Tuesday:2 fast 4 a title...

Welcome to this Tuesday's post! I'm a little stressed for time, and there's not much for news, so we'll just dive right in! 

Don't forget that we currently have the 1st quarter vote, as well as the regular COTW! We're also finishing up our Norfolk Ads contest, so you can go and vote for your favorite three! 

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On to the concepts!


Anthony C.- Nashville Predators (NHL)
Anthony starts us off today with a concept for the Nashville Predators! 
  • I like the striping pattern! It's just like the San Jose Sharks!
  • Also good job on the TV numbers! 
  • Nashville has really embraced the Gold as their color, so this should include more gold...
  • Also the TV numbers on the shoulder and the patch on the sleeve doesn't look the best. The TV numbers are also a little small... 
  • Lastly, you can't just take another team's jersey pattern and slap on new colors and logos. This is the Sharks inaugural jersey pattern in the Preds old black, navy, and silver.  You have the stripes inside a white base, and the pants are missing the black stripes. The Sharks first pair of breezers was in black, so they did just a plain W-T-W stripe... Just recoloring a striping pattern of another team isn't very creative. Try making your own design! 
My rating: Try and be a little more creative! 6.5/10

Anthony C.- Russia (IIHF)
Next up we have another concept from Anthony, this time internationally, for Russia! 
  • I like the simple striping pattern. The chest stripe fits nicely! 
  • I also like the number font, it matches the chest logo
  • The TV numbers should be red... 
    • They should also fit inside the upper arm area, and not leak onto the shoulder yoke
  • The Russian Seal logo on the end of the sleeves is a little too much
  • The bottom of the tail stripe on the front should be red, not white, as you're seeing the back part of the fabric there...
  • I translated the wordmark, and I got Red Car... I'm not sure why, as the Russian Hockey team is known as the Red Army, not the Red Car... 
  • I do like how you put the Captain's patch in Russian, but then Ovi's name should be too. It should read "ОВЕУКИН" not Ovechkin... 
  • The lone shoulder patch also looks bad... And it has an extra color that doesn't appear anywhere else... 
My rating: It's decent looking, but is cluttered up by unnecessary patches and logos... 7/10 

Dino W.- Switzerland (IIHF) 
Dino continues the day with another international team, Switzerland! 
  • I like the shoulder yoke on the red jersey, and the colored sleeves on the white...
  • I also like the Swiss cross on the jerseys, especially how you thickened the outline, so it's more visible... 
  • It seems like you took a bunch of ideas, and threw them all together... 
    • The sleeves are too plain for the tail stripes, and they don't have black...
    • The white jersey's tail stripes with the crosses is kinda cool, but it really clutters the look
    • The idea of the colored sleeves on the white jersey is good, but it looks sloppy with the red shoulder yoke too... One or the other needs to be picked there
    • The font doesn't work with anything else on the uniforms... 
  • I also don't like how you shoehorned the black into the striping pattern, and didn't include it on any of the logos... 
  • Also the shoulder patch should be the same shade of red as the rest of the sweater... 
  • The TV numbers are also WAY too small...
My rating: Too many ideas, and a lot of poor execution really hold this back... 5/10

John E.- San Diego Destroyers (What if NHL) 
Next up is an NHL What-if Design, for the the San Diego Destroyers! 
  • I LOVE the color scheme! 
  • I don't entirely understand the eagle logo, but it's fantastic! Same goes for the "SD" logo! 
  • Great logo choice! Even though the logos aren't matching, it was smart to put a brown heavy logo on the yellow yoke of the brown sweater... 
  • Great execution!
  • I actually like the logo in the striping of the pants! 
  • I don't like the mismatching striping pattern. If you had flipped the yellow and brown on the road jersey, they would have matched a lot better. That being said, you also could have added white to the brown sweater's stripes.
  • TV numbers should follow the same design as the back numbers. I do like the white numbers, but then the back numbers should also be white... 
  • The wordmark under the collar is pointless...
My rating: A solid design, but a few quirks are holding this back... 8.5/10

Lasse P.- Alaska Aces (ECHL) 
Up next is a sweater for the Soon-to-be-defunct Alaska Aces by Lasse! 
  • I love the double Blue color scheme! 
  • The striping pattern is fantastic! 
    • The outline on the numbers looks great with the light blue on Navy! 
  • The vintage logo also looks great! 
  • The shoulder patch is very clever! 
  • I'm a little disappointed at how large the Adidas logo is on the front... 
  • I also can't tell if the breezers stripe is B-W-B or just W-B like the rest of the stripes... 
My rating: A fantastic fauxback! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Lucas D.- St. Louis Blues (NHL)
Lucas finishes off the day with the St. Louis Blues...
  • I love the striping pattern! It really fits nicely with the logo in the circle!
  • Color balance is good!
  • The numbers are very hard to read on the arm stripes... 
  • I'd like to see a little more white added to the sweater. It currently only appears in the logo.
My rating: A decent concept, but it's a little bland... 7.5/10


Well that's all for me today! 
Tuesday:2 fast 4 a title... Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on April 18, 2017 Rating: 5


icyDinosaur said...

Is it considered a rule that the shoulder patch is the same colour, given that RL Swiss jerseys never do it? The Swiss colour is a bright red while the SIHF mostly uses a dark red as I did on my concept. But of course thanks for the feedback, I find it still rather hard to decide on fonts and the likes. Or arms/yokes...

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Lasse P's Aces concept for COTW
Big fan Lucas's Blues concept, with a few tweaks it would be a winner (particularly a shoulder patch)

Jlnhlfan said...

edit: Овечкин

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