Wednesday: WE WANT THE CUP

Before I get into the hype of the playoffs, I write this Eulogy.

The season was a roller coaster. A frustrating start turned hopeless. The hopelessness dragged on through a long winter. Then while residing 29th overall in the league, we rose again with the firing of Jack Capuano. We almost made it back. A couple of key losses towards the end of the season despite winning all of our last 6 games as we fought valiantly against Tampa Bay, Ottawa, Boston and Toronto for the last Wild Card spot ultimately doomed us, especially the 8-4 loss at home against Carolina, the 6-3 loss away to Philadelphia (it was 5-0 after the first period and I drove down there because clearly I hate myself) and the 2-1 loss to Boston at home. But an offseason with a lot of question marks around Garth Snow and upper management await as the Islanders miss the playoffs by just one point behind the Toronto Maple Leafs. Congratulations Ryan. You win this time.

The Islanders are not completely eliminated though, as play-by-play man Brendan Burke has been named by NBC to call the Oilers-Sharks series. More importantly, Dave Strader is BACK! He will be calling games as permitted by scheduled cancer treatments, as we all know Dallas' top broadcaster is fighting hard to beat cancer. He has the call on games one and two of the Capitals-Maple Leafs series.

But the best part about the playoffs now is not having to deal with nerves as I enjoy the greatest postseason in sports. 16 wins separate one of 16 teams from Lord Stanley's Cup. Yet it's only the 123rd time the trophy will be won out of 125 years of existence. The 2004-05 lockout and the 1917 Spanish Influenza epidemic caused those two years to be cupless. Who will win? Anyone has a shot, even if you have the last playoff spot. Los Angeles won it in 2012 despite being an 8-seed, so who knows! You can try and guess it though....

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Though I do have my bracket set up on NHL.com with Chicago winning it all over Montreal.

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Phil B:

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Burkus Circus: 2019 NHL All-Star Game Las Vegas Concept

Ah the irony of having this concept show up today. I worked alongside Burkus Circus during the Pairs Comp this year and this was one of the jersey ideas brought up before we settled on the final one. And one of them is very good, specifically the one with a V pattern in its striping. The other one is not that inspiring, especially for an All-Star Game. Plus I suggested we have jerseys that matched. Regardless of that, let's review. First, I'm glad you used the ID logo I gave you (I told him that there's no need to credit me for that logo I designed for him). Thanks for the proper logo crediting however with the ASG logo I made. I genuinely appreciate that. Some improvements for presentation I advised were to have two separate concepts with a front and back. You did add TV numbers to the original image which is a slight improvement, though it would look better with an outline. The numbers on the dark concept need to move down from the edge of the template though. The cuff trim needs to go. As the striping on the dark jersey overlaps the arm stitching, I would eliminate the template line in its entirety. It was a decent idea but I'm happy we came up with a better look for our final project, which you can see here: http://hjcdesignblog.blogspot.ca/2017/03/tuesday-burkuscircus-phil-b.html

Rating: 70%

Burkus Circus: Los Angeles Kings Alternate Concept

Unfortunately I do not have the original concept to compare it to, but from what I've seen from you here, this is a clear step up. This is a good idea, but I think it could be improved even more with a simple color swap. Everywhere except the numbers and logo, the gold and white outline black in that order. Try white, gold then black. I am not a fan of how he gold and silver look against each other. Give the logo a white outline too. One more thing I would advise is that you may want to cure the cuff striping so that it has the same curve as the end of the sleeve too. Most cuff and hem trim patterns parallel the cuff and hem itself. Throw some equipment in there too.

Rating: 77%

Dino W: Team Ukraine (IIHF) Concept

These jerseys are so close to matching yet so far. That hem striping on the yellow jersey would be awesome to see on the blue jersey in reverse. Maybe alter one of the yokes too; I'm partial to swapping yoke colors on the blue jersey. Dump the front numbers. Every team has done so already except Buffalo for some reason. A nice two-toned jersey with a great primary logo for Ukraine, though that logo could have a thicker outline on the blue jersey.

Rating: 80%

Jake M: North Dakota State Bison (NCAA) Concept

Jake takes a cue from the Dallas Stars in regards to striping patterns to avoid similar colors clashing, in this case yellow and white instead for Dallas' green and black. I like how the white is used as only a minor trim, balancing the jersey and logos spectacularly. The little yoke trim is a nice touch to, as they resemble the horns on the bison's head, though maybe make them white on the green jersey? Green helmet for the green jersey please. I don't think they can get away with a yellow helmet with the dark jersey the way Minnesota does.

Rating: 85%

Jordan R: Gams Ljubjana (Balkan League - Fictional) Concept

The striping pattern looks fantastic but its one, or rather three, strokes away from genius. Throw a thin purple stripe on top of the existing set on the white jerseys and then you have a perfect match across three jerseys. Good font choice. Love the logo and how it looks back at you while "moving" forward. Execution note: hem stripes must overlap the template lines connecting the front of the jersey to the side panels.

Rating: 84%

Jordan R: Sorrat Prishtinë (Balkan League - Fictional) Concept

Same execution errors as before, but here we have a bold yet simple design that works just as well as the complex pattern of the previous concept. I would've also rather seen a yellow and blue double outline on the TV numbers because of YOWS, or Yellow-On-White Syndrome, while the back of the blue jersey should have a yellow and black double outline.

Rating: 82%

Lucas D: NHL Global Series 2017 Concept

While its unlikely that we see special jerseys for the Global Series as history has shown us, Lucas brings these. Good looks for both but the Avalanche concept sparks a problem I have had with the Avalanche's branding beyond the dopey piping on their jerseys. That of course is their use of navy blue, a brighter blue and black all together. Lucas solves that problem by dumping the black in the logo for that navy blue. However there's none of that lighter blue elsewhere on the jersey. A bit bothersome. Maybe a double outline of the numbers, with burgundy and white outlining navy numbers? As for the Senators jersey, it's a mix of eras and a slight simplification. A nice look. The side profile Senator logo would be a nice logo to use but may not fit with the Sens current branding, since they are essentially marketing themselves overseas. Back views? Execution note: the logo in the background is not pasted cleanly. look at the outline. It's pixelated.

Rating: 80%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



PLAYOFF HOCKEY BEGINS TONIGHT! Five games on the docket tonight.

7 PM New York* at Montreal, NBCSN and CBC
7 PM Boston at Ottawa, NHL Network and Sportsnet
7:30 PM Columbus at Pittsburgh, USA Network and SN 360
9:30 PM St. Louis at Minnesota, NBCSN and SN 360
10 PM San Jose at Edmonton, USA Network and Sportsnet
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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Huh, thought I told Ryan not to do this concept on a Wednesday...
Oh well, GO JACKETS!!! BEAT THE *4-word-appositive-of-your-preference* PUT OF PITTSBURGH!!!

winnipegjets96 said...

Jordan R's Sorrat Prishtinë for COTW

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