Wednesday: Help Wanted

Welcome to another Wednesday Post here at HJC. Most of my story telling will be in the reviews for the concepts today so lets get right to business.

NEWS: My sources have told me that the Islanders may be changing up some details on their uniforms as part of the adidas rebrand, however those details are yet to be confirmed. Could we see orange numbers return like the 1972 jerseys? Could we see the home blue look more like the 1980s jerseys? I will keep you updated on that, in addition to any other new looks throughout the league.

VOTES: THREE Votes this week. Standard COTW as usual. The COTY 1st Quarter vote is live so we can find out who our first semifinalist for COTY is. We also have our top 3 Admirals vote live. EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN! OR AS A CANADIAN!


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Anthony C: Oshawa Generals (OHL) concept

Anthony, words cannot describe how proud I am to see you progress in your work, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Hats off to you. Now its just a matter of keeping those good habits, as in this concept you forgot to cut off the numbers and shoulder patch. Speaking of the shoulder patch, The way its set up on your concept, half of the patch would be on one shoulder and half on the other. Think about the perspective here. If you have something on your own left shoulder and only the left, someone looking at you from the front would see that thing on your right side, even though its your left shoulder. Same thing applies here, because you have a shoulder patch on the left as you are looking at the front of the jersey, but it isn't on the correct shoulder on the back view. As for the jersey design itself, it has that classic Generals striping almost perfectly added on to the shoulder. Maybe a fifth stripe would balance it out, or a white collar. The modernized number font would work better with their current logo instead of their throwback logo. Maybe try separating the stripes on the pants too. Couple of execution notes with CHL jerseys: The league logo, in this case OHL, goes on the front of the jersey on the left side, with the jersey manufacturer CCM on the right. Also the CHL logo belongs on the bottom of the back below the striping. Owning a Kelowna Rockets jersey has helped me with this. I don't recommend buying one just for making jersey concepts though, just a cool addition to the collection.

Rating: 67%

Anthony C: Ottawa 67's (OHL) Concept

The Ottawa 67's have one of the best identities in the OHL ever since they dumped the angry puck logo. Anthony preserves it with the alternate, now with a wordmark logo instead of the classic logo, which can be found on the main set. Well executed minus the template lines on the alternate and the aforementioned CHL branding. I just think the red jersey needs some work, and its one simple move. Notice how on the white jersey the logo and jersey numbers are red, as well as a majority of the design patterns, with black relegated to being a tertiary color. I think by swapping the black and white on the red jersey it will balance the colors better, because you have a white logo and white jersey numbers.

Rating: 70%

JJ A: 2018 Winter Classic Concept

STORY TIME! The fact that the Buffalo Sabres are having a home game at Citi Field is absolutely ridiculous. Citi Field, for those of you that don't know, is located in Flushing, New York in the New York City borough of Queens, the borough that directly borders Nassau County on Long Island. Theoretically, the Rangers should be the home team in this match-up, OR the Islanders should be playing instead. I have no issue with the Islanders not playing. I have issue with the Rangers being the road team and essentially getting a 42nd home game with this. Buffalo is a little less than 400 miles away from New York City, a 6+ hour drive by car on a good day. All because the Rangers have an agreement to avoid paying city property taxes if they have all home games at Madison Square Garden. This is dirty, disgusting and shameful by the NHL.

Rant aside, These jerseys look very nice. I like the throwback look with the arched wordmark and number, combined with the fauxback look of the buffalo alone and the monochrome scheme you gave the Sabres. And while the Rangers obsession with navy blue makes no sense in their color scheme, it works here.

Rating: 90%

Lucas D: Toronto Maple Leafs Concept

To be honest, I was disappointed when the Leafs tossed their classic socks with the three sets of three stripes. Lucas brings them back and makes the sleeves match, interrupting the middle set of stripes for the TV numbers, along with enough space to have them breathe. One set is all that is needed on the hem in order to prevent the jersey from looking too busy. It would be nice to see a set of stripes on the pants too.

Rating: 95%

 Ryan C: Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL) Concept

The Lumberjacks have been notorious in using templated jerseys, most notably Penguins Vegas gold jerseys. Here the 'Jacks get their own simple look. Ryan also slightly recolors the logo in order to make the scheme work with the darker gold. I also like the font choice. The dark jersey looks slightly awkward with how much white is used in relation to the logo. Jury is out on this one.

Rating: 85%

Steven M: Ohio Bobcats (NCAA) Concept

Ohio needs to stick with a solid green and white color scheme. no gold, no black. Clean. Here Steven, our Sunday writer does that with a classic looking jersey. Execution drags this down in addition to the phantom yoke which should not exist. Template lines must end at hem striping. Period. Also that nameplate is WAY too small. You'd have more room for it if you lowered the hem stripes just a bit more.

Rating: 75%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Yes, as much as I will forever hate the Toronto Maple Leafs for taking out Michael Peca's knee in 2002, this concept is for sure worthy of Concept of the Week. Which goes to show you that I'd nominate a Ranger concept just as easily too, so long as it's good. So on that note I will see you next week as the playoffs continue. Go Islanders team playing against the Rangers!
Wednesday: Help Wanted Reviewed by Unknown on April 19, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

JJ's Winter Classic for COTW

Steve Marc said...

So just to clarify something: Rebirth intentionally doesn't have the stitching on the front of their jerseys go rock the back hem. Second, the nameplate is that small because that's how Rebirth does it. I intentionally copied those parts of their template.

Unknown said...

I believe part of the Rangers' agreement with MSG is that they cannot have a home game anywhere besides there. So while the Rangers "should" be the home team at Citi Field, that agreement prevents them from being so. I think that also came up when New York had the two Stadium Series games a few years ago.

JJ's Winter Classic for COTW

JJ Anderes said...

Hopefully they come up with a good matchup for the Stadium Series. This Winter Classic will be a boring one.

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