collar could use some grey in it

Rating: 8/10

Philadelphia Flyers 90s Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ I might be one of the only people who like the 3-D Flyers logo, but I'm really glad to see a set that is built around the logo, and improves on the original
+ Striping looks amazing, has a nice bevel look to it from a distance and matches any Flyers logo up close, and keeps the Flyers traditional striping intact
+ Gradient was an excellent choice here, it goes with the logo but also introduces both white and grey to the jersey
+ Great execution

= This doesn't really take away from this concept, but is more an idea for a future concept. The 3-D Flyers logo isn't actually a 90s logo, it's from 2002. It does fit with the era, but, like the Senators, we do have a look at what the Flyer almost tried in the 90s. They almost wore teal, and like the Islanders 1997-98 jerseys, I think it would have worked as an alternate considering the era. I challenge you readers to make a Flyers 90s over the top concept that uses teal. Go hog wild

- I'd add white cuffs to the end of the striping at least to the end of the arms to complete the gradient

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me!

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ This is part of a series where Lucas will add one colour to teams' colour schemes that they haven't used before, and I not only like the idea, but this a good start as it goes with the scheme and acts as black would, but adds some bright nice
+ Good choice using the previous alternate's numbers
+ Keeping the striping similar to the classic Flames (particularly the white jersey), which would keep Flames fans satisfied
+ Great execution

- If my science knowledge is correct, a white/blue flame is really !@#$*ing hot, hotter than a red and yellow flame. That being said, in terms of what looks hot, it doesn't really, blue is a cold colour, and while Calgary is cold, the white/blue combination just doesn't really work for me
-There should be some more* blue in the collar, maybe a thicker line (thanks for the correction in the comments Lucas, there is blue in there now)
- The C mountain field roundel would make a great shoulder patch, and I'd love to see it with blue instead of black

Rating: 8/10

Monday: A 6 Goal Win & It's Not the 80s Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on May 08, 2017 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

Brooks' Flyers for COTW!

(There actually is blue in the collar)

FC Macbeth said...

Back again, dudes!

One correction and one question I have to make in response to your review of my first concept:

1. Not only you misspelt Rin and Len wrong , there are not from the Project Diva rhythm games. They are 'Vocaloids' which is a software used by producers and songwriters alike to make songs without the need of hiring real singers. Rin and Len are developed by Crypton Future Media, the same company that made other famous Vocaloids, including Hatsune Miku who is currently massively beloved by fans. SEGA made it into a game after its' massive popularity.

HOWEVER, because you only discovered Vocaloid because of my concept, I'll let you pass considering that you never even heard of it until a week ago.

2. What do you mean by 'helmet logos' and 'logos on the home pants closer to the front edge where it would be visible from the front view of the player rather than the centre of the pants'?
Can you explain further than that?

Anyways, great efforts from all of the makers. Really sorry if it's too long to read but I hope you'll understand.

winnipegjets96 said...

Thanks for letting me pass FC Macbeth, I did get the the names of the characters mixed up, and I corrected it . I literally knew nothing of all of them, but always glad to learn.

Helmet logos are the logos teams put on the side of the helmets so they aren't plain, and makes them their's and not mixed up if both teams playing a game have a black helmet. Almost every pro and semi pro team in North America wear helmet logos. All you need to do is put a shrunken down logo smaller than a pant logo on the middle of the top section of the helmet shell. In the concept world it adds a level of professionalism and polish to concepts.

As for the pant logos, what I meant was the logo was where a stripe would normally be on the pant shell. Pant logos tend to be on the front of the pants, where they're visible when player is facing towards you. In the concepts, they go on corner of the pants under the two buttons are, since that would be if the pant template was facing forwards they would be. However, I kind of see what you were going for with them on both sides, one side saying L and R, and it would look silly if they were both on the front. But do keep that in mind for future concepts.

Hope to see more and see the improvements!

Anonymous said...

Actually, if a flame is very hot, there is blue. I am not going into detail since I am in AP Chemistry but a basic explanation is with increasing oxygen supply, less black body-radiating soot is produced due to a more complete combustion and the reaction creates enough energy to excite and ionize gas molecules in the flame, leading to a blue appearance.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Challenge : ACCEPTED!!!

Also, just a suggestion, but maybe do a NHL Entry Draft "Live" Podcast, where you pretty much respond to the new jerseys being unveiled/kept the same, because according to 1¢€7#€71¢$, every new jersey will be unveiled then (except Vegas's - that'll be at the expansion draft).

Caz said...

Jets, you know I am all the way turned up! This playoff run has been amazing. The whole state is rallying around the team. I was lucky to get game 4 tickets in the first round. Tickets are hard to come by now! If any of you have the means, I highly recommend a trip to Bridgestone in the playoffs. Game 4 against the Blackhawks was a near religious hockey experience. Neyland stadium used to sit 120,000 in the late 90s -- I never thought I'd hear an arena get that loud -- Bridgestone is louder though.

Great post as always, Jets. Brooks' Flyers concept is intriguing. The gradient on the shoulders and numbers was a nice touch for the 90s feel. Love to see more of that style proliferating the concept world.

TC Moore said...

Burkus, I like that idea, but I think it might be a little long to keep the listener's interest for the entire first round. I think a condensed recap after they've already been debuted would be better than a couple hours of live coverage. Just in case people can't spend the entire draft watching/ listening.

Unknown said...

And to be fair Burkus, I found that news from a source other than the censored source you have. It's just not Wednesday yet.

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